Monday, October 22, 2012

Political Revenge Is Best Served At The Voting Booth

In just a few hours early voting will commence in the Lone Star State and I'll be doing so with a chip on my shoulder because I've been impatiently waiting for this day.
Am I angry about the Republican dominated Texas legislature passing a voter suppression law during the 2011 session designed to keep me and other non-white Texans from voting?   You damned skippy I am.   

Am I going to take it out on them at the voting booth?   What do you think conservafools?  . 

I like firing people with (R) behind their names in the voting booth that try to oppress me. Y'all gave me plenty of incentive to do so in the 2012 election cycle when the Lone Star State early voting polls open at 7 AM CDT. 

Thanks to the US Department of Justice and Attorney General Eric Holder that law has been spiked due to Section V of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.   All I'll have to do is show my yellow voter registration card, sign next to my name on the voter roll and handle my electoral business.

And I will be highly motivated to serve up some political revenge in the voting booth.

I was going to do my part to ensure that President Obama got reelected to a second term anyway and help more Democrats get elected to public office in Texas.  Your naked, racist attempts to suppress my vote ensured I had this October date on the calendar circled.

So people, if you're upset like I am about what the GOP has done in the runup to this November 6 election day, do what I'm doing.  Get mad, then take out your righteous anger out on the conservafools at the ballot box.

Political revenge is best served at the voting booth, and I'm going to enjoy watching it play out all the way to November 6.

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