Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Trans Sisters Are Beautiful Black Women, Too

I've noted several blogs across the Afrosphere that have responded to Kanazawa's bigotry masquerading as pseudo science by posting pictures of beautiful Black women.   So since I talk about African descended transpeople and posted some pics to make that point a while back, thought I'd do my part to whack two falsehoods at the same time by posting some more photos of my beautiful Black trans sisters.    

 Isis King

Janet Mock

Laverne Cox

Stasha Sanchez

Tona Brown
Cydne Kimbrough

Stacey Blahnik Lee

Tracy Africa Norman

Audrey Mbugua

Angelica Ross

Domanique Shappelle

TransGriot Note: The picture gracing the top of this post is Carole Small.   She was quoted in a 1967 JET magazine article on the eve of her SRS as stating  '"Black women in America are the luckiest on the face of the earth and it will be marvelous to be one."   

While I might quibble about the 'lucky' part, she was right about the its marvelous to be one.

TransGriot Nuke A Troll 15-Hatin' On The POTUS

Time for the USS Monica to take another short cruise on the cyberseas and drop 20 megatons of knowledge on some poor deluded soul who is wallowing in ignorance.

We train the troll nuke carrying Tomahawks on mari, who wrote this comment in response to my  'Obama Hasn't Done Anything' Yeah, Right Haters post

Well i see he has done a lot but in my humble opinion, he has not kept one promise to theGLBT commnity there is no repel of anthing clinton or bush did i am 16 years old and i am still bullied in high school cause i am s mixed out transgendger kid in orlando florida. 


Were you asleep during the last two and a half years of this term of the Obama presidency or are you really this clueless? 

Not kept one promise to the GLBT community?   DADT has been repealed    I'd say that's one huge promise kept to the GLBT community along with the passage of federal hate crimes legislation

No repeal of anything Clinton or Bush did?  Please.  Here's the short list of policy reversals from the Clinton or Bush era that this president has enacted or TBLG community friendly ones that he has initiated.

And oh, guess you forgot about the historic appointment of Amanda Simpson to a post in his administration.

Assuming you are who you say you are mari, stand up for yourself if you are being bullied.  When you do so, that will lessen the bullying.   If your teachers, principal or school administrators won't resolve the problem, go over their heads to their bosses, the superintendents or your school board rep.

Now back to your troll nuking.   Barack Hussein Obama II has been the BEST president ever when it comes to policies that have positively affected the T portion of the BTLG community.

Duck and cover, and don't look at the flash when the troll nuke goes off.