Friday, October 19, 2012

Rock Purple For Spirit Day

Today is Spirit Day, in which we peeps in the US and Canada rock the color purple in support of TBLG kids and speak out against bullying
It was the idea of Canadian teenager Brittany Murphy, who in October 2010 suggested the observance.   GLAAD promoted it and the first Spirit Day was observed on October 20 of the year.

It got its name from the purple stripe on the TBLG rainbow flag created by Gilbert Baker in which the color purple on that flag symbolizes spirit. 

It was also a reaction to several high profile bullying related suicides of gay schoolkids in 2010 including Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi.

I also need to point out that when non-gay kids are bullied, one of the epithets that is hurled at them by their tormentors is the presumption or accusation they are part of the BTLG community.  

So to show your support for our rainbow community kids, pull those purple outfits out of the closet and wear them.  Some blogs will also be going purple for the day and people will be changing the pics on their FB and Twitter profiles purple in honor of that day as well.

So time to get in the spirit for Spirit Day!   Rock the color purple and take a stand against the bullying of our rainbow community kids.

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