Saturday, October 06, 2012

No, Thank You NBJC!

Got an e-mail from the National Black Justice Coalition Thursday thanking me for my participation in the just concluded 2012 edition of OUT on the Hill.   The e-mail let me know the NBJC team was still getting positive feedback from the events I participated in, and I was happy to hear that. 

But I wanted to take a moment to thank NBJC for giving me the opportunity to not only be a part of that historic trans town hall, but contribute my thoughts as one of the people on that amazing blogger's roundtable as well.   

I enjoyed another chance to be around my NBJC and Black trans and SGL brothers and sisters and our allies.   I enjoyed discussing ways we could 'Own Our Power'.  I reveled in the wide range of conversations I got to engage in with a cross section of our community's thought leaders during the time I was inside I-495.

And yes, loved the chance of spending quality time with old friends and meeting new ones

It's not often we have conferences and events in SGL and trans world in which the majority of the people in attendance at it share my heritage.  OUT on the Hill is quickly becoming one of those must attend events and I was proud and felt honored to have been invited to play a role in the 2012 edition of it .

I hope the 2013 edition of OUT on the Hill next September is bigger, better and bolder than ever.  With the trans men's town hall that's already been announced by NBJC CEO/ED Sharon Lettman-Hicks at the close of this year's event, I know it's on its way to doing precisely that.

Thank you NBJC, for being one of the few organizations that spotlights and capitalizes the "T' in LGBT.  Thank you for being stand up allies for Black trans people who have been largely shut out of having a voice in that national LGBT rights conversation, lifting us up as you climb and helping us own our power.

And thank you once again for blessing me with the opportunity to be a part of it..      

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