Saturday, February 22, 2020

My San Diego Queer Black History Month Keynote Speech

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The speech I'm delivering at the Queer Black History Month event in San Diego.


To the leadership of the Gender Phluid Collective, Angelle Maua, my trans siblings, allies, friends and honored guests

Thank you for the invitation to address you at this Queer Black History event.  It was a well timed one as well. seeing that my hometown is being hit with freezing temps while I'm basking in the warmth of your love and these heavenly temperatures.

As we all know, this is Black History Month.   As the child and godchild of historians, every month on the calendar is Black History Month, and I celebrate the ongoing story being written for and about a mighty people.

Those mighty Black people also include those of us who are also members of the trans, gender non conforming and same gender loving communities as well.

Far too often we are seen as 'too Black' for the TBLGQ plus community and 'not Black enough' for the cis hetero Black one.   The bottom line is that we exist, and aren't going away anytime soon.  .

That is also true of those of us who proudly and unapologetically claim our  trans and gender non conforming status.  We will not be erased from society, or have our blood ties to the African American community and the African Diaspora denied or debated.

Black trans people are Black people.  We have been here as long as modern humans have walked this planet  and we will fight with every fiber of our beings any attempt to marginalize and erase us from our shared Black history.

In 1822 Samuel Cornish and John Russwurm, the founders of the abolitionist newspaper, Freedom's Journal said,
  "We wish to plead our own case.  For too long others have spoken about us, but our virtues go unnoticed'

While they were talking about African Americans in general, their words could easily apply to the queer Black community of the 21st Century.

When it comes to talking about the virtues of Black trans people, our virtues are willfully ignored while a far too long list of people inside and outside our community that includes D-list rappers, unfunny comedians, wannabe Black lesbian TERF’s, kneegrow conservafool pundits and assorted ignorati gleefully attack and denigrate us.

That crap needs to stop.

That's a major reason why we need to be talking about the amazing things we have done and are doing in 21st Century America and the world as Black trans people.  It's why our history matters.  
It's why this event has been organized and my unapologetically Black trans self is proudly standing before you today.

Gender variant behavior has been part of African culture going back to ancient Egypt.   There are still peoples on the African continent that have third gender categories.   In the Yoruba language, there is no specific word for male or female.

So spare me that fake news that being trans or queer is 'unAfrican'   Many of our gender nonconforming ancestors got that same unwanted free boat ride to the Western Hemisphere like everyone else who survived the Middle Passage here..

It's time to plead our case.   What case you ask?   Our case that we are undeniably part of the Black community.  And what an amazing one it is that I get to argue in front of you today.

Our case includes people like Mary Jones, who transitioned at a New Orleans brothel, made her way to New York City, and found herself in the middle of an 1836 trial covered in the New York Times.

It includes people like Frances Thompson, who along with her cisgender Black roommate was sexually assaulted during the 1866 Memphis riots, and told her story to the US Congressional committee documenting what happened.

It includes people like Lucy Hicks Anderson, who just up the road from here in Ventura California became the first known marriage equality case in 1945.

It includes the story of Wilmer Broadnax, a trans masculine person who was a major gospel singer from the 40s to the 70's.

It's early Black trans masculine leaders like Marcelle Cook Daniels and Alexander John Goodrum who helped shape the direction of the modern trans rights movement. .

Goodrum is responsible for helping pass the trans inclusive Tucson, AZ non discrimination ordinance in 1999.

There's Althea Garrison, who in 1990 became the first trans persons elected to a state legislature when she accomplished that feat in Massachusetts.  And of course, Marsha P  Johnson, Miss Major, Kylar Broadus, and some five time nominated GLAAD award winning blogger.

It's also important to hear the stories of our trans elders like Tracie Jada O'Brien who can tell us what it was like to transition back in the day and is still serving our community right now.

The father of the study of Black History, Carter G. Woodson, said that those who have no record of what their forebears accomplished lose the inspiration which comes from the teaching of biography and history.

Black History isn't just a robotic recitation of names of people and dates of events.  There are people right now who are making Black history like Minneapolis city Councilmembers Andrea Jenkins and Phillipe Cunningham.    It's Aria Said putting together the Compton Trans Historical District in San Francisco.   It's Marisa Richmond blazing leadership trails in the Democratic Party upper echelon leadership ranks while teaching history herself at the collegiate level.

It's Janet Mock, Angelica Ross and the ladies of POSE blazing trails in Hollywood and telling our stories on the small and silver screens.  It's Jessica Zyrie sashaying down catwalks during New York Fashion Week.  It's Jazelle Barbie Royale becoming last year the first Black winner of the Miss International Queen trans pageant in Thailand.

It's our Black trans men from Carter Brown to Louis Mitchell to Rev. Lawrence Richardson not only blazing trails, but also beginning those conversations with cis masculine men about what Black masculinity looks like, how it can evolve into a more positive direction, and role modeling it..

We also can't forget our trans younglings like Trinity Neal and Zaya Wade, who represent our next generation of trans people.   It is them and trans and gender non conforming kids yet unborn who we do this work for to make our communities and world better

What telling our history accomplishes is several critical missions.  It establishes the irrefutable fact that we have and always will continue to exist.    It points out that not matter how much you hate on us, we remain an undeniable part of the Black community.   It points out that we are doing our part to contribute our talents to make the Black community and all the communities we intersect and interact with better.

It also gives our trans kids, in a world irrationally hostile to their existence, possibility models they can be proud of and builds up their self esteem.   Telling our stories also allows us to assert that we are more than just the 'tragic transsexuals' narrative the media consistently tries to paint us with.

So I'm saying it loud, I'm unapologetically, Black trans and proud of it.   I not only am a history maker, so are you.   I have a history as a Black trans person I am exceedingly proud of.

And that is why our history is Black history.

Friday, February 21, 2020

The Air Marshal Is In San Diego!

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After an uneventful three  hour flight to get to the Left Coast, the Air Marshal has landed after her first out of state trip of 2020 and this new decade.

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I'm here chilling in San Diego getting ready for a Queer Black History Month event I'll be speaking at tomorrow.  It will be at the San Diego History Center from 11-4 PM PST, and so looking forward to seeing all my San Diego trans family in the house.

The San Diego History Center is located at 1049 El Prado St, and hope you will check out this event centering the voices of Black trans people.

This isn't my first time visiting San Diego.   The last time I was here was for the 2017 San Diego Comic Con, in which I not only got to do two panels, but call out along with Faith Cheltenham someone who was doing a blackface Guinan.

Hopefully this trip will be less drama filled.

I also discovered I have a 7 Eleven in easy walking distance of this hotel, so I'm about to go on a Slurpee run.

But looking forward to the event tomorrow and doing my TransGriot duty dropping knowledge about your Black trans history

Shut Up Fool Awards- We're Voting In Texas Edition

While ther rest of you peeps are focused on Nevada and their caucus happeing tomorrow, what y'all aren't aware of is that Texas started early voting on Tuesday for our March 3 primary election in whcih 222 delegates to the DNC in Milwaukee will be up for grabs.

Early voting will last in the Lone Star State until February 28, and if you don't habdle your early voting business by that date, you'll have to wait until march 3 to vote in either the Democratic or Republican Party primaries.

That's my public service message for you to take your soul (and a few of your friends souls) to the poling places near you and handle your voting business.

Speaking of handling some business, time to handle our weekly Friday business of calling out fools and seeing which one earned the coveted TransGriot Shut Up Fool Award.

Honorable mention number one was Briahna Joy Gray, the press secretary to Bernie Sanders. 
She channeled her inner Sarah Sanders to declare that people asking for Bernie's medical records because his azz had a heart attack a few months ago, is akin to birtherism.

Naw boo boo kitty, it isn't.   It's because inquiring minds wanna know if Sanders' 78 year old azz  is healthy enough to actually survive a term in a pressure packed office that turn Barack Obama's hair gray after serving two terms.

Let me move on to Honorable mention number two, the Texas Southern University Board of Regents, who fired Dr Austin Lane, TSU's now former president, over the objections of TSU students and TSU alumni

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They admitted Lane was not ivolved in the Thurgood Marshall Law School admissions scandal, so why are you terminating him and paying him nearly a million dollars to go?. 

The only people bringing shame to TSU are you boneheads

Honorable mention number three is a group award for The Breakfast Club, who brought the HeSheDummy Marcus' problematic azz on their show again.

Not even wasting my valuable time listening to it.

This week's winner is Boosie Badazz, the D-List rapper who opened his big mouth and let something transphobic come out of it in regards to Zaya Wade.

Dude, you are the last person to give anyone parenting advice, since you were willing to let someone sexually assault your cisgender male child.

And FYI you ignorant kneegrow, you don't get to have a say about Zaya Wade, period.  Trans people's lives, and especially our Black trans kids; lives are not up for debate or discussion. 

Let me say it again in case you didn't comprehend it the first time.

Zaya is a girl. She's told you she is a girl. Her parents unconditionally love and support her. That settles it.   Move on.  
D-Wade and Gabby got this in terms of knowing what's best for their child, and you need to get back to not raising yours properly.

Boosie Not So Badazz, shut up fool 

Pulling My US House 22 Endorsement

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Over the last several election cycles, I have done endorsements for municipal, state and national candidates.   They have bcome sought after ones, and I compiled one for the 2020 cycle.  . 

I originally endorsed Nyanza Moore in the US House 22 race.  But since I published it last week, I've gotten disturbing news of transphobic statements made by Ms. Moore, accompanied with video from Media Matters as a FOX 26 pundit.

That's problematic on a lot of levels for me since in conversations I've had with her over the last year, she expressed to me the desire to want to learn about trans issues and be better at advocating for  them.  The video leads me to question her sincerity in what she expressed to me.

We need peeps who are committed to fighting for trans Texans in the halls of Congress, not ones who dismissively question our very humanity.  I expect Republicans to be that way to us.  I'm not tolerating it from folks who are supposed to be progressive Democrats.

Therefore I'm pulling that endorsement made in the US House District 22 race to make it a No Endorsement race.   

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Past Time To Ban The Trans Panic Defense

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When I talk about the trans panic defense, it is a shock to judges and even attorneys who have been practicing law for decades.

So what is the trans panic defense?   It is a reprhensible legal strategy used by defense attorneys working for clients who have killed trans or gender non conforming (GNC) people.  It asks juries to find that the victim's gender identity or secual orientation is to blame for the defendant's loss of self control and violent reaction that led said defendant to harm or kill that trans or GNC person.

Yeah, it's BS, but since the trans panic defese plays upon transphobic 'deception' meme and taps into the transphobia that may be present in a jury, it unfortunately works.   

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We saw it being deployed by Dallas defense attorney Andrew Wilkerson in Dallas last October to get his client Edward Thomas off on a lesser charge.   Thomas was the person who viciously beat down Muhlaysia Booker in a videotaped fight last April. 

Thomas was convicted on a misdemeanor asault charge instead of the felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon one.

But it exists, and there is now a movement to ban it.

There is a US Senate bill, S 1721, that has been filed to ban the trans and gay panic defense on a federal level.   The American Bar Association (ABA) and the LGBT Bar Association supports its elimination. 

We are now up to nine states in which the trans panic defese is banned.   Those states are California (2014), Illinois (2017), Rhode Island (2018), Nevada, Connectitcut, Maine, Hawaii and New York (2019), and New Jersey (2020)

The District of Columbia (2017 and 2019), Minnesota and Pennsylvania (2018), Texas, Massachusetts, New Mexico, and Wisconsin  (2019), Washington (2019 and 2020), Maryland (2020)  and Gerogia (2020) 

The one in Washington state is called the Nikki Kuhnhausen Act in memory of the trans teen who was murdered there, and is now being debated by their state legislature, 

It will interesting to see if more states join the movement to ban the trans panic defense.  It's something that should have been done a long time ago.

How I Count The Trans Murders

The number of murdered trans folks in 2020 has been holding steady so far at one since New Year's Day.  But I expect that number to quickly rise once winter gives way to spring and summer and the temps rise.

People have asked me what are the parameters I use to count trans deaths, so here they are. 

*I use the standards of the Remembering our Dead Web Project as created by Gwen Smith.   If you report a person as having been killed to me, I will need a link to at least one or two local news media stories confirming that the person was killed.   Will need a link to their Facebook page if known as well so that I can have a nice pic of the person to use while telling their story instead of a mug shot.

*I count from 12:00 AM January 1 to 11:59 PM on December 31 in the same calendar year.  I don't count from TDOR to TDOR.  We need to know how many people have been killed in a calendar year so we can have those hard numbers.

*I don't include suicides.   A person who commits suicide has made a choice about taking their life.   Someone who is murdered doesn't have the element of choice.  The perpetrator of the anti-trans violence made that choice to end their life for them. 

Trans suicide, while important to talk about, is a wholly separate issue from trans people who have been violently taken from us.   Suicides should not be lumped in with TDOR murder stats.

*If someone has been killed while in prison or ICE custody, unless someone in that prison or ICE has been charged with murder, I can't for journalistic reasons count it in the yearly stats. 

Same rationale for someone killed by a police officer.   Unless that officer is charged with murder, can't count it as a trans murder no matter how much we suspect that's exactly what happened.

*I'm focusing on counting the trans deaths in the United States.   There are other orgs tracking the deaths in Europe, Latin America, Asia and other parts of the world like Transgender Europe (TGEU)  and OutRight Action International

Image may contain: Monica Roberts
Facts are what matter.   I am striving for accuracy when I compile these counts on these TransGriot pages.   As a member of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA) and the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) I'm also doing my utmost to follow the journalistic standards of these organizations I am a proud member of.   

It's even more important now I'm finding myself doing more local and national print and television interviews to talk about the anti-trans violence that's killing us.  I also don't want our right wing opposition or TERFs trying to claim we're padding the counts.

If someone is arrested after the commisison of one of these murders aginst our siblings, the average time from an arrest to trial is about two years.   With the avalanche of cases happening and my limited bandwith to keep track of it all, I am asking for help from you TransGriot readers to let me know when these trans killers in your areas of the country come to trial. 

I want to know if the killers have been found guilty, and if so, how much time did they get when they were sentenced.

So with so many cases happening, I will need a reminder from you, TransGriot readers if you see news of a a trans murderer going to trial .

So these are the guidelines I use to track trans murders.  I hope and pray I won't be as busy as I have been the last few years documenting these cases, but we still have a lot of 2020 left, a raving transphobe in the White House, conservative media going buck wild in sprading transphobic BS, and Republican lawmakers in the US trying to pass unjust anti-trans bills.

So while I'm hoping for the best, I'm mentally prepared to expect another bad year on the trans murder front.. 

Monday, February 17, 2020

Early Voting In The Texas Primary Starts Tomorrow

March 3 is the date you want to circle on your 2020 calendar if you wish to go handle your election business on primary election day.   But for those of you like myself who already have your minds made up and nothing is going to change it by waiting aonther week or so, early voting for the Texas primary starts tomorrow. 

The dates for Texas early voting are February 18-February 28.    In Harris County, you can vote at any voting center inside the county from 7 AM-7 PM CST.   On 'Souls To The Polls Day', Sunday February 23. the polls will be open from 1-6 PM CST 

There's also a new twist happening in this Texas primary election besides the fact the straight ticket voting option won't be on the ballot no thanks to our Texas GOP legislators.   In Harris County, Democratic and Republican primary election participants will be doing so from the same voting centers.

And if you're wondering who to vote for on the Democratic side, I have some suggestions.

This is a prinary election ballot, so it will be a long one, especially in Harris County. 

Vote the enitre ballor from POTUS to dog catcher, because there are good candidates wanting and needing your votes in races on that other end of the ballot as well, and those races are jsut as important as the presidential contest is.

Texas judicial benches, Texas State Board of Education, those offices are on the ballot and they  matter along with the state lege races.   Turning this state blue starts with you, the voters taking part in this and every election. .

The best part of early voting is that you choose when, whare and what time to do so, as long as you cast those ballots from Febraury 18-28 .   After those dates, you'll have to wait until the March 3 Election Day.

For those of you who aren't registered to vote for the primary, there's still time for you to get busy and get registered for the May runoff and general election on November 3.     To be eligible to vote in the May runoff election, you must be registered by April 2.   Final date to get registered for the general election in November is October 5

But first up is the primary elections what will play a major role in determining what peeeps are on your ballot in November    So tke some time out of your busy schedule to handle your electoral business.


Saturday, February 15, 2020

Moni's Headed To San Diego

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You Cali folks and other Left Coasters keep asking me when will I start showing up in your state.  Well, the Air Marshal is about to be in Southern California soon.   

Looking forward to making my first trip to San Diego since 2017 for this event.

I'll be joining Tracie Jada O'Brien, Libra Audacious Valentino,  Jelecia King,  Amber St James,  Samsara, Pamuela Halliwell, Savion Cooper and Kenya Trahan for this Black History Month event fousing on honoring and protetcing the lives of Black trans women.   

Image result for tracie jade o'brien
Deeply appreciate the opportunity to spend some quality time with my San Diego fam and my trans elder Mama Tracie. thanks to the Gender Phluid Collective.

Always love to talk to my trans elders about what it was like back in the day to transition, and honor peeps like her who paved the way for my generation of trans peeps

And yes, always down to talk to the new generation of trans and GNC peeps as well

No photo description available.
It will be taking place next Saturday, February 22, at the San Diego History Center from 11 AM-4 PM PST.   I hope to see many of you peeps in the San Diego area either there at the event or while I'm in town. 

3rd Annual March For Black Women Happening February 22

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I'll be missing it for the first time due to a previous commitment, but just wanted to let people know that the 3rd annual March For Black Women Houston will be taking place on the Texas Southern University campus February 22.

That event will be starting at 10 AM CST,    Since it's also happening during the early voting period of the Texas primary,the march destination this year will be a nearby polling place to cast our ballots in this critical to our state and nation 2020 election. 

If you wish to support the March for black Women Houston  ., this is how you do so. 

To handle that business, -

Hope y'all' show up and show out for this year's edition of the March For Black Women and make this edition of it the best one yet.. 

Friday, February 14, 2020

TransGriot 2020 Texas Democratic Primary Election Endorsement Post

You've been asking me for it, and here it is, just before early voting starts in the Texas primary election on  February 18.   For those of you who wish to wait for the actual Texas primary Election Day, that will happen on March 3.

We are the most populous county in Texas, and our ballot is going to reflect that.   It always going to be a long one because of that.  Also bear in mind that no thanks to the TXGOP, we no longer have the option of straight ticket voting.

Every race matters, so vote from POTUS to dog catcher.   Your vote may be the differnce between winning and losing for many candidates in a tight race.

Make Trump, Greg Abbott and the Texas GOP mad by voting either during early voting, which runs from Febuary 18-February 28., on primary day on on the general election day on November 3.

You can also vote at ANY voting center in Harris County during early voting or the general election.

Image result for 2020 texas voter registration card
If you aren't registered to do so during the primary, you can still make sure you are registred for the upcoming presidential election in November and the May runoff elections from May 18-22

Vote as if your life depends on it, because frankly, it does.

And now, my TransGriot 2020 Democratic primary endorsements.

President- Elizabeth Warren 

US Senate-  Amanda Edwards

US House-District 2-Sima Ladjevarian
US House District 9- Al Green
US House District 10- Mike Siegel 
US House- District 14- Adrienne Bell  
US House- District 18-Sheila Jackson Lee
US House District 21- Wendy Davis 
US House- District 22- No Endorsement

TX State Board of Education District 4 -Larry McKinzie 
TX State Board of Education District 6- Michelle Palmer

TX State Senator- District 11-Susan Criss 
TX State Senator- District 13- Borris Miles  

TX House- District 26-Sarah DeMerchant  
TX House- District 27- Ron Reynolds
TX House- Dsitrict 28- Lawrence Allen
TX House- District 83- Addison Perry-Franks 
TX House- District 126- Natali Hurtado
TX House- District 131- Alma A Allen
TX House- District 134- Ann Johnson 
TX House- District 135- Jon Rosenthal 
TX House-District 138- Akilah Bacy 
TX House- District 139- Jarvis Johnson 
TX-House- District 141- Senfronia Thompson
TX House- District 142- Jerry Davis 
TX House- District 146- Ashton P Woods 
TX House- District 147- Garnet F Coleman
TX House- District 148-- Penny Morales Shaw 

Chief Justice TX Supreme Court- Amy Clark Meacham
TX Supreme Court Justice- Place 6- Kathy Cheng
TX Supreme Court Justice- Place 7- Staci Williams
TX Supreme Court  Justice- Place 8- Gisela Triana 

TX Court of  Criminal Appeals- Place 3 - William Pieratt Demond
TX Court of Appeals District 14-  Jane Robinson
TX Court of Appeals- 1st District- Place 3- Veronica Rivas Molloy
TX Court of Appeals 1st District- Place 5- Amparo Monique Guerra
TX Court of Appeals 1st District Place 7 - Cheri Thomas
TX District Judge- 80th Judicial District- Larry Weiman 
TX Dsitrict Judge- 164th Judicial District- Alexandra Smoots-Thomas 
TX District Judge- 165th Judicial District- Ursula Hall 
TX District Judge- 176th Judicial District-Nikita 'Niki' Harmon
TX District Judge -179th Judicial District- Ana Martinez 
TX District Judge- 333rd Judicial District- Daryl Moore
TX District Judge- 334th Judicial District- Dawn Deshea Roigers 
TX District Judge- 337th Judicial District- Colleen Gaido
TX District Judge - 339th Judicial District- Te'iva Bell
TX District Judge- 351st Judicial District- Natalia 'Nata' Cornelio
TX District Judge- 367 Judicial District-  Janet Buening Happard
TX District Judge- 505th Judicial District- Surendran K. Patel  
TX District Judge- 507th Judicial District-Julia Maldonado 

Harris County District Attorney- Audia Jones 
Harris County Attorney- Christian Menefee
Harris County Sheriff- Ed Gonzales
Harris County Tax Assessor Collector -Jolanda Jones

Harris County Commissioner- Precinct 1-Rodney Ellis
Harris County Commissioner- Precinct 3- Diana Martinex Alexander

Harris County Constable- Precinct 1- Alan Rosen
Harris County Constable- Precinct 7-  May Walker

Harris County Civil Court at Law No 4- Bill McLeod

Harris County Department of Education Place 5- Erica Davis
Harris County Department of Education Place 7- Obes Nwabara
Harris County Justice of the Peace- Precinct 6 Place 1- Victor Trevino III
Harris County Justice of the Peace- Precinct 7 Place 1- Jeremy L. Brown

Shut Up Fool Awards- Showing No Love For Fools Edition

Image result for no love on valentine's day
Today is February14, which means it's Single Appreciation Day.    Flower shops and stores are crowded with people getting last minute gifts for their loved ones, while restaurants will be crowded with couples later tonight.

Today is also Friday, and y'all know what that means.   It's SUF Day, and I'm showing zero love for any fools today.

Honorable mention goes to Franklin Graham for being mad he just reaped what he's trying to sow onto millions of YBLGQ+ people.

Another honorable mention goes to every fauxtep ranting about Zaya Wade and her parents support of her.

Honorable mention number four goes to Ben Carson, who made the WTF level statekment that the people who work at Mar-aLago show that trump is 'not racist'.

Dude, what weed have you been smoking?

Honorable mention number four goes to Mike Bloomberg, who thinks he can buy his way to the 2020  Democratic presidential nomination as his dirty political laundry comes tumbling out of the closet .

And naw, I'm definitely not feeling Bloomberg.

Honorable mention number five is John Kelly

Kelly, after being silent all this time since he got bounced from the Trump White House, now decides to become Billy Badazz and start critizing the impeached Idiot in Thief over Ukraine and the retalitory firng of Col Alexander Vindman .

Frankly, it's too little and way too late.   On top of that Mr Kelly, I'm not interested in anything to have to say now unless it is prefaced by an apology to Rep, Frederica  Wilson (D-FL) or it's testimony to any US House committee investigating Orange Fooliuis

Wendy Williams Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
This week's Shut Up Fool winner is Wendy Williams.

Miss Thang put her pumps in her mouth by unleashing a homophobic rant that appeared to be aimed at POSE's Billy Porter.    Wendy said that gay men should stop wearing our skirts and heels.

That comment triggered a swift backlash that caused Wendy to retact that statement.

News flash Wendy.  There are cis women on this planet who don't menstruate or have the ability to bear a child.  Does that make them men?   Hell naw.

You've been probematic for a long time, and I just don't have the bandwith today to to channel my inner Elekta Wintour and read your azz.    Mr T, can you do the honors?

Wendy Williams, shut up Fool!

Happy Valentines Day 2020

Image result for valentine's day 2020
Happy Valentines Day people!   This is the first V-Day of the 2020's  and I'm spending it like I have for the majority of the 2000's and 2010's. 

As usual I bought my own damned candy, and will probably be on the couch later tonight watching rom coms while scarfing down a pint of Blue Bell

It's ironic that just a few days ago I found the open letter I wrote to Trinity about relationships while searching for another post.

Image may contain: Alexander Lane Miller and Jessica Zyrie, people smiling, people standing
While I'm alone on this Valentine's Day 2020, I'm not lonely.   I basically made the call that I'm waiting for a quality person to come into my life, whoever they may be.    I continue to draw inspiration for all the couples i see in Trans World who are happily married, and keep hope alive it may happen for me someday.

Then again, I've been notoriously slow to recognize that person until they have moved on.

So for all you peeps booed up, especially in Trans World, more power to you.   Hope you have a wonderful and amazing V-Day.

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and suit
For those of you who are celebrating Single Appreciation Day, may you find someone either today or in the future who looks at you like Melania does PM Justin Trudeau

And now, it's time for me to start tackling this pile of rom-com  DVDs I have waiting for me to watch them.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Bloomberg Protest At The 2020 JRR

Image may contain: 2 people, indoor
Just arrived from the JRR dinner, and y'all might have heard about a silent protest I did in which I stood up,  turned my back to Bloomberg  when he started speaking,  and remained standing for the duration of his horrible JRR speech.

Naw player, couldn't let you waltz into my hometown without doing something to express my displeasure at his candidacy.  And yeah, these are just some of the reasons why I'm not feeling Bloomberg.

There were a few other attendees in that Marriot Marquis room that also weren't feeling Bloomberg either, and expressed themselves during his horrid speech in which there was no mention of stop and frisk or his transphobia.   Amelie Haydel and Aicilef Gnuoy started chanting during the speech and were detained by police.

Bloomberg eventually stops droning and i get to sit down.   My beind wasn't in the chair for a minute when some random Becky walks up to be and starts ranting about she's supporting bllomberg because  get this, her daughter was sexually assaulted by a Black man.

WTF?   She also had the nerve to try to claim she was Latina. 

Image result for Elektra Wintour reading
I got up out of my seat, and she now had to face an extremely pissed off  6' 5" moi with heels on towering over her petite self.   I then began to channel my inner Elektra Wintour and read the tramp for filth before she was mericfully escorted away from me by one of my tablemates. 

Amazing how a silent protest triggers peeps with privilege so much. 

Just to give you an example of the level of read homegirl got, here's Elektra shutting down a disrespectful Becky like I had to unexpoectedly do tonight.

For those of you who have been asking me on social media if I'm okay.  yeah, I'm good.
The Becky I read for filth, not so much.

Open Letter To Zaya

Image result for Zaya Wade
Dear Zaya,
As one of your Black trans elders, I am pleased and proud to hear that  you are taking the steps you need to make to become your true self.    I am also happy that your parents are unconditionally loving and supporting you as you embark on this challenging at times journey.

One of the things about this trans journey you need to know is that you're not alone.  There are other amazing kids like you that share your ethnic bcackground like Trinity Neal.   There's also something else that you probably didn't know in that when you transition, you family expands to include trans people from here and around the world.

Black trans people have existed as long as humanity has.   We have a proud history and take no crap people who have been fighting since before you were born to make the world better for trans people inside and outside the community.  I'm proud to be one of those people.

Many times I and other elders who fight tooth and nail for trans people's right to exist without drama are doing so for our kids.   You are the living embodement of the future we fight like hell for.

Your transition has also jumpstarted a long needed conversation in Black America about Black trans people and our community's need to embrace their trans siblings.

So why am I wrting this open letter?  Because I thought it was important for you to see some words online from someone who is a proud unapologetic Black trans adult who transitioned 25 years ago.  While I have accomplished much since 1994 and I'm proud of the person I have become, I still wish at times that I could have transitioned as early as you have been able to do.

When I finally did so, my life, challenging as it has been at times, is still better that it was before transition.  I've gotten to do some great things and meet many amazing people I probably wouldn't  have been able to meet if it weren't for me being this amazing, unapologetically Black trans woman

You still have yours to live and I hope you'll go on to do some great things.  Hopefully some of the great things you do will also benefit our community. .

I can't wait to see how you evolve to become the fabulous Black woman of trans experience I know you are.

Sincerely yours,

Not Feeling Michael Bloomberg

It's not lost on me that on the 67th anniversary of the day Christine Jorgensen returned to New York after being in Denmark for two years for her physical transition and GCS, I'm looking at the prospect of having a transphobe on stage tonight at the Harris County Democratic Party's (HDCP)  Johnson Rayburn Richards (JRR) dinner being held tonight at the Marriot Marquis>

It ain't Julian Castro, who I am looking forward to hearing speak to night as the JRR keynote and hopefully getting a chance to meet.  Michael Bloomberg?   Not so much.

The JRR is the largest Democratic funraiser in Texas, and it's the one in which I received the Barbara Jordan Breaking Barriers Award from last year.  In the 2020 edition of the JRR, which is back to being a dinner now, awards will be presented to Amber Goodwin, Linda Morales, Cecile Richards and the Supermajority group..

Image result for Kamala Harris
I have not been happy with the remaing candidates available in the 2020 Democratic primary since Kamala Harris was forced to drop out along with all the other non white candidates.  I felt last year that 21 candidates in a presidential primary was far too many in a critical for our democracy election, and the sorry state of the primary confirms that.  My concerns are heighted by the realization that the Dems are the only thing standing beween Trump and a fascist dictatorship.

Neither am I happy that the media and Berners after Iowa and New Hampshire are rushing to crown Bernie Sanders as our nominee after primary contests in two of the whitest states in the nation.

Y'all need to slow your roll on that.  Guess y'all forgot about 2016 huh?   Rigged primary my azz. 

More like Black Democrats massively rejecting St Bernard of Sanders, and news flash, ain't nothing changed in Black America since 2016 concerning our low opinion of Sanders, no matter how much you believe the hype from Nina Turner.

Black Democratic voters matter, and it looks like we'll have to teach that lesson once again.  Early voting for the Texas prmary starts on February 18,  with the election happening on March 3.

FYI, Texas awards 262 delegates.  That dwarfs the number you can get in Iowa and New Hampshire combined .

But back to talking about Bloomberg.   One of the other things that has me concerned is this rush to canonize him as some sort of savior when he is deeply problematic to me and many Black Americans

And oh yeah, haven't forgotten that Bloomberg ran as a Republican to become mayor of New York

I'm not happy about the 2016 transphobic comments that Bloomberg uttered in Great Britain, and damned sure was paying attention when stop and frisk Black and Brown people was going on when he was running New York City. 

Many of the Black and Brown people being frisked by NYPD were also transgender New Yorkers.
It was also a policy that Bloomberg zealously defended and didn't apologize for until he decided to jump into the 2020 presidental race.

Note to Bloomberg:  Trans Democrats exist and you're about to find out that salient point the hard way that we do.   Some of us are major leaders in not only the national party, but in our local party organiations as well.

FYI, two of the first statewide trans inclusive non discrimation laws were passed in Minnesota and Iowa, so contrary to your 2016 transphobic opinion, Midwesterners and folks around the country do get the point that trans rights are human rights. 

Trans people are also part of everyone's family.  It's why the increased support for trans rights is happening along with trans folks across the country, our Mama and Papa Bears, and our allies fighting tooth and nail to make it happen.. 

So if you see me pouting at the JRR tonight, now you have the backstory on why.     .

Sunday, February 09, 2020

The 2020 SUF Lifetime Achievement Award Winners Are...

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This is the night you TransGriot Readers have all been waiting for.   Tonight is the night you will discover who will join all the not so distinguished reprehensible people who will live in SUF Lifetime Achievement Awards infamy.

Just as a reminder, these are the folks who won it in 2019, and this is the complete list of awardees going back to 2010.   We're starting a new decade properly by adding ten more fools to this list.

They will still be eligible for weekly awards if they continue to say and do stuff that puts me in the position in which I must call them out.

It's also a reminder as Mr T warned us, fools are everywhere.

So lets cut the jibber jabber and get to what you peeps wanted to know.

This year's TransGriot SUF Lifetime Achievement Awards Class of 2020 is.

Kellyanne Conway
Candace Owens
Steve Radack
Betsy DeVos
Franklin Graham

Jim Bakker
Robert Jeffress
JK Rowling
British PM Boris Johnson
Rep Doug Collins (R-GA)  


Saturday, February 08, 2020

HBAD Endorsement Meeting Today!

No photo description available.
The Texas primary election date of March 3 is rapidly approaching, and so is the start of early voting in the Lone Star State on February 18.

That meant that for the second consecutive Satuday I got up out of bed early so that I could be at the  Sunnyside area venue in which the Houston Black Area Democrats (H-BAD) endorsement meeting was being held before it started at 9 AM.

It was my first time doing their endorsement meeting, and was nice seeing old freinds and meeting some new ones.  I laughed when I got asked the question by a few people in attendance if I was running for office in this cycle, and when I said 'Not yet", that question truned into 'When was I going to run for office?

91 people screened for the H-BAD endorsement, which is one of the Big Four endorsements of Houston progressive Democratic politics. 

These endorsement meetings can have a lot of drama that rivals the best reality TV shows.  There's twists and turns.   People getting endorsements as expected, and others who didn't get it from the screening committe, but who flipped it once itgot to the meeting. 

People can win or lose endorsements based on what they say that sways the people in the room or pisses them off.

Here are the folks who after six hours, walked out with those coveted H-BAD endorsements:

US Senate- Amanda Edwards 
US Representative District 2- Sima Ladjevarian   
US Representative District 18-  Sheila Jackson Lee
US Representative District 22- Derrick Reed 

Member TX State Board of Education District 6- Michelle Palmer 
TX State Senator Disctrict 13- Borris Miles 
TX State Representative District 27- Ron Reynolds
TX State Representative District 126- Natali Hurtado 
TX State Representative District  131- Alma A. Allen 
TX State Representative Distrct 138-Akilah Bacy 
TX State Represntative District 139-  Jarvis Johnson
TX State Reprsentative  District 141- Senfronia Thompson 
TX State Representative District 142- Richard Bonton 
TX State Represntative District 146 -Shawn Nicole Thierry
TX State Representative District 147- Garnet F. Coleman
Cheif Justice Texas Supreme Court -Amy Clark Meacham
Justice, Texas Supreme Court Place 6- Kathy Cheng
Justice Texas Supreme Court, Place 7- Staci Williams 
Justice Texas Supreme Court Place 8- Peter Kelly
Justice, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals  Place 3 - William Pieratt Demond  
Justice, Texas Court  of Appeals District 14- Jane Robinson
Justice  Texas Court of Appeals 1st District, Place 3 -Veronica Rivas-Molloy
Justice, Texas Court of Appeals  1st District Place 5- Amparo Monique Guerra
Justice Texas Court of Appeals 14th District  Place 7- Tamika Craft

District Judge  80th Judicial District-  Larry Weiman 
District Judge  164th Judicial District- Alexandra Smoots Thomas 
District Judge  165th Judicial District- Ursula Hall 
District Judge  176th Judicial District-  Nikita 'Niki' Harmon
District Judge  179th Judicial District-  No Endorsement 
District Judge  333rd Judicial District-  Daryl Moore   
District Judge  334th Judicial District-  Dawn Deshea Rogers
District Judge  337th Judicial District - Brennen Dunn
District Judge  339th Judicial District- Te'iva Bell
District Judge 351st  Judicial District - Natalia 'Nata' Cornelio 
District Judge 507th Judicial District-  Julia Maldonado

Harris County District Attorney - Carvana Cloud
Harris Ciunty Attorney- Christian Dashaun Menefee 
Harris County Sheriff - Ed Gonzales  
Harris County Tax Assessor Collector - Jolanda Jones

Harris County Commissioner Precinct 1- Rodney Ellis
Harris County Commissioner Precinct 3- Morris Overstreet 

Harris County Constrable Precinct 1 -Alan Rosen 

Harris County Civil Court At Law Number  4- Lesley Briones

Harris County Justice of the Peace Precinct 6 Place 1 - Victor Trevino III
Harris County Justice of the Peace Precinct 7 Place 1 -  Jeremy  L. Brown 

I Love Cities Skylines!

Image result for Cities Skylines
One of the things that peeps are surprised to find out about moi is that I am not only a trans grognard or warganer, I also love computer and video games.

They are one of the things I do as part of my self care regimen, and it also satisfies my inner blerd.

What's a blerd you ask?   Blerd is a term I picked up (and I like) from my homegirl Kandice Webber to describe a Black nerd.

One of the computer games I fell in love with back in the 90's was Sim City.   I loved it so much I bought Sim City 2000, Sim City 3000 and Sim City 2013 because I absolutely love the city simulator games.    Why don't I own Sim City 4?   Because by the time I was able to buy it, Sim City 2013 was out.

Then I discovered Cities Skylines.

Related image
One of the things that irritated me about Sim City 2013 is that they took away the ability to build subways and freeways from your game cities.   It also limited you to one 2x2 km tract to build the city on with no ability to alter the terrain if you needed flat areas to build stuff on.

It also wasn't as realistic as Cities Skylines is where you can get granular about everything from traffic to city governance policies

Image result for cities skylines mass transit
The thing I love about Cities Skylines is I have far more options for mass transit in this game than just the light rail streetcars and buses in Sim City 2013.    You have those plus subways, monorails, commuter rail, ferries, and even blimps. 

Related image
I also have the ability to modify terrain, and choose up to nine 2x2 km tiles to build a sprawling city on to my hearts content.

One of the things I also love is that when I'm playing this game, I'm so focused on concentrating on what I need to do to build the city and clean up any problems that arise while doing so, I'll look at the wall clock next to my computer desk and realize that a few hours had elapsed since I started that game session.

Image result for cities skylines game texas
So on those weekends I take a moment to unplug from The Net, this is one of the me time things I love to do.

Now if I could download some real world buildings and Houston ones into my game, I'd be a happy camper.

Friday, February 07, 2020

Shut Up Fool Awards- First Friday In February Edition

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It seemed like it took January six months to pass, but we finally got the apportunity to flip the 2020 calendar page to February and go through the first full week of it.

And as usual, the fools are all among us.  So let's get started calling some ignorant mofos out.

Honorable mention this week was EVERY Republican senator who despite a Mout everest of evidence that shows that Donald Trump did what the house impeached his orange azz for, they voted to not only not call any witnesses, they voted to acquit him. 

 I hope and pray that every American citizen outraged about this carriage of injustice fires their GOP senator at the polls  on November 3.

The other honorable mention this week is Michael Bloomberg, who revealed to the world through a leaked 2016 video that he's a transphobe.  Yeah, I'm  calling that azz  out at the JRR next week

This week's winner is Mike Pompeo.

Image result for mike pompeo
The conservafools are big mad that Speaker Pelosi ripped up Orange Foolius' SOTU propaganda rant speech when he was done gaslighting his conservasheeple, and Pompeo decided to troll Speaker Pelosi with a pic of Lisa Simpson crying as she rips up a speech she'd written.

Pompeo failed to realize since he probably never watches the show that he played himself.
That moment Pompeo screen grabbed is from a The Simpson's episode called ' Mr Lisa Goes to Washington'.  She wins an all expenses paid trip to DC for her and her family as a result of winning an essay contest, and is a finalist for a $10,000 prize.

During the trip, she witnesses her congressman taking a bribe, and she concludes she must change the spech she'd originally written.   She rips it up, and writes a new one that calls out the cesspool of corruption inside I-495.

But then again, that would go over Pompeo's head because as Trump's Secretary of State,  he is part of the most corrupt regime in US history

Michael Watts said it best in his blogpost about Pompeo's self pwning..
Unfortunately, Mr. Pompeo is part of an administration that is willing to sacrifice our ideals for the sake of achieving some type of short-term instant gratification instead of a lasting long-term investment. I can’t tell whether Pompeo is the congressman or the lobbyist because they are both going for the quick fix; the congressman for the rush of power or the lobbyist for the rush of making good on an investment.
And Mr. Pompeo should know better about surrendering our values given that he was trained as an Army officer at West Point where cadets are taught there are ideas and principles worth defending, fighting, and if necessary, sacrificing for them. 

Perhaps he forgot them upon leaving the Army.

Mike Pompeo, shut up fool!