Thursday, December 05, 2019

2019 TransGriot NFL Picks -Week 14

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The Texans not only beat their long time nemesis the New England Cheatriots Patriots, it wasn't even close.   Only the garbage time TD the Patriots scored made the score look closer than it actually was.  But because of the long frustrating history of the Texans versus New England, went the wrong way on that pick.

I broke even in Week 13 thanks in large part to Seattle beating the Vikings.

But it's time to get to Week 14 of the season and redeem myself after breaking even by the skin of my teeth. 

My picks this week are in bold red print with Mike's Week 14 picks at this link

Week 13 Results                        2019 NFL Season Results 
TransGriot   8-8                           TransGriot  117-74-1
Mike            9-7                           Mike           117-74-1

Thursday Night Game
Cowboys over BEARS

Sunday Early Games
TEXANS over Broncos
FALCONS over Panthers
JETS over Dolphins
SAINTS over 49ers
VIKINGS over Lions
Ravens over BILLS
BROWNS over Bengals
PACKERS over Redskins

Sunday Afternoon Games
Chargers over JAGUARS
Steelers over CARDINALS
Titans over RAIDERS
Chiefs over PATRIOTS

Sunday Night Game
Seahawks over RAMS

Monday Night Game 
EAGLES or Giants

Monday, December 02, 2019

A Chance To Make Houston Women's History

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I got back to Houston as early voting cranked up again after the holiday break for our December 14 midterm election.

You can early vote at any location from 7 AM-7 PM from today until December 10.   On Sunday December 8 you can do so from  1-6 PM.  Final day to handle your early voting business is on December 10. 

My TransGriot endorsements for the Houston runoff election are here.

While I was in Da Ville, I noted that we have a chance to do in this runoff election something as historic as the #BlackGirlMagic Judges.

We have the chance to elect an unprecedented in Houston history six Black women to The Horseshoe as part of a first ever female majority City Council.

Image result for martha castex-tatum houston
CM Martha Castex Tatum's spot is already assured on the new council.  She was reelected to represent District K back on November 5. 

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In District B, a Black woman is assured to be the next council rep for that area.   The runoff elections will feature Tarsha Jackson,  who received 20% of the vote to lead a crowded fourteen person field to succeed term limited CM Jerry Davis, in either Cynthia Bailey or Renee Jefferson Smith.

That seat will be determined in a special election once the court drama between Bailey and Jefferson-Smith is resolved over whether Bailey is eligible as an ex offender with a felony conviction to hold public office in Texas.

Several of the city council runoffs  have a Black woman running in them

Image result for carolyn evans-shabazz
In District D, former HCC board of trustees chair Carolyn Evans Shabazz is running against Brad 'Scarface' Jordan from the Geto Boys rap group.. 

Image result for Tiffany Thomas
In District F, which is my council district, former Alief ISD board member Tiffany Thomas is running against Van Huynh, the former chief of staff for outgoing councilmember Steve Le who decided not to run for reelection.

Image result for Janaeya Carmouche
In the runoff election for the At Large 3 seat, Janaeya Carmouche is taking on anti-HERO incumbent councilmember Michael Kubosh

Image result for Six Houston Black women running for council
In the at Large 4 race to succeed CM Amanda Edwards, who surprisingly decided not to seek reelection and jump into the US Senate race, Dr. Letitia Plummer is taking on white supremacist Anthony Dolcefino.

Add to it the one in District A in which Amy Peck is trying to succeed term limited CM Brenda Stardig. and in the At Large 5 race between Sallie Alcorn and Eric Dick.

Image result for sandra rodriguez houston city council
The one in the diverse Gulfton area District J between Sandra Rodriguez and anti-HERO transphobe Edward Pollard to succeed term limited CM Mike Laster also has the potential to make history.

If Rodriguez is successful in her District J race, it would be the first time we have had two Latinas serving on Houston city council together.  It would also mean that with CM Robert Gallegos being reelected in District I, three Latinx councilmembers would be sitting in the Horseshoe for the first time. 

Image result for Abbie kama and Shelley kennedy
The hotly contentious battle in District C between Abbie Kaman and Shelley Kennedy guarantees a woman will emerge as the rep for that seat that stretches from Meyerland to Montrose . 

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The equally as contentious one in District H between Isabel Longoria and incumbent CM Karla Cisneros guarantees a Latina will sit on the new council representing that predominately Latinx district.

If all these women win their races on December 14, it means that Houston would have a historic eleven women on city council   A diverse group of women councilmembers that would comprise two Latinas, three White women, and six Black women.

But if you want that to happen, you must vote for it starting today and on December 14 to become a reality. 

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Turkey Day 2019

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I have received an early Christmas present in terms of being able to be in Louisville breaking bread for the first time in a decade with my chosen family and friends. 

And no, this time we're not having a turducken as we did one Thanksgiving, but then again I wouldn't be surprised it Dawn pulled one out of the oven for this dinner we're going to happily scarf down in few hours.

Image may contain: 5 people, including Monica Roberts, Dawn Wilson, Jaison Ashley Gardner and Kaila Adia Story, people smiling, people standing and indoor
While I'm getting to spend the day (and this week) with my chosen family, and know I'll be spending Christmas with my blood family, I realize on this day I am blessed to do so.   Most trans people go into the holidays not able to have holiday dinners with their families.

If you find yourself in that situation today, find your chosen family and break bread with them.   If you're hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, hope that you take the opportunity to reach out to trans folks who are home for the holidays with no place to go.

In a few hours, I'll be engaging in another |cherished holiday tradition of hating on my favorite NFL turkeys, the Dallas Cowboys while I eat dinner and hoping they get carved up by the opposition.

Happy Turkey Day y'all

2019 TransGriot NFL Picks -Week 13

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It's Turkey Day and I'm spending it in Louisville for the first time in a decade..

The Week 12 results  resulted in both of us staying close in the overall standings with five weeks to go

It's now NFL Week 13. getting closer to the end of the season, and every game counts toward playoff seeding.   And no more bye weeks.   Sixteen games to pick for the rest of the season.

My picks in bold red print with home team in CAPS.   Mike's Week 13 picks are here at this link

Week 12 Results                                          2019 NFL Season Results
TransGriot   10-4                                         TransGriot 109-66-1
Mike            10-4                                         Mike          108-67-1

Thanksgiving Day Games 

LIONS over Bears
COWBOYS over Bills
Saints over FALCONS

Sunday Early Games
COLTS over Titans
Jets over BENGALS
PANTHERS over Washington
RAVENS over 49ers
Buccaneers over JAGUARS
STEELERS over Browns
Packers over GIANTS
Eagles over DOLPHINS

Sunday Afternoon Games
Chargers over BRONCOS
CHIEFS over Raiders

Sunday Night Game
Patriots over TEXANS

Monday Night Game
SEAHAWKS over Vikings   

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Chilling In Louisville For The Holidays!

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My not so secret anymore location for this holiday trip is Louisville.

It has been five years since my last visit to Da Ville and ten years since I last broke bread with my chosen family up here in Kentuckiana during Thanksgiving.

But it started with major airline drama.  After my nonstop flight took off on time from Hobby Monday morning, about 160 miles out from Houston there was  an indicator light in the cockpit of an issue that while it wasn't dangerous and wouldn't impede us from safely landing, it did necessitate us turning around, flying lazy circles over east Texas to burn excess fuel, and returning to Houston Hobby.   

We were walking off our now grounded plane at Hobby at the 12:45 CST time I would have arrived in Louisville. 

Seat map Boeing 737-700 “Southwest Airlines”. Best seats in the plane
Fortunately they had another 737-700 aircraft waiting for us across the hall from my return arrival gate at C-44 and we swiftly boarded it.  I was majorly happy I'd gotten my aisle seat in 3C back.

They brought it back to Houston because there's a Southwest maintenance base there, and they would rather deal with it there than have the plane stuck in Louisville canceling a trip it was supposed to do to Dallas Love Field

Related image
To add to my drama, after I called to let Dawn and Polar know that I was going to be two hours late,  my beloved LG K10 smart phone I had received as a birthday present three years ago from Nikki Araguz Loyd, finally died after I boarded the new plane.

That meant I now had to get a new phone when I arrived in Da Ville, because there's no way I could walk around Louisville for a week without one.

Related image
So I arrive in Louisville around 4 PM EST at Muhammad Ali International Airport, I get my bag, and we grab something to eat because at this point the only thing I've had to eat is two bags of peanuts.

I handle the new phone business, but discover to my horror they can't transfer my phone contact list, and the cloud update didn't have all the numbers that I've input into that phone over the three years I've owned it. 

And I now have to not only download my critical apps, I now have to remember what password I used when I signed up for the app.   I also have to get acclimated to working my new LG Stylo  phone.

Nevertheless despite the drama, I made it to Da Vilee and Dawn's crib in one piece, and I'm now hanging out with my Louisville fam that did stay here for the holiday.

And I also received a $100 LUV travel certificate to use on Southwest next year for my trouble

Monday, November 25, 2019

Moni's Leaving On A Jet Plane To- A Secret Destination

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If my flight left on time, I should be close to landing at my destination where I'll spend Thanksgiving week reconnecting with some of my chosen family.

Been a while since I spent some time here, and a decade since i broke bread with them at a Thanksgiving holiday table.

So looking forward to that happening, and once I get settled i reveal what the secret destination is if y'all haven't guessed it already., 

The clue I can give y'all right now is that my final destination is in the borders of the United States.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

The TransGriot 2019 Houston Municipal Runoff Election Endorsements

The November 5 elections left the mayor's chair and several council seats in runoffs.

The City Council District B race was removed from the ballot and settled in a special election because of a lawsuit filed by Renee Jefferson Smith after she finished third and failed to make the runoff in that crowded 14 candidate race to replace term limited councilmember Jerry Davis.

The people who did make the runoff were Tarsha Jackson and Cynthia Bailey

Bailey signed an affidavit when filing to run back in August stating that she hadn't been convicted of a felony, but was back in 2007.  She was told that because of that forgery conviction, she could run for any position except a state of Texas one.

Jefferson contends that because of the felony, Bailey is ineligible, and as the third place finisher, she should move up to the runoff.  Bailey's eligibility will be determined in an upcoming court case.

Related image
Will be keeping an eye on those proceedings, but the date of the December 14 runoff
 election is still looming with early voting starting on November 27 from 7 AM-7 PM .

After the holiday, early voting resumes from December 2-7  from 7-7 PM.   On December 8, you can vote from 1-6 PM, and on December 9-10 from 7 AM-7 PM 

The Runoff Endorsements:

Mayor- Sylvester Turner

City Council
At Large 1- Raj Salhotra
At Large 2- David Robinson
At Large 3 - Janaeya Carmouche
At Large 4 -Dr Letitia Plummer 
At Large  5- Sallie Alcorn

District B-  Tarsha Jackson
District C -Shelley Kennedy
District D- Carolyn Evans Shabazz 
District F - Tiffany Thomas
District H- Isabel Longoria
District J-  Sandra Rodriguez

Houston Community College System Trustee
District 1 - Monica Flores Richart 
District 2-  Rhonda Skillern Jones

HISD Trustee

District I- Kathy Bluefield Daniels
District IV- Patricia Allen 

Texas State Representative 
HD 28-  Eliz Markowitz 
HD 148- Anna Eastman

Friday, November 22, 2019

Named To The 2019 OUT100!

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As those of you who have been keeping up with moi know, been getting honored with a lot of awards this year, and in some cases, like the Barbara Jordan Breaking Barriers one I received from the Harris County Democratic Party back in May, I was the first out trans person ever to win it. 

This is another huge honor for me in terms of being named to the 2019 edition of the OUT100.

Since its founding in 1992, OUT Magazine has created a list of 100 TBLGQ celebrities, activists, and personalities to celebrate and honor the most influential TBLGQIA people in our community. 

We have had trans people make this list before, but I am beyond thrilled to be named as one of the OUT100 honorees for 2019!
Congratulations to every one of the 2019 OUT100 honorees, and I wish us all continued success in the collective work we all do to make this community better than when we first encountered it. 
Image result for OUT100 issue
The OUT100 issue will be available for purchase at your fave local newsstand around December 2 and has been available to be downloaded since November 21.
I'm old school, so I want a print copy