Thursday, October 11, 2012

Trans And Unashamed

Love this graphic that I saw floating around on Facebook today that sums up how I feel about being moi.  

Trans and unashamed about it.  

Why should I be?   I'm a #girllikeus and not breaking any laws.  I'm living my life honestly and openly.  I'm working to be the best person I can be on this evolving journey of being the Phenomenal Transwoman.

Society needs to catch up to where I am, not the other way around.  It needs to stop jacking with my human rights and expeditiously start expanding them not only for people like me, but you cis peeps as well. 

And I'm happy to see other transwomen in the position of being able to do so embracing it, because our transkids and people struggling with gender identity issues need to see out and proud trans people they can role model.  

I have the blessing of a network of transbrothers and transsisters around the world and some amazing cis feminine allies and friends.  I please to have the company and friendship of some beautiful, talented and amazing people.  I know God made me and loves me just like any cis person.

Do I have my days when I'm feeling 'unpretty'?   Yes.  Do I have down, blah days?  Sure do.   Do I dislike the unwoman meme and dehumanizing transphobic hatred that is aimed at transwomen?  Despise it.

Do I regret pulling the trigger on transition?  Hell naw.  

The only thing I regret is not doing it sooner because I have an amazing life. I became alive and stopped sleepwalking through life the day I swalled my estrogen and committed to being Moni 24/7/365 (and 366 days during a leap year like this one).   The one thing that would make it better is being a relationship, but that's another post for another day..

So why should I be ashamed of being trans?  I'm not.  I'm proud of it just as much as I'm proud of being unapologetically Black and trans as well. 

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