Monday, December 31, 2018

The 2018 Shut Up Fool Of The Year Is

You've waited 365 days to find out who will join the distinguished list of fools who excelled in outright lying, engaging in massive hypocrisy, or exhibited titanic levels of what the hell head scratching lunacy and ignorance.

It's that time again.   Tine for me to reveal this yea's TransGriot Shut Up Fool of The Year Award

But before I announce this year's winner, some of y'all are probably asking yourselves who won this award in the past. 

It's a tradition that I started on New Year's Eve 2009, in which I chose a person, group or persons that just consistently over the year lived up to Shut Up Fool status.

There were many worthy nominees this year, but before I announce who got it for 2018, need to let y'all know who the previous TransGriot Shut Up Fool of the Year winners were.

2009-Michael Steele
2010-Sarah Palin
2011-Herman Cain
2012- Mitt Romney
2013- Ted Cruz
2014- Louie Gohmert
2015- Donald Trump
2016- Donald Trump
2017- Dan Patrick

Image result for mr t in a suit
Enough jibber jabber, it's time to let y'all know who won.   Mr T, the envelope please.

The 2018 Shut Up Foll of the Year is....Sarah Suckabee Huckabee Sanders!

Image result for sarah huckabee sanders
The White House press secretary propaganda minister will go down in history as the worst White House press secretary ever.    Baghdad Bob has more credibility than Sanders does

Word is that she's having a tough time finding a new post-Washington DC gig. 

Hey, when you lied on national TV for years to defend this toxic waste dump of a presidency and the odious policies that come out of it, you actually think people with integrity are going to hire you, boo boo kitty?

Well, maybe FOX News will.   But the rest of the world won't.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Shut up Fool! 


Tracy, Before You and The Evilgelicals Step To Me,...

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Learn how to use a dictionary or spellcheck.

Seems Tracy Shannon, one of the alleged out of town residing Talabaptists, had a problem with me dropping truth bombs on them during the Drag Queen Story Time protest over the weekend, and wrote this screen shotted post on her page. 

FYI boo boo kitty, my award winning 'hate filled blog' is spelled TransGriot.  Damn, you sound too much like a certain white gay male blogger I know and give zero phucks about.

I also find it interesting that you're so bored with your fabulous life in Corpus Christi (if that's really where you live instead of Tomball or some other nearby intolerant Houston area GOP voting 'burb with a hate congregation), that you would burn up your precious gasoline to come to the gayborhood and protest a literacy event for kids with badly misspelled signs.

You and your friends need Jesus and a dictionary.

Image may contain: 1 person, text
The truth always sounds like hate speech to a white supremacist Becky, especially a white supremacist faux KKKhristian trying and failing to hide behind the 'bybul' to justify their transphobia and homophobia. 

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, tree and outdoor
Word to you Tracy and any of your like minded Pharisees and Sadducees.  If you don't want to be called a transphobic bigot, stop acting like a transphobic bigot.   That way we don't have to call you out on it.

My friends living in Montrose would also deeply appreciate it if you and your fellow faux faith based hatemongers not come to the library next month.  They're worried you thugs and bullies showing up in the gayborhood on a regular basis will drive down their property values.

Image result for freed montrose library hours

Let me close this out with a Bible verse you probably skipped over in the rush to drive to Houston to hate on the TBLGQ community in the name of your Lord and Savior Donald Trump.

Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.
-Matthew 7:3

You are also exactly what I said about you and your friends when I had the megaphone in my hands on Saturday.  You are the false prophets the Bible warned us about.


Ten Positive Trans Moments In 2018

Image result for Eden Lane CNN
Borrowing the idea from my fab homegirl Eden Lane, but expanding on it. 

The question she asked on her Facebook page is what moments stood out for you in 2018?   I'm going to narrow it to the moments, in no particular order, that stood out for me that trans people had a hand in. 

1.  Three more trans state legislators elected.

VA Del. Danica Roem is no longer the only trans person currently serving in a US state legislature.  When the New Year commences, she will be joined by two new state legislators, Lisa Bunker and Gerri Cannon in New Hampshire, and Brianna Titone in Colorado that will increase our total of trans state legislators to four. 

Exeter Voters Elect State's First Transgender Lawmaker
Bunker (left) and Cannon were part of a blue tsunami in the Granite State that flipped both houses of the state Legislature, both congressional districts, and the Executive Council back to Democratic control

Related image
Titone was also part of that midterm election blue wave.  She won a close race in Colorado's HD-27 to flip that district from red to blue and make history in the Centennial State as its first openly trans elected state rep.

Note that all these trailblazing trans legislators are members of the Democratic Party.

2. Angela Ponce competes in Miss Universe 2018.

Angela Ponce made history by not only capturing the Miss Spain-Universe crown, she became the first out transperson to compete at the world's premiere beauty pageant since it was opened to trans women in 2012.

While some haters emerged as usual, Ponce shook them off with class and dignity.

She also captured the world's hearts as they followed her journey to Bangkok to compete.  Although she didn't make it to the 20 semifinalists on stage, she was given the honor of walking the stage during that world wide broadcast.

3.  Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler named to the EBONY  Power 100

Was proud to note that our trans brother Dr Kortney Ryan Ziegler was named to the EBONY magazine Power 100 list.  That's a BFD in the Black community to be named to this list by one of the iconic publications in our community. 

It's also another example of the Black Trans Excellence that is part of our DNA.

Ziegler produced the award winning documentary Still Black: A Portrait Of Black Transmen and is contemplating doing more documentary projects focused on our community in 2019.

4. The all trans models Marco Marco fashion show.

Image result for marco marco fashion show trans models
One of the highlights of and the most talked about events during the fall edition of New York Fashion Week was the Marco Marco show.   All 34 models ripping the runway, be they trans feminine, trans masculine or gender nonconforming, were from our community.

It was historic and empowering not only for our community, but for the people participating in it.

Will be interesting see if more trans models show up at the spring NYFW shows as a result of this show.

5.  POSE debuts.

Image result for pose trans cast members
This FX show was one I was eagerly awaiting the debut of in June because it featured trans people in front of and behind the camera.

Image result for pose trans cast members
A record five trans women, MJ Rodriquez, Indya Moore, Dominique Jackson, Hailie Sahar and Angelica Ross were cast for principal roles.  Janet Mock and Our Lady J are writers and producers.  Leiomy Maldonado coordinates the dance numbers.

Trace Lysette attends the Vulture Awards Season Party at Sunset Tower Hotel.
During the entire first season of POSE, other trans actors like Trace Lysette, Laith Ashley, made guest appearances on the show.   I was also struck at times how many of the episodes hit home emotionally for me because they touched on subject that many trans peeps are familiar with.

POSE has received rave reviews, and was renewed by FX for a second season.

6.  Nicole Maines gets role on Supergirl

Image result for nia nall
I was thrilled to find out that Nicole Maines, one of our real life community superheroes, had been tapped to play the trans superhero Dreamer on the CW show Supergirl.

Maines is playing Nia Nal on the show, a young cub reporter who Kara Danvers takes under her wing and mentors as was done for her by Kat Grant. 

Image result for nia nal aka dreamer
She comes out as trans to her boss James Olson, and as season 4 progresses, is becoming increasingly aware of her superpower to predict the future via her dreams.

I'm parked in front of the TV on Sunday nights watching her.

7.  TransGriot wins GLAAD Media Award

Have to include myself on this list since I did make some trans history this year.   In April I became the first trans blogger to win a GLAAD Media Award in the Outstanding Blog category. 

It was my third nomination, and I beat out some stiff competition to get it.

And it definitely looks wonderful on my trophy shelf.

8. Another successful BTAC conference in Dallas

Image result for black trans advocacy conference  2018
The 7th annual Black Trans Advocacy Conference that ran from April 23-29 in Dallas was once again a success. 

It broke its all time attendance record that was set last year.  There was a new BTIPS king and queen crowned.   BTAC had its most gender non conforming attendees ever, and was a memorable week in the Lone Star State for the peeps in attendance.

Image may contain: 15 people, including Rebecca O'Brien, Jade Lenore, Daevion Jordan, Triptta Cohen and Monica Roberts, people smiling, outdoor
It even got news coverage in the Dallas Morning News this year.
For those of you who wish to check it out for yourselves in 2019, the dates for the 8th annual event will be April 23-28 at the Wyndham Dallas Suites- Park Central

9.. Raquel Willis named an OUT Magazine Executive Editor 

Image may contain: Monica Roberts and Raquel Willis, people smiling, outdoor and closeup
I have much love and respect for my fellow writer Raquel Willis.  I was pleased to hear the news that she was tapped to become an executive editor at OUT magazine last month after several years with the Transgender Law Center. 

She's just another sterling example of Black Trans Excellence personified

So looking forward in the New Year to see what happens for her and what exciting changes happen at OUT during her tenure.

10.  You survived and thrived as a trans person

The last one is dedicated to everyone in this community here and around the world.  You survived and thrived in a world that is being maliciously hostile to us.

You persisted in living your best life, and doing whatever it took to make the world better for our trans younglings     Sometimes it was the trans younglings showing us trans elders the way and being unapologetic about it.

We still have work to do to get the message out there that trans rights are human rights, we won't be erased, and we will fight with every fiber of our beings to make 2019 a better year for trans kind than 2018 was.

The Winner Of The 2018 NFL Prognostication Contest Is...

Image result for chiefs raiders 2018
Not moi. 

That would be Michael Watts. who successfully defended his title after I imploded in the second half of the season to the point I even forgot to make a pick in the Chiefs- Raiders game yesterday.

That turned one gimme correct pick into an automatic loss per our contest rules because it wasn't posted at least 10 minutes before the game's scheduled kickoff time.

Oh well. 

Image result for JJ Watt vs Jaguars

At least my Texans are in the playoffs and went from worst to first to capture their third AFC South crown in the last four years.   

Now can they make it to at least the AFC Championship game?   Tired of them going out in the Wild Card or Divisional round.

Congrats Mr. Watts!  All hail the defending back to back NFL prognostication champion.

Week 17 Results                                          2018 NFL Season Results
TransGriot  10-6                                          TransGriot  158-95-2
Mike            12-4                                         *Mike           164-90-2 

Strawberry Hampton Finally Moved To Illinois Women's Prison

Image result for Deon Strawberry hampton
Some good news as we close out 2018 on the trans rights front

27 year old Deon 'Strawberry' Hampton has been transitioning since she was 5 years old.   She is unfortunately doing a 10 year sentence in Illinois for burglary that she started serving in 2015.

But no prison sentence should include sexual and physical assault, transphobic harassment from prisoners and guards and incarceration in a men's prison if you are a trans feminine person. That is a violation of the 8th Amendment prohibitions against cruel and unusual punishment

Hampton has been in four different men's prisons in Illinois, and has according to court filings suffered violent sexual and physical assault and emotional abuse at four different prisons.

At Pinckneyville Correctional Facility, she alleges guards sexually assaulted her, then forced her to have sex with her cellmate for their entertainment.   That incident led to a suicide attempt.

Image result for macarthur justice center northwestern
In December 2017 The MacArthur Justice Center and the Uptown People's Law Center filed the first of several lawsuits on her behalf seeking a court order to stop the abuse being aimed at Hampton.

She has finally had her request granted to be moved from Dixon Correctional Center, a men's prison in Dixon, IL, to the Logan Correctional Center, a women's prison in Lincoln, IL

Image result for Nancy Rosenstengel
The Illinois Department of Corrections initially denied Hampton’s transfer request. 

In November  US District Court Judge Nancy Rosenstengel ordered the Illinois Department of Corrections to re-evaluate its denial of Hampton’s request for transfer to a women’s prison.
The judge also ordered they develop training on transgender issues for all staff.

If you're wondering what POTUS appointed Judge Rosenstengel to the federal bench, she was appointed by President Barack Obama. 

Image: Deon "Strawberry" Hampton, a transgender woman, was recently moved to a women's prison in Illinois.
Despite the positive ruling in Strawberry's favor, the MacArthur Justice Center said that the Illinois Department of Corrections still hasn't done enough to remedy the systemic failures that lead to the abuse of transgender inmates. 

The transphobic hatred being put in the atmosphere by the Republican Party, conservafool media and evilgelicals isn't helping either.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

TransGriot 2018 NFL Picks- Week 17

Image result for texans vs jaguars predictions
The last week of the 2018 NFL season, and thanks to the Saints beating the Steelers in NOLA last weekend, the Texans clinched a playoff spot.   A win today clinches the AFC South title with a chance to get as high as a number one seed in the AFC playoff bracket and a bye into the Divisional playoff round if a few things break our way. 

But first things first, the Texans must beat the Jacksonville Jaguars at NRG Stadium today.

Mike and I tied for Week 16 honors with identical 11-5 records, but this is the last week of the regular season and I have a four game deficit to erase just to tie for the 2018 title. 

Let's get to it.  Everybody's playing today.  Teams I'm picking to win in bold print with HOME team in caps.  Mike's Week 17 picks are here at this link.

Week 16 Results                                       2018 NFL Season 
TransGriot  11-5                                        TransGriot    148-88-2
Mike           11-5                                        Mike             152-86-2

Sunday Early Games
TEXANS over Jaguars
Dolphins over BILLS
PACKERS over Lions
PATRIOTS over Jets
SAINTS over Panthers
Cowboys over GIANTS
Falcons over BUCCANEERS

Sunday Afternoon Games
SEAHAWKS over Cardinals
RAMS over 49ers
CHARGERS over Broncos
Bears over VIKINGS
RAVENS over Browns
Eagles over WASHINGTON
STEELERS over Bengals

Sunday Night Game
TITANS over Colts

Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Evilgelicals Are Coming Back To Protest Houston Drag Queen Story Time

Image result for houston drag queen storytime
Fortuitously for me I have a mid morning doctor's appointment that will put me within a few blocks of the Eleanor K. Freed- Montrose branch of the Houston Public Library.

Once again, the suburban evilgelical haters are coming to town to do what they do best in terms of spewing loud and wrong hate speech as they protest Drag Queen Story Time again.

In Houston, Drag Queen Story Time has been taking place for over a year, and celebrated its one year anniversary on September 29.

Related image
But it has been under increasing attack from the Houston conservafools and evilgelicals, with the major ringleader on Houston City council coming out against it being CM Michael Kubosh.

The evilgelical lawsuit to stop Drag Queen Story Time was drop kicked out of federal court last month by Chief Justice Lee H. Rosenthal (appointed by GHW Bush).   They ,have already desecrated City Hall during a recent public comment session trying to spread their anti-TBLGQ hate for the holiday while being egged on by CM Michael Kubosh, who is running for re-election.

Still haven't forgotten his 2014 comment made at Grace Hate Church that "God put him on City Council to oppose the HERO."

Image result for houston drag queen storytime
The controversy, far from depressing turnout for Drag Queen Story Time, has actually increased numbers and interest in the program.  75 people attended the July edition, which has been the attendance high water mark so far for the program. 

In case you want to peacefully express your First Amendment rights, mock the Talabaptists and support the parents, kids and drag queens who give their time to read to the kids, the protest of the evilgelicals is starting at 1:00 PM.

Image result for freed montrose library
We wish to be in place, set and ready to roll before the evilgelicals get there from their long drive from the 'burbs and the 2 PM start time for the event.


Friday, December 28, 2018

Number 25- Rest In Power and Peace Regina D. Brown

Image result for regina denise brown orangeburg sc
Thanks to Elizabeth Rivera, it was brought to my attention that we lost another trans sibling.

We go to Orangeburg, SC to discuss our latest trans person who was taken from us far too soon in the person of 53 year old Regina Denise Brown.

The crime originally happened back on October 10 when Brown's home on 361 Sellers Avenue was reported by a woman as being on fire at 4 AM EDT that morning and called authorities.  . 

Body Found Home
Because Brown's 2000 Lincoln Navigator was missing, arriving fire fighters assumed that no one was home.   The presence of a vehicle in the driveway is an indication to firefighters arriving to battle a house fire that someone might be home.   

As the firefighters worked to put out hot spots, one of them discovered her body and asked firefighters to cease with the hot spot dousing operation   Orangeburg Department of Public Safety and  SC law Enforcement Division was then called in to begin the investigation into her death.

Image result for regina denise brown orangeburg sc
37 year old Kenneth Lamont Jenkins of Columbia, SC was charged with second degree arson and grand larceny a few days after the fire.  He 'willfully and maliciously' according to the arrest warrant set fire to her home, and watched it burn from across the street as he sat in her SUV before driving off.

That point alone made me go hmm after reading the initial report, and had me recalling the eerie similarity with the Viccky Gutierrez case in LA earlier this year.   Her body was found after her apartment was set on fire by accused killer Kevyn Ramirez. 

Jenkins was subsequently charged with murder after admitting he killed Brown after a physical altercation, and had injuries on his body consistent with being in a physical altercation.

Body Found Victim
Now for the grim duty of dropping knowledge on the trans murder stats. 

Brown is not only the second trans woman murdered in South Carolina this year, she is also the second oldest one in the US at age 53 to die.    She is also the 19th African American trans and GNC person out of the 25 we have lost to anti-trans violence in 2018.

The 53 year old Brown was a beloved beautician an hairstylist in her community and is missed by all who loved her.

And may Kenneth Jenkins be tried, convicted and thrown under the jail for his crime. 

TransGriot Shut Up Fool Awards- Last Fool Of 2018 Edition

Image result for 2018 end of year
This year is rapidly drawing to a close in a little over 72 hours, but it is ending on a high note for me.

I got to spend a awesome Christmas Day with my mom, sister and niece.  Received for Christmas a new leather wallet I sorely needed along with a few gift cards that will be put to proper use over the next few weeks.

And when the New Year rings in at midnight Central standard time, it'll not only be my blog's 13th anniversary, but my home county will get even bluer.

We'll also find out who becomes this year's TransGriot Shut Up Fool of the Year.

But before we say sayonara  to 2018, got some TransGriot blog business to handle on the last full week of this year.   Gotta call out this week''s final TransGriot Shut Up Fool winner.

As usual, the fools runneth over this week, but I have to give it to Martina Navratilova this week

She been outspoken about LGBTQ rights for over 40 years, but Martina inexplicably let loose an ignorant comment about trans athletes that right wingers and the TERF's gleefully ran with and Trans World immediately called her out about.

Image result for Martina Navratilova
“You can’t just proclaim yourself a female and be able to compete against women,” Navratilova tweeted. “There must be some standards, and having a penis and competing as a woman would not fit that standard.

She deleted the transphobic tweet, but only after Renee Richards called her azz out on it along with other current trans athletes.    Navratilova then started playing the white women's tears card whining about being 'bullied and attacked'.

Naw boo boo kitty, you said the transphobic shyt, so have the ovaries to take the criticism that comes with saying loud and wrong facts free anti-trans commentary.

Image result for martina navratilova renee richards
And oh yeah, did I forget to mention that Renee Richards was not only Martina's coach for more than a minute, the period Renee was coaching Martina is when she started dominating the sport in the 1980's, became the world's number one player and won two of her seven Wimbledon singles crowns.

And yet, Martina still threw her and trans feminine athletes under the human rights bus.

Martina Navratilova, shut up fool.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Serena Wins The AP Female Athlete of the Year For 5th Time!

Image result for serena and baby olympia
She nearly died  after giving birth to her daughter Alexis Olympia on September 1 ,2017, and had to have four surgeries for life threatening blood clots.

Image result for serena catsuit
But there she was in May, standing majestically in a black catsuit at the French Open and playing in her first Grand Slam tournament since she won the 2017 Australian Open in her usual dominating fashion while 24 weeks pregnant. 

She made it through three rounds at Roland Garros before she had to withdraw due to a pectoral muscle injury.   Williams made it to the Wimbledon and US Open finals but fell just short of capturing her 24th Grand Slam title.

Along the way she continues to exposes the ugly underbelly of racism and misogynoir that keeps getting aimed at her by the champagne swilling tennis powers that be.

And that racist BS is why I'm ride or die for Serena and big sis Venus.

While she hasn't passed that homophobic twit Margaret Court yet for all time Grand Slam wins, at age 37, what Serena did do in this un-Serena like year on the court is remarkable in itself.   She returned to playing near championship level tennis mere months after having a child, which was miraculous in itself.

Superhero and #BlackGirlMagic personified.

Williams was named the AP Female Athlete of the year for the fifth time . 

Image result for Simone Biles Houston City Council
World champion gymnast and Houston homegirl Simone Biles, who had a historic year herself,  finished second.  Notre Dame basketballer Arike Ogunbowale, who hit game winning shots in the 2018 NCAA tournament semis over mighty UConn and in the national championship game over Mississippi State to help the Fighting Irish win its second a national championship,was third in the voting.   Snowboarder Chloe Kim and swimmer Katie Ledecky, the 2017 winner, completed the top five vote getters.

Image result for serena williams
Williams is one  win away from tying the legendary Babe Didrikson Zaharias, who won the award six times.   She previously won the AP Female Athlete of the Year Award in 2002, 2009, 2013 and 2015 in large part for absolute domination of her tennis competition.

This award was more for persevering through a personally challenging year for her.

Hope she returns to tennis dominance in 2019, starting at the Australian Open in a few weeks.