Monday, October 29, 2012

Trans TV Alert: Barbara Walters 20/20 Trans Children Update

Back in 2007 ABC's 20/20 broadcast a Barbara Walters moderated show that focused on the lives of trans children entitled 'My Secret Self- A Story of Transgender Children".

This Friday Barbara will visit the trans kids and their families that were interview for that 2007 show and find out what is transpiring in their lives five years later.   One of those adorable trans kids was Jazz, and she'll be part of this broadcast. 

It's slated to be televised November 2 from 10-11 PM EDT on your local ABC station. It is sweeps month, so count on the trans themed programming to flood the airwaves for a few weeks.  

If you can't watch the broadcast, set those DVR's to do so and as soon as I have video of it I'll post it to the blog..

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