Friday, May 31, 2013

2013 Williams Watch-Serena To Fourth Round

Serena Williams 2013 French Open outfit.001 SERENA WILLIAMS 2013 FRENCH OPEN OUTFITSerena Williams' march to her first French Open women's championship since 2002 continued as she took on Sorana Cirstea of Romania in her third round match on Court Suzanne Lenglen.

Little Sis took 61 minutes to send the 26th seeded Cirstea to a 6-0, 6-2 straight set defeat with the first set taking the world's number one ranked player only 23 minutes to complete.

She has only dropped six games total in her three matches so far at Roland Garros, is on a career best 27 match (and counting) win streak and awaits the winner of the Roberta Vinci-Petra Cetkovska match which was in its third set as I compiled this post.

Meanwhile, the person who gave Serena her last loss in a Grand Slam singles tournament is lurking at the other end of the women's singles tournament bracket. 

17th seeded Sloane Stephens has yet to play her third round match with Marina Eracovik of New Zealand and is on a potential fourth round collision with defending French Open champ Maria Sharapova assuming she survives her match with China's Jie Zheng.

Sloane Stephens and Serena WilliamsAnd you know after Stephens flapped her gums and dissed Serena  earlier this month, many of us in tennis world would love to see a rematch between the two in the French Open finals.  

But there's still a lot of tennis that needs to be played before that can happen and Sloane has a tougher draw with people like Victoria Azarenka, Samantha Stosur, Petra Kvitova and Sharapova still in it.  
The first weekend in Paris is shaping up to be a very interesting one for us tennis junkies. 

TransGriot: Update:  Serena will face Roberta Vinci in the fourth round. 

Shut Up Fool Awards-Last Friday In May Edition

MrtIt's been a slow news week in the wake of the Memorial Day holiday, but as Mr. T always said fools are everywhere.  Thankfully for this weekly TransGriot feature fools never take a vacation either from their stupidity.

So let's get right to this week's edition of the Shut Up Fool Awards shall we?

Honorable mention number one goes to Amanda Bynes for the jacked up tweets she sent Rihanna's way in which she said Chris Brown beat her because she was ugly.   

The only ugly one here is you Amanda.    Oh BTW, Lloyd's of London once insured Ri Ri's legs for $1 million and on her worst day Rihanna  is still way better looking and has more class in her pinky finger than you.

Honorable mention number two goes to Ohio State President Gordon Gee, who once again opened his mouth and let insults fly at the Catholic Church, Notre Dame, Kentucky, Louisville, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany, and the SEC during an OSU Athletic council meeting in December 2012 .

Going to be very interesting to see what happens if Ohio State is on Louisville, Kentucky and Notre Dame's 2013-14 basketball schedule. 

Honorable mention number three goes to Governor Goodhair, AKA Rick Perry (R-TX )  who parted his lips on Tony Perkins waste of radio airtime to say God would judge the Boy Scouts for their decision to lift the 22 year ban on gay scouts.

Rick's been in our governor's chair in Texas for too damned long.  Time for Governor Goodhair to go.

This week's winner after many nominations is FOX Noise contributor misogynist Erick Erickson who said on Lou Dobbs' show that 'male superiority is a scientific fact'.   He then doubled down on his idiocy when the critical commentary started rolling in by telling feminists and liberals on his Red State blog 'not to get their panties in a wad'. 

Is November 2014 here yet?
Eric Erickson, Shut up Fool!

Delaware FINALLY Introduces Anti-Trans Discrimination Bill

Delaware State FlagAfter declining to take the opportunity to do so in 2009 when they added sexual orientation to the state's anti-discrimination law, Delaware lawmakers on Wednesday finally got around to introducing legislation banning discrimination on the basis of gender identity and joining the other 16 states plus the District of Columbia that already do so.  

The proposed bill would add gender identity to the existing list of protected nondiscrimination categories, including race, age, marital status, creed, color, sex, handicap, sexual orientation and national origin.

The legislation defines gender identity as “a gender-related identity, appearance, expression or behavior of a person, regardless of the person’s assigned sex at birth” and would prohibit discrimination against a person on the basis of gender identity in housing, employment, public works contracting, public accommodations, and insurance.

Predictably the haters in the Delaware Family Assn. are already deploying 'bathroom bill' shade at it but it has the alleged support of Gov. Jack Markell (D).

His spokesperson Cathy Rossi stated 'The governor believes that discrimination on the basis of gender or gender identity is inherently wrong and supports legislation to prohibit it,”.

ENDABlog 2.0's Katrina Rose on her FB page sums up elements of the trans people's bordering on cynical attitudes toward this news. 
'And yet his (Gov. Jack Markell) belief wasn't strong enough to even suggest that trans people be included in the gay rights bill four years ago, eh?

'I presume that this current bill will receive just as much attention as GENDA has received in New York.'

I'm with Katrina Rose in asking where was Gov Markell's support for adding gender identitiy in 2009?  There is a far more urgent need for covering trans people in anti-discrimination law and it should have been handled four years ago, but better late than never.

The bill also would require educational institutions to provide “reasonable accommodations” to permit access by transgender people to such facilities as single-sex student dormitories, fraternities, sororities, and other housing and allow businesses to require workers to adhere to reasonable appearance, grooming and dress standards consistent with the employee’s gender identity.

We'll see if Delaware becomes the 17th state to outlaw anti-trans discrimination.

Brittney's ESPN Interview

Brittney Griner
You longtime TransGriot readers know I have much love for Ms. Griner and have since one of my readers sent me the links to the YouTube video of her dunking her way through Texas HS girls competition. 

There are a few posts here defending her against the Femininity Police and I'm even more happy to find out she's a proud part of our Black LGBT family.  I'm looking forward to meeting my Houston homegirl one day and seeing her play for Team USA next year at the FIBA worlds and at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio..  

And yep, it'll be one of the few times I have to look up at another sister even if I have heels on.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Nigeria Passes Draconian Anti-GLBT Bill

NATIONAL ASSEMBLY BUILDING ABUJA.While the international community was focusing on Uganda and its attempts to pass their blatantly unjust 'Kill The Gays' Bill, they should have also been focused on Abuja, Nigeria.

In the most populous nation on the African continent, the Nigerian House of Representatives today passed the unjust 'Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Bill' that criminalizes being gay or lesbian in the country, bans gay marriage in a church or mosque and outlaws any groups actively supporting gay rights.  It was already approved by the Nigerian Senate in November 2011 and is now on its way to Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan for his signature.

photoIf Jonathan signs it, gay or lesbian couples who marry could face up to 14 years each in prison.  If you witness the marriage, attend the wedding or helps a gay couple get married, you are risking a 10 year sentence behind bars. Anyone taking part in a group advocating for gay rights or anyone caught in a “public show” of gay affection also would face 10 years in prison if convicted by a criminal court.

As of yet President Jonathan hasn't indicated whether he will sign the unjust bill or not.
Save your breath if you're thinking that Western powers can put pressure on the 'Giant of Africa' by threatening to cut off financial aid.   Nigeria pumps 2 million barrels of oil per day and the United States is one of their major customers.  The last time I checked the price is hovering around the $90-$100 per barrel range.

Gay sex has been banned in Nigeria since the British colonial rule days and our gay and lesbian cousins there face open discrimination and abuse in a country divided by Christians and Muslims.   They may fight each other,  but the two things they universally agree on are soccer and uniform opposition to homosexuality.

So it'll be up to local activists in this nation of more than 160 million people, with the help of the international community as they did in 2007 and 2011 to do the bulk of the education and fighting against this unjust law. 

Chidi Odinkalu, the chairman of Nigeria’s National Human Rights Commission, said he only learned about the House’s vote late Thursday night and said the bill likely would be challenged in court.

Because right now, that's their only option if President Jonathan decides to sign this un-African and unjust bill

'The New Black' Film Festival Tour

The New Black
is a documentary film I was cognizant was in the process of being shot, and I'm happy to discover it has been completed and is about to hit the summer film festival circuit.

NBJC is traveling across the country to celebrate an authentic and illuminating depiction of the tension, triumphs and victories that take place at the intersection of religious beliefs and civil rights with the launch of The New Black

It is a provocative new documentary film that powerfully illustrates the story of how the African-American community is grappling with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights in light of the marriage equality movement and the fight over civil rights.

It chronicles the recent marriage battle in Maryland and shows activists, families and clergy on both sides of last year's campaign to legalize gay marriage in the state.   It examines homophobia in the African-American community's institutional pillar ---The Black Church-- and reveals the Christian right wing's reprehensible strategy of exploiting this cultural phenomenon in order to pursue their anti-gay political agenda.  

There are some familiar faces in this film like NBJC Executive Director and CEO Sharon Lettman-Hicks and several NBJC emerging leaders such as Samantha Master and Karess Taylor-Hughes and I'm looking forward to seeing it.

The New Black is directed by internationally renowned documentary filmmaker Yoruba Richen, who teams with notable producers Yvonne Welbon, producer of Living with Pride: Ruth Ellis @ 100, and Emmy nominated Angela Tucker to bring us this story anchored at the intersection of Black American culture and the LGBT equality movement..

So for those of you residing in Los Angeles (June14-16) New York  (June 19-20), Washington D.C. (June 22-23) and San Francisco (June 29)  you'll get the opportunity to check out Tne New Black at your local film festivals this summer.

Unfortunately I'll have to wait until it hits an H-town multiplex near me.

Ackshun Jackson Disses Jordana On His YoYo DC Podcast

'No fight is more just than the battle for self determination of one's own identity.'Jordana LeSesne April 2013

Last night got an e-mail alerting me to a situation in which a podcast called 'YoYoDC' went into problematic territory on a May 28 show they were doing concerning a local pediatrician, Dr. Robert Dickey who was facing pedophilia charges.

Three quarters of the way into it Ackshun Jackson as he calls himself segues from that discussion to disrespectfully talking about Jordana LeSesne, the girl like us who is a pioneering DJ, music producer and current frontwoman for a metal band. 

He claims he's a huge fan of hers, but referred to her as 'it' during the show banter that ensued while the track she produced and he claimed was his favorite played in the background.     

And yo, shouldn't you as a fan know how to spell your idol's name?   I'm just sayin'.

It's already treading into questionable territory to bring up a transperson, much less have a discussion about one on a show in which you started it discussing a pedophile doctor.   BTW, 98% of the people who get busted for doing so are heterosexual white males

I DESPISE the 'politically correct' term far too many conservafools and people attempt to use as a shield to insulate themselves from the jacked up crap they say.   The Golden Rule exists for a reason and I love this Dion Beary quote about the politically correct term that one of my TransGriot longtime readers Lilith posted in the discussion thread that ensued on Jordana's page.

''Politically correct" is just a term assholes came up with so they can dismiss people who have the nerve to want to be respected. Demanding not to be stereotyped is not political correctness, it’s a human right, and you are not some hero for refusing to respect people’s right to be treated like humans.'
—Dion Beary

Back to our post.

I need to get into the other ways this podcast was problematic.   He used her old name which was not germane to the discussion since 99% of the music she produces is under Jordana.    References were made to chopping off dicks, 'different strokes' comments and other transphobic language thinly disguised in bad joke drag.

It's also problematic in terms of the show being based in Washington DC and these comments being juxtaposed against the long, ugly history of anti-trans violence and discrimination aimed at POC trans women in the District.    

When Ackshun Jackson was advised Jordana was not amused by his show, he surfed over to her Facebook page to chat with her and ask for an interview.   And yes, Jordana asked me to be part of that discussion. 

While he was contrite about insulting her,
Ackshun Jackson still has a ways to go in terms of Trans 101 education.  While Jordana believes he wasn't trying to be malicious about it, clueless transphobic bigotry still hurts the same as the willful transphobic variety.

I dropped the link to the GLAAD Media Reference Guide trans section in our discussion along with dropping knowledge about the 1995 Tyra Hunter case, the 2002 Stephanie Thomas and Ukea Davis execution style murders, Kenneth Furr's August 2011 incident firing his service revolver at a car with  three transwomen and friends in it and getting probation and the Deoni Jones killing Gary Niles Montgomery will be going to trial for next month. 

To Ackshun Jackson and everyone one else out there, here's two basic facts about a trans person's identity that you need to commit to memory.   

You don't get to define our identity, we do.

And disrespecting that identity, whether it's done overtly or covertly still hurts. 

WTF Just Happened In Puerto Rico With SB 238?

File:Alejandro Garcia Padilla.jpgOops, guess I spoke too soon about SB 238 passing the Puerto Rican House and Senate .

Seems that while the news was being trumpeted around the world about the sweeping trans inclusive version that would have protected TBLG Puerto Ricans against discrimination in public accommodations, housing, governmental services and other private entities, the faith based haters were still actively working to strip those categories from it before it reached Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla's desk for his signature.

According to an AP report they succeeded.   On May 27 a modified version of the bill was passed by the Puerto Rican Senate that removed the clauses banning discrimination against TBLG Puerto Ricans in commercial transactions, property rentals, public accommodations, and other circumstances.

So now the question inquiring GLBT human rights minds like moi are asking is which version of the bill did Governor Garcia Padilla sign into law?   Is it the version of SB 238 that has those clauses or the May 27 one the faith based haters were pushing to strip them from the bill and keep their special right to discriminate alive?

Governor Alejandro García Padilla signed the legislation at his official residence in San Juan along with HB 488, which adds domestic violence law protections for gender identity, sexual orientation, and marital status. 

He issued a statement via Twitter: 'The dignity of being a human being is inviolable because we are all the same and we must be equal under the law.'

He added: 'Today is a great day for Puerto Rico. I feel that I have fulfilled my duty as a Christian to sign these laws.'

But my question is how great a day?  Which version of SB 238 did you sign Governor Garcia Padilla?  If you signed the original sweeping bill, it was a doubleplus good day for the Puerto Rican TBLG community. 

If it was the modified one that strips commercial transactions, property rentals, public accommodations, transportation and other circumstances from it, you signed a worthless, unjust Massachusetts style law and far from 'fulfilling your duty as a Christian' to treat everyone equally, you just failed in that task. 

How can you even part your lips to call it equal if you have a LGBT non discrimination law that keeps you as a rainbow Puerto Rican from being fired from your job, but the transphobic bus driver transporting you to that job can kick you off his bus?  

You can work for a restaurant, but the homophobic restaurant owner can kick you out of his establishment if you and your trans, gay and lesbian friends attempt to eat there.  If you're trying to rent an apartment or beachside cottage the phobic building owner can refuse to rent it to you without fear of being punished for it.. 

Who the hell LGBT activist wise was watching the Puerto Rican legislature and the governor's office to ensure the tougher bill was the one that received Governor Garcia Padilla's signature?   Instead of doing the civil rights job right the first time you'll now have to (like Massachusetts is painfully doing right now) go back to the Puerto Rican Legislature and refight the pitched battle you just fought to have those categories the Senate just stripped out added back into the law.  

A human rights law without public accommodations language in it is not only unjust, it's a worthless law.

And since 2014 is an election year, good luck making that happen and getting a governor who narrowly won his seat in the 2012 election cycle to sign it.

Still Miss You, Tracy

June 28 will mark the second anniversary since those of us who know Tracy Bumphus were stunned to hear the news about her untimely passing.

She's hanging out with the angels now, but that still doesn't keep those of us who knew and loved her from missing her and thinking about the ways she touched our lives be it in a small or quite significant way.

I not only stumbled across this guest post in my TransGriot archives that she'd written and I posted when the TS ubermenschen separatists were running wild back in 2010, had declared me as their number two enemy (a fact I'm still chuckling about to this day) and tred to drag her name into their mess. 

Another reason Tracy is on my mind besides the upcoming anniversary of her death is because I was sent a link to a HIV/AIDS testing video that she'd done in her capacity as a program assistant at the AIDS Project of East Bay

Even though it's two years old the message is still relevant and needs to be heard.  Even better, we get to see Tracy in action doing what she always did, educating people

And yeah, this is also a reminder for you TransGriot readers to take a moment to tell the people that you love and care about in your life how much you love and care about them.  Once you or they have left this plane of existence, it's too late to do so.

2013 Williams Watch-Next!

My fave tennis playing siblings are in Paris for the 2013 French Open, and world number one and tournament number one seed Serena Williams continues to handle her tennis business at Stade Roland Garros.

The latest person dispatched to the sidelines of this women's tournament by Serena was 19 year old French homegirl Caroline Garcia.   Andy Murray may think she's a future number one but she didn't show it against the current world number one player.

Little Sis took only 62 minutes to made quick 6-1, 6-2 work out of her and get ready for her third round match against Sorana Cirstea of Romania 

And yep, in the lower half of the women's bracket 17 seeded Sloane Stephens is making noise.
In the doubles competition they pulled out.  No explanation yet as to why but speculation is because Venus did report pain in her lower back after the three set first round loss to Urszula Radwanska.  They have won 13 Grand Slam doubles titles as a duo, so we'll see if they get together to defend their 'Williams-don' doubles title.

If Little Sis handles her business as expected against the 26th seeded Cirstea she'll face in the fourth round the winner of the Petra Cetkovska-Roberta Vinci match.  

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Italian Cardinal Gives Communion To Trans Woman At Funeral-Wingers Trip

With Pope Francis running thangs in Vatican City, is the hate on transpeople doctrine injected into the Roman Catholic church by Paul McHugh during the tail end of Pope John Paul II reign finally at an end?

As evidenced by Damian Garcia having to skip his Albuquerque Catholic high school graduation because of his transphobic archbishop was witness to, the jury is still out on that.

But on the other side of the Pond there was an interesting development taking place at the funeral of TBLG rights advocate Fr. Andrea Gallo, who passed away on May 22 at age 84 in his hometown of Genoa.  

Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, the Archbishop of Genoa was seen giving Holy Communion during the televised ceremony to two transwomen.  One of the transwomen in question was none other than Vladi Luxuria, who has the distinction of being the first trans parlimentarian in Europe and the second on the planet after New Zealand's Georgina Beyer.   She held that seat until the Italian elections of April 2008. 

And to the Christo haters, your problem with Vladi getting communion is?

God made transpeople, too.  Y'all need to stop tripping.

Of course the right wing Christohaters went apoplectic about it, but for the rest of us trans peeps around the world who are more than a little sick of the hate on trans people doctrine that been coming out of their mouths, the Catholic Church since 2003 and has trickled down to the flock, it was an interesting breath of fresh air that bears watching.

METRORail North Line Test Train Run Begins

Getting another step closer to service starting on the METRORail Red Line North extension later this year.

Construction on this 5.3 mile extension to the existing Red Line line is ahead of schedule, more than 80% complete.and the stations are well underway despite the local congressional conservafools attempts to frack with its funding.  

Since the line isn't powered up yet, METRORail towed a test car at 3-5 mph along the track from the Northline Transit Center station to the UH Downtown one escorted by METRO police.  They were to test train clearance, making sure there are no bends or bumps on the tracks and if they ran into that situation, the train was stopped so the location of the problem could be recorded and photographed.

Crews were on board the train monitoring its progress to ensure the operational train functions (tracks, poles, underground and overhead wiring) are in order before electrical testing and operational train speed tests begin this summer.

If it passes all those tests, H-town will get an early Christmas present and see the North Line open for service in December.   Now if they could get cracking on the Southeast and East End lines and expeditiously finish those up, I'll be a happy transit camper.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Whatever Happened To 'The Dallas Principles'?

On May 15-17, 2009 a meeting was held at the DFW Airport Hyatt Regency hotel by 24 LGBT activists who were frustrated about the fulfillment pace of campaign promises made by the Obama Administration.

What came out of that meeting was a set of widely trumpeted guidelines to achieve LGBT equality that became known as 'The Dallas Principles'.

The authors of the Dallas Principles are Juan Ahonen-Jover, Ken Ahonen-Jover, John Bare, Jarrett Barrios, Dana Beyer, Jeffrey H. Campagna, Mandy Carter, Michael Coe, Jimmy Creech, Allison Duncan, Michael Guest, Joanne Herman, Donald Hitchcock, Lane Hudson, Charles Merrill, Dixon Osburn, Lisa Polyak, Barbra Casbar Siperstein, Pam Spaulding, Andy Szekeres, Lisa Turner, Jon Winkleman, and Paul Yandura.


President Obama and Congress pledged to lead America in a new direction that included civil rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans. We now sit at a great moment in our history that inspires the nation to return to its highest ideals and greatest promise. We face a historic opportunity to obtain our full civil rights; this is the moment for change. No delay. No excuses.

Nearly forty years ago, a diverse group of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people stood up to injustice at the Stonewall Inn in New York City. In doing so, they submitted themselves to bodily harm and criminal prosecution. Their demand was simple -- equal protection under the law.

Still today, full civil rights has eluded the same community that rioted forty years ago. Instead, untold sums of resources have been spent to divide our nation and turn our lives into a political football.
At several junctures in American history, the stars have aligned to deliver the promise of equal protection under the law to those previously denied. At this unique time in history, our nation must once again exercise the great tradition of making its people equal.

Justice has too long been delayed. A clear path toward full civil equality for the LGBT community is overdue and must come now.

Using fear and misunderstanding to justify discrimination is no longer acceptable in this nation. Those content with the way things are will be judged harshly by history. Those who do not actively advance these ideals or offer excuses will be judged just as harshly. Those who attempt to divide our community or to delay and deny action on civil equality, waiting for the right moment to arrive, will be held accountable.

We reject the idea that honoring the founding principles of our country is controversial. We believe in the inherent human dignity of all people. No longer will we submit our children, our family, our friends and ourselves as a political tool for any Party or ideology. A new day has arrived.

The following eight guiding principles underlie our call to action.  

In order to achieve full civil rights now, we avow

1.Full civil rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals must be enacted now.  Delay and excuses are no longer acceptable.
2.We will not leave any part of our community behind.
3.Separate is never equal.
4.Religious beliefs are not a basis upon which to affirm or deny civil rights.
5.The establishment and guardianship of full civil rights is a non-partisan issue.
6.Individual involvement and grassroots action are paramount to success and must be encouraged.
7.Success is measured by the civil rights we all achieve, not by words, access or money raised.
8.Those who seek our support are expected to commit to these principles.


1. We demand that government officials act now to achieve full civil rights without delay.
2. Our organizations and individuals need to develop a collaborative and revolutionary new organizing model that mobilizes millions of supporters through emerging web and phone technologies.
3. All LGBT individuals must accept personal responsibility to do everything within their power for equality and should get involved in the movement by volunteering, giving and being out.
4. We will hold elected officials and our organizations accountable for being transparent and achieving full civil rights by active participation when possible and active opposition when necessary.
5. Our allies need to be proactive in public support for full civil rights.
6. Every government measure that quantifies the US citizenry must permit LGBT individuals to self-identify and be counted in every way citizens are counted.
7. We demand that the media present LGBT lives in fair, accurate and objective ways that neither include nor give credence to unsubstantiated, discriminatory claims and opinions.


The Dallas PrinciplesEver since those lofty principles were espoused and trumpeted to the TBLG community back in 2009 across the Gayosphere, those of us in the trans community have openly wondered whatever happened to those Dallas Principles?  

While the Facebook page for them is still up, the host website they were initially published on is no longer up because it reportedly went out of business.

Granted, I know two of the authors of the Dallas Principles personally.  Three others I'm acquainted with online.  I presume the intent in that room was to help get conversations started on the rainbow community human rights agenda. get the federal legislative agenda moving and make sure President Obama didn't forget his promises made to a community that helped elect him and the Democratic House and Senate majority. 

But what bothered me at the time was the Dallas Principles were being pushed at a time when President Obama was barely three and a half months into his first term and trying to clean up the mess that got dropped in his presidential lap by the Bush misadministration. 

He had two wars, the fiscal crisis that was threatening to turn into a second Great Depression, and Massive Resistance 2.0 from Republicans hell bent on achieving their goal of making him a one term president.   In the context of this situation you had this group emerging from a Dallas hotel saying you haven't kept your promises to the gay community without giving him a reasonable time in his first term to do so like other interest groups were doing..

There was also the bad blood still percolating between white and Black TBLG peeps over the November 2008 Prop 8 loss in California and the internal anti-Black bigotry that erupted afterwards. 

The problem of the Dallas Principles as far much of the trans community is concerned has been in their implementation and execution. 

We've seen the Principles repeatedly violated when it comes to the gay and lesbian community getting what it legislatively wants in terms of marriage equality, an issue that predominately benefits them.   We've seen them once again revert to their historical tendency of being far too willing to throw the trans community under the civil rights bus to get the ability to marry at the expense of other GLBT rights issues. 

If there's legislation that is good for the community that will primarily benefit the trans community or it isn't marriage related, the GL folks will sit on their behinds, twiddle their thumbs and say, 'that's your issue'.

Think I'm being harsh with that assessment?   Let's see. 

There was the 2010 passage of the DADT repeal bill during the lame duck session of Congress that left transpeople behind and violated Dallas Principles 1, 2, 3 and 7

There was marriage equality being passed in New York in 2011, Maryland last year and Delaware in 2013  that also violated Principles 1, 2, 3 and 7 as the trans communities in those states were left behind again with no civil rights protection.

As I write this GENDA has been passed for six straight legislative session in the NY assembly but is running into its usual GOP-led resistance in the NY Senate. The trans communities in New York state, Maryland and Delaware are asking along with the rest of us in the country where's that all out push in support of the trans community basic human rights that will also expand rights for the GLB sectors of our community? 

DADT repeal still doesn't cover trans people, and all we hear in terms of ongoing efforts to rectify that situation is more khaki-flavored marriage stuff instead of getting transpeople the ability to serve their country, too.

Were the Dallas Principles a sincere attempt to change the way the BTLG rights movement goes about its business or did they evolve into public relations woof tickets aimed at dissenting TBLG peeps expressing increasing discontent about the 'all marriage all the time' direction of the LGBT rights movement?

Four years after their creation, it seems like sadly, the latter statement is true.

T-E-R-F's Hate

This latest song rewrite was one I had put on the back burner until it was kicked into creative overdrive with an assist by  ENDAblog 2.0's Katrina Rose.  

I was trying to figure out what disco-era song would be suitable for rewriting to slam the TERFs (trans exclusionary exterminationalist radical feminazis feminists).

When Kat suggested the Village People's 'Y.M.C.A.', I pulled up the YouTube video, listened to it, agreed she was right and got busy writing the remixed lyrics that you can pull out your iPods and sing along to as you're eviscerating (or laughing at) the TERF's online.

T-E-R-F"s Hate
(Sung to the tune of 'Y.M.C.A.' from the Village People)

Young trans, there's no need to feel down
I said young trans, because she's a transphobic clown
I said young trans, let me break it on down
There's no need to be unhappy

Young trans, TERF's hate on you we know
I said young trans to Gender Trender they go
There's hate speech there and I'm sure you will find
They have hated trans women for a long time 

It's girls like us T-E-R-F's hate
It's girls like us T-E-R-F's hate 
They hate everything cause their lives have no joy
Since the 70s they called us boys.

It's girls like us T-E-R-F's hate
It's girls like us T-E-R-F's hate
Yes they're psychotically mean
They have no sex appeal
Being female to us is real.

Young trans, are you listening to me
I said, young trans, be the best you can be
I said, young trans, you can make real your dreams,
But you've got to know this one thing.

No trans, the Bug's not by herself
I said, young trans, she and her TERF's need some help
They just go there, lying on us every day
I'm sure they'll get committed someday

It's girls like us T-E-R-F's hate
It's girls like us T-E-R-F's hate
They hate everything cause their lives have no joy
Since the 70's they called us boys.

It's girls like us T-E-R-F's hate
It's girls like us T-E-R-F's hate
Yes they're psychotically mean
They have no sex appeal
Being female to us is real.

Young trans, I was once in your shoes,
TERF's wrote hate speech that gave me the blues
I felt no one cared if transfolks were alive
I felt the whole world was so jive

That's when someone came up to me
And said God made your trans self beautifully 
Trans people are on this big planet to stay 
So be proud of yourself today
It's girls like us T-E-R-F's hate
It's girls like us T-E-R-F's hate 
They hate everything cause their lives have no joy.
Since the 70's they called us boys.

T-E-R-F's Hate
It's girls like us T-E-R-F's hate
Young trans, Young trans, there's no need to feel down
Young trans, Young trans, pick yourself off the ground

T-E-R-F's hate
You know T-E-R-F's hate
Young trans, Young trans, I was once in your shoes,
Young trans, Young trans, I now give TERF's the blues

T-E-R-F's hate
T-E-R-F's hate
(fade to end)

Brittney's Milestone WNBA Debut

In her WNBA debut game in the US Airways Center versus fellow rookie Elena Delle Donne and the Chicago Sky my Houston homegirl Brittney Griner did something that no other WNBA player in history has ever done. 

She dunked twice in a WNBA regular season game.  

 Lisa Leslie was the first to do so, Candace Parker the first to do it twice in her WNBA career, and there have been five players total prior to tonight to execute dunks in the WNBA's 16 seasons.

Brittney is the first to do it twice in a game.   The first one came with 7:52 left in the game and the second thunderous one came with 2:18 left in the game after she stole an errant pass and went to the rim two handed.

Despite the dunks and 17 points, 8 rebounds and four blocked shots in 27 minutes, the key stat for Griner was the third foul she picked up with 2:30 left in the first quarter.    It forced her to be a spectator for the rest of the first half as the Chicago Sky ran up a 24 point lead by halftime enroute to a 102-80 win.

Elena Delle Donne played a major role in building that big Sky halftime lead as the Mercury elected to guard her one on one.

The 6'5" Delle Donne, who routinely got triple teamed in college must have felt as though she received an early Christmas present and made the Mercury pay for their lack of basketball vision. 

Delle Donne ended her night with the sixth best debut by a WNBA rookie player with 22 points, eight rebounds, four blocked shots, was 2-2 from 3 point land and dished out two assists in a team-high 34 minutes.

But my Houston homegirl chalked this game up to being a learning experience and made a little WNBA history in the process despite the loss.

And yeah, the Team USA women are going to be fun to watch at the FIBA World Championships next year. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day 2013

It's another edition of Memorial Day, which is considered the unofficial kickoff to the summer season in the States.  

But the reason Memorial Day officially exists is because it's the day we commemorate those persons who died while serving in the US Armed Forces.

While this Memorial Day dawns with the knowledge that next year our troops will be coming home from Afghanistan next year, in the interim they will still be fighting and unfortunately dying until then.  

While the major focus of this day is for the people who have paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving this country, we also take a moment to say thank you to the people who are in our Armed Forces or who have served.

And as TAVA and I will constantly remind you, some of the people who are and have served our country are transgender vets despite the fact that we still can't openly serve our country.  

Hopefully that will change soon.

The last Monday in May has arrived once again, and it's time for us to pause and take a moment to think about all the people who have served in the Armed Forces and given their lives while doing so on battlefields around the world in defense of this nation. 

2013 Williams Watch-Good News Bad News At Roland Garros

The 2013 edition of the French Open started yesterday in Paris and will run through June 9. 

Unlike that Grand Slam tournament on the other side of the English Channel that my fave tennis playing siblings have dominated to the point I call it 'Williams-don', Stade Roland Garros and its clay courts have been a frustrating career long house of horrors for the Williams Sisters.

They have won the French Open doubles title twice in 1999 and 2010, but the only time Big and Little Sis have made it to the French Open singles final was in 2002 when Serena beat Venus in straight sets 7-5, 6-3 for her only French Open singles title to date.

2002 is also the last time that either Williams sister has made it to the finals of the French open women's singles.  Venus has never won a French Open singles title and that streak will sadly continue. 

Stade Roland Garros is also the site of the only first round loss ever for Serena Williams in a Grand Slam tournament when she shockingly lost last year to 111th world ranked qualifier Virginie Razzano of France 6-4, 6-7 (5-7), 6-3. 

Number one world ranked and number one seeded Little Sis however sent a message to the 2013 French Open field that she's in it to win it this year by blitzing in 51 minutes her first round opponent Anna Tatishvili of Georgia, 6-0, 6-1.

She faces France's Caroline Garcia in the second round and if you think she isn't pissed about her first round loss here last year or what transpired in Australia back in January, y'all don't know Serena Jameka Williams very well do you?

Unfortunately as I mentioned earlier, Big Sis is done in this 2013 singles tournament.   Venus took 3 hours and 19 minutes to go down fighting to Urszula Radwanska, the baby sis of 4th seeded Agnieszka Radwanska.7-6 (7-5), 6-7 (4-7), 6-4.   Ironically, Agnieszka Radwanska eliminated her from last year's French Open singles tourney in the second round.

But her competitive stay in Paris isn't over because she and Little Sis are playing doubles at Roland Garros.  They are seeded 12th in this French Open doubles competition and are seeking their first doubles title since 2010.

They will start the quest for their third French Open doubles crown with their opening round match with the doubles duo of Alla Kudryavtseva of Russia and Anastasia Rodionova of Australia.  

Here's hoping that on June 9 I'm writing some good news about my fave tennis playing siblings taking home the Coupe Suzanne Lenglen and the Coupe Simone Mathieu

FYI in case you're wondering, those are the names of the championship trophies for the French Open women's singles and women's doubles tournaments.

Melissa Harris-Perry Eviscerates EW Jackson

Seems I wasn't the only African-American who was shining a spotlight on that cookie-chomping knee-grow  E.W. Jackson on Saturday

She tore him a new anus during her MHP show segment in which she penned a 'letter of advice' to the newly minted Virginia lieutenant governor candidate.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy
Can't wait to hear what Rev. Al has to say about him..

Cristan Williams Challenges TERF To Debate

When I used me debating The Bug as this year's TransGriot April Fool spoof post, I knew there was no way in Hades she'd agree to debate moi.

Neither did I want to be on the stage with somebody who I knew would blatantly lie on a debate platform more than Mitt Romney does. 

But in the off chance she accepted it, I would have been more than ready to handle my business.

But Cristan Williams isn't joking about wanting to debate a TERF (trans exterminationalist exclusionary radical feminist).   She has challenged to a debate GallusMag, the Borg Queen of Gender Trender, one of the major hate sites in the TERFosphere.

The trans community expects GallusMag to chicken out just like TS separatist Lisa McDonald did when she accepted Cristan's challenge to a debate and then weaseled out of it. 

Frankly, I'd demand as a condition of the debate she come out of hiding, but Cristan is conceding that in order to take away an excuse she'd use to decline it which I'm betting she does anyway..  

But if it does happen, it will be interesting to see what would happen when a TERF is forced to come up with verifiable examples to justify their jibber-jabber instead of strawman and red herring filled arguments that they pull out of their vanillacentric cis privileged behinds..

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Indonesia's Trans Muslims

Here's a documentary focusing on our Indonesian trans sisters.   They have been catching hell there lately, and the anti-trans attitudes whipped up by fundie Muslims  even affected a 2010 international trans conference held there.   The anti-trans hatred is felt even more keenly by our Indonesian trans sisters who are Muslims who simply want to be themselves and practice their faith.

Openly MRKH Contestant In Miss USA 2013

We won't have a girl like us competing in the Miss USA 2013 pageant next month because Kylan Wenzel unfortunately didn't win the Miss California USA pageant.

I'll still have somebody else to root for besides the women of color and my Lone Star state representative when I watch the pageant on June 16 and see who  Miss USA 2012 Nana Meriwether crowns as her successor. 
My friends in the intersex community are excited to learn that Miss Michigan USA Jaclyn Shultz is one of the 51 women vying for the Miss USA crown.

Jaclyn has a condition that affects one in 4500 newborn girls called Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome.   MRKH affects the reproductive system and causes the vagina and uterus to be underdeveloped or absent    Women with MRKH syndrome have a female chromosome pattern (46,XX), functioning ovaries, conventionally developed external female external genitalia and breast and pubic hair development.

In Jaclyn's case, as she mentions in her Miss USA profile, "Jaclyn is the proud spokeswoman for A Beautiful You MRKH Foundation. Since she was born without a uterus, this non-profit is close to her heart."

She has been working to spread awareness about MRKH and provide support to girls and women across the globe who are diagnosed with it. 

As Claudia Actorino said in the opening sentence of her post about Jaclyn, 'intersex bodies are beautiful.'

I wish Jaclyn the best of luck in the upcoming Miss USA 2013 pageant and continued success in her ongoing mission of spreading awareness about MRKH.

H/T  Claudia Actorino- 

Dr Z's Hackathon For Trans Empowerment

Y'all know I have much love and respect for Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler and enjoyed the long chats I had with him during the 2013 BTMI conference in Dallas. 

Dr. Z's latest project is the first ever hackathon centered on uplifting the transgender community and we need your help and t-bills to ensure its success.   His May 1 blac(k)ademic essay  laid out the case why LGBT organizations need to embrace hackathons  

But here's Dr. Z to tell you what it's all about and the link to the GoFundMe page that is trying to raise $5,000 for this event.   I'm happy to put some of my own money to this cause and get it started.


Research shows that transgender people are unemployed at 2x the national rate–4x for transgender people of color; have incomes of less than $10,000 a year; experience homelessness at 2x the rate of non-trans people; and suffer overwhelming discrimination when it comes to accessing adequate healthcare and legal services. This problem not only affects transgender adults but trans and gender nonconforming youth as well. A necessary step in addressing anti-transgender bias is to create technology that socially empowers transgender individuals. Imagine if there existed a mobile phone app that helps individuals find trans friendly doctors or an app that profiles safe space job opportunities for trans people across the country?

Trans*H4CK is a space in which to turn these possibilities into reality.
Over the course of 48-hours, developers, designers, activists, community members, youth and entrepreneurs invested in the betterment of the lives of trans and gender nonconforming people, will share ideas and create apps, websites and products that provide solutions in challenging anti-transgender discrimination.

Money raised will be used for space rental, travel sponsorships for out of town participants, payment for guest speakers and prizes.

Trans*H4CK is organized by Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler--an internationally recognized award-winning transgender advocate. More information on Dr. Ziegler can be found at:

Happy 25th Birthday CeCe McDonald!

Today is CeCe McDonald's birthday and I wanted to make certain this day didn't pass without the TransGriot acknowledging it.

I and the entire trans community wish you weren't unjustly stuck inside those Minnesota prison walls for basically standing your ground and defending yourself/   Our fondest wish for you as a community would be that you were out and about being able to do what any girl hitting 25 could do on her special day and celebrating it with friends and family.

But the bottom lines for today are that you're alive and you still have your life to look forward to going forward from today.   

Happy 25th birthday CeCe!   May you have many more birthdays to come.. 


Saturday, May 25, 2013

So SPLC, When Are You Going To Declare The TERF's A Hate Group?

HomeAnd how many more Black and Latina trans women have to die before you do so? 

How many more transpeople have to suffer from anti-trans discrimination before you step up to the plate and do what you should have done years ago?

How much more hate speech do they have to publish online at RadFem Hub and Gender Trender before you call them on it? 

You have four decades worth of evidence that point out the TERF's are a hate group. Even Stevie Wonder can see they are a hate group.  The trans community who is deleteriously affected by their rabid hate damned sure knows it.  So why haven't you as the FBI's go to watchdog group for keeping an eye on the extremist ones in this country not done your due diligence on trans exterminationalist exclusionary radical feminism?

Your continued inaction and silence on this issue only lends credence to the belief in Trans World that you have a TERF (or TERF's) embedded in your organization that is keeping such a declaration from happening or you simply don't care.

Which statement is true?   Inquiring trans minds and our allies wanna know.

Because SPLC, so far all we're getting from you right now on the subject is this.

And that's unacceptable.

This Week In The 2013 Texas Lege-Week Ending May 24

The Texas trans community got a major win when SB 1218 died in the House Judiciary and Civil jurisprudence Committee for this session.  But like the Terminator, the Teapublicans will continue on their mission to oppress people who don't look like them until they are knocked out of power.

The clock is rapidly ticking towards the end of the 83rd Texas legislative session and Equality Texas Field Organizer and Legislative Specialist Daniel Williams all session has been giving us the 411 on what transpired underneath the Pink Dome up in Austin.

In this update Daniel explains how the conference committee works and why that is important to TBLG Texans.  

Puerto Rico House Passes Trans Inclusive Rights Bill

In a historic day for the Puerto Rican TBLG community, the Puerto Rican House of Representatives  approved the trans inclusive Senate Bill 238 on a 29-22 vote after nearly three hours of debate in a session that ended well after midnight. 

“I can serve God without having to discriminate against anyone,” Rep. Lydia Méndez Silva said before she announced her support of the anti-discrimination bill.

The bill authored by Senator Ramon Luis Nieves would ban anti-TBLG discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations and government services in the US territory based on real or perceived gender identity or sexual orientation. 
File:Alejandro Garcia Padilla.jpgThe Puerto Rican House also approved by the same 29-22 margin House Bill 488, which extends existing domestic violence protections to any person regardless of their marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity.  

HB 488 will now move to the Puerto Rican Senate for its approval while Senate Bill 238 heads to the desk of Governor Alejandro García Padilla.

Governor Garcia has indicated he will sign into law the passed SB 238 and HB 488 if it reaches his desk. He is also in favor of a bill that would extend second parent adoption rights to gay and lesbian couples and met with legislators on Thursday morning to garner support for the human rights legislation.

Puerto Rican homeboy and singer Ricky Martin also urged legislators to vote favorably on that pending TBLG rights legislation in an open letter he penned to Puerto Rican House members.

“The rights of gay people are human rights, and human rights are for everyone,” Martin wrote.“The passage of [SB 238] would represent the respect of our brothers and sisters’ rights.” 

American GL community, I hope you were paying attention to what transpired in Puerto Rico.

This is the 'Dallas Principles' in action in terms of not leaving anyone behind and moving forward to make collective human rights progress.  Unfortunately that's a concept that seems to have escaped some selfish people in this community. 

Trans inclusion helps TBLG human rights move forward for all of us, not backwards. 

It's also another concrete example of what I've been saying for years.  If you want liberal progressive change and laws, you have to elect liberal progressive politicans to do the job. 

But megacongratulations to my TBLG brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico.  It would be nice if our politicians in Washington DC would follow the sterling example of what yours just did, say no to the faith based haters and do the same thing on the mainland.

Fallon Fox Wins Semifinal Bout Vs. Allanna Jones!

If Allanna Jones thought she was getting into Fallon Fox's head and playing to the crowd by entering the ring in Miami to Aerosmith's tired song 'Dude Looks Like A Lady' that is the transphobe's national anthem, she failed.   

It was Fox's first fight since coming out as trans and it took her a little more time in this bout to get the win because Jones fought a defensive fight. 

Jones kept trying to move and back away from her to avoid Fox's punches and wait for opportunities to counterattack.   But the Queen of Swords handled her business and is still an undefeated 3-0 after getting a submission win via a shin choke hold at 3:36 of the third round on now 2-2 Allanna Jones.

Of course, haters gonna hate.   There were boos in the BankUnited Center when the decision was announced but Fox still walked out of the arena victorious and having a shot at a $20,000 grand prize.  

Fox goes on to the final of the CFA11 tournament to take on Ashlee Evans-Smith who received a bye into the final when her opponent Anna Barone withdrew prior to the weigh in.

Date hasn't been set yet for that CFA11 tournament championship bout, but one thing that will probably be a given before it happens is that the haters will now switch to rooting for Ashlee Evans-Smith

Congrats Fallon!   Keep on kicking butt, taking names and winning despite the haters.     

Saturday Sellout- E.W. Jackson

Bishopewjacksonsr takenatrally.JPGOne of the features I don't do as often (and need to) is expose you TransGriot readers to all the cookie-chomping sellouts worthy of the Negro Iz U Sirius?!!!! badge that was created by Denny Upkins for this blog.

Have to dustt it off and give it to our latest cookie-chomping knee-grow searching for his 15 minutes of conservafame in Rev. E.W Jackson

He was born in Chester, PA. in 1951 as the great grandson of slaves from Orange County, VA.  After spending three years in the US Marine Corps he earned a degree from University of Massachusetts Boston in three years and a law degree from Harvard in 1978.  Jackson practiced law for 15 years in the Boston area, studied at Harvard Divinity School and became the pastor of Ebenezer baptist Church in Boston.

He also taught administrative law at Northeastern University in addition to hosting a national talk radio show called 'Earl Jackson Across America' and appearing on several talk shows on WHDH-AM.

His turn to conservatism started in 1996 when he joined with the Christian Coalition to head 'The Samaritan Project' which on the surface was their effort to reach out to blacks, Hispanics and even Democrats to combat poverty through "faith-based" efforts but was nothing more than a front to attempt to convert African-Americans and Latinos to join the Republican Party..

After serving as the chaplain with the Boston Fire Department and as the minister with the chapel of the Boston Red Sox, he was consecrated a s bishop in 1998 and moved with his family to Chesapeake, VA to start Exodus Faith Ministries  

He formed a conservative leaning organization in 2010 called STAND (Staying True to America's National Destiny) was a good little conservakneegro and condemned the New Black Panther Party.  In 2012 he recorded a video urging African-Americans to leave the Democratic Party because in his words it has abandoned the values of the black community and that blacks had developed a "slavish devotion" to the party.

Yeah, right.  (Moni rolls eyes)  Back to the post about the guy that makes Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr. look like a flaming moderate.    .

In a stunning political upset Jackson beat out six other better funded candidates om May 18 to become the GOP Lt Governor nominee in the upcoming Virginia gubernatorial race.

And right on cue, he opened muoth and inserted far right wing foot in it.  Jackson has said gays have “perverted” minds and are “very sick people psychologically and mentally and emotionally.” He has described President Obama as “an evil presence” and liberal abortion policy as “infanticide.”

In an op-ed column in the Washington Times in October, he wrote that Democrats back “an agenda worthy of the Antichrist.”   He claimed Planned Parenthood has been more lethal to blacks than the Ku Klux Klan

And he claimed the odious 3/5 compromise was an anti-slavery amendment.

Kneegrow are you serious?    And oh, pick up your phone, it's Harvard Law calling.   They want their degree back.  

Friday, May 24, 2013

NCCU Opens Second LGBT Student Center On An HBCU Campus

Bowie State University in Bowie, MD opened the first LGBT Student Center on an HBCU campus last year.   The second is now on the North Carolina Central University Durham, NC.

On April 9 NCCU opened their LGBT Student Resource Center, located in G-64 of the Alphonso Elder Student Union.

n addition to making NCCU the second HBCU to have a dedicated LGBT center on campus, it has the distinction of being the first to do so on a North Carolina based HBCU campus.

The center is supported by Creating Open Lives For Real Success (C.O.L.O.R.S.) and Dominating Overly Motivated Studs (D.O.M.S.) and overseen by Director of Student Life Assessment and C.O.L.O.R.S. advisor Tia Doxey.

Ihe NCCU LGBT Student Center is open Monday through Friday from 9 AM-5 PM.  It is designed so students can connect with other members of the local LGBT community and learn about their culture and identity. The research center contains resources students cn take advantage of such as an LGBT support network, the LGBT lecture series, educational and social programming and a library stocked with LGBT themed materials.

Doxey gave the credit for attaining the space for the new center to Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Dr. Kevin Rome and the Empowerment Committee. "He worked diligently to find a space and to really push the envelope,” said Doxey. “We wanted a space where we can grow.”

Doxey's five year plan for growing the center includes getting permanent staff, offering more programming, reaching out to more NCCU faculty and staff, working with the school to create an inclusive environment for LGBT students on campus and eventually moving into a larger space.

Congratulations NCCU.  May the center grow and prosper to where you'll need that expanded space sooner rather than later. 

Shut Up Fool Awards-Cece McDonald's 25th Birthday Weekend Edition

CeCe McDonald is approaching a milestone birthday this weekend    It's one in which if she hadn't stood her ground and defended herself against an attack by Molly Shannon Flaherty and her now deceased neo-Nazi accomplice, she'd possibly would have been one of the names we read at the TDOR that year.

But instead the Black transwoman is doing 41 months for defending herself while Flaherty, the white woman who instigated it is only doing 180 days.  

The 'just-us' system strikes again. 

But on the positive side, CeCe is celebrating her 25th birthday on May 26.  If you want to send her a letter or card and show her some love, here's the address and the guidelines to do so.

Now let's move on from celebrating CeCe's birthday to celebrating what fool, fools or group of fools will win our coveted Shut Up Fool Award this week.

Honorable mention number one is Zoe Saldana for some jacked up comments including a recent one in which she said there are no people of color.   So sayeth the Black Latina who makes her money playing Black and Latina characters on the silver screen   Girlfriend's confused behind better take a good look in the mirror and as Evette Dionne said in her Clutch Magazine article, get thee to a Critical Race Theory Class ASAP. 

Honorable mention number two is Linda Harvey, who proclaimed that gays deserved to be fired for 'displaying their lifestyles to everyone'.  How about you being fired for saying something that stupid on the public airwaves?.

Honorable mention number three is a tie.  It's the post-Oklahoma tornado tag team of Westboro Baptist Church who blamed it on Jason Collins coming out, Alex Jones for pimping that ridiculous lie that the Oklahoma tornado was the result of a weather weapon the government (AKA the Obama administration) was working on and Oklahoma US senator Tom Coburn (R) who is holding up tornado disaster aid for his state by insisting it be offset with cuts elsewhere in the budget.

Hey, I wish I was making this stuff up.  But this is the stuff you vote for every time you select someone with an (R) behind their name at election time.

Honorable mention number four is Sen. Ted Cruz (Teabagger-TX) and contender for Shut Up Fool of the Year who 'doesn't trust the Republican Party' he's a member of.    The GOP doesn't trust you either and neither does much of the state of Texas.

Honorable mention number five is Archbishop Michael Sheehan of Albuquerque, NM. who had the cojones in his address to St Piux X graduates to discuss discrimination, invoke Jackie Robinson's name in it while being a trans oppressor.   Were you taking a take a stand for what is right.and Christian values by discriminating against Damian?     I don't think so, an neither do the over 27,000 people who signed a petition so that Damian could be at the graduation he worked so hard to make happen in a black gown.. 

Bishopewjacksonsr takenatrally.JPGOur winner this week Is Bishop Rev E.W. Jackson, the freshly minted Republican nominee for Virginia lieutenant governor.   This cookie chomping knee-grow has a long, juicy list of offensive statements that Terry McAuliffe will be hitting him and Ken Cuccinelli (who isn't exactly clean himself) from now until Election Day

And he's not only not apologizing for saying this fracked up ish, he's doubling down on it.

“I say the things that I say because I’m a Christian, not because I hate anybody, but because I have religious values that matter to me,” Jackson told reporters at a campaign stop in Fredericksburg. “Attacking me because I hold to those principles is attacking every church-going person, every family that’s living a traditional family life, everybody who believes that we all deserve the right to live. So I don’t have anything to rephrase or apologize for. I would just say people should not paint me as one-dimensional.”
Too late, you've already done that for yourself.  

EW Jackson, shut up fool!

And yeah, you're getting the Saturday Sellout treatment tomorrow.