Monday, October 29, 2012

Dyssonance: Cloud Atlas Is A Film For Us

You know I enjoy my Arizona homegirl Dyss' thought provoking posts because she has the same talent of not only fearlessly and intelligently saying what needs to be said, but at time occasionally pissing you off in the process. 

In this post she discusses the just released Wachowski sibling film Cloud Atlas and adds her observations about it. 

This won’t make much sense to a lot of people, but Cloud Atlas is Our Film. And there isn’t a trans person in the film. But truly, this is a movie that is as rich and complex and deeply moving as the lives of Trans people, and it carries forward with so many themes that it resonates soundly with transness in a way that it id challenging to describe.

It is a movie for those who love, and for those who are loved. It is a film for those who struggle, who wonder, who hope.
It is awesome, and if you haven’t started making plans to see it, then you really should start to do so now…

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