Monday, October 08, 2012

More News In The Nizah Morris Case

Our late trans sister Nizah Morris in Philadelphia has been gone almost ten years.   The Philadelphia trans community and our allies have never gotten a satisfactory explanation of how she died from a fatal head wound on Christmas Eve after leaving a downtown area LGBT bar seriously inebriated.and receiving a courtesy ride on December 22, 2002 from the Philadelphia Police Department.

In the latest intrigue surrounding this case it seems the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office refuses to confirm or deny whether it has a police log pertaining to the Nizah Morris case, even though such logs are considered public records under Pennsylvania state law.

Something else to make you go hmm about the Morris case and the ongoing investigation into it.

It also leads me to ask the question I asked last year and add to it.   What does the Philadelphia District Attorney's office and the Philadelphia PD know about what happened to Nizah Morris, when did they know it, and if the po-po's are involved, who did it? 

Thanks to Kathleen Padilla for sending me this PGN link about the updated news in the Nizah Morris case

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