Sunday, October 14, 2012

2012 Texans Watch-WTH?

Green Bay walked into Reliant Stadium last night and spanked my fave footballers like Joe Biden did Paul Ryan in that vice presidential debate Thursday night.

Green Bay took advantage of a flat Texans squad and embarrassed them on national television 42-24.  They stunk up the joint on offense, defense and special teams. 

About the only good things that came out of this sorry performance is that Andre Johnson passed the 10,000 yard mark for receptions, it was thankfully an interconference game and the Texans are 5-1.

Hey, if y'all want to beat Baltimore for the first time in franchise history when they come to Reliant next week, yall better show up with your A+ game and not the F+ one I witnessed along with the rest of the nation .   

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