Monday, October 08, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012, Eh!

North of the 49th parallel, today is Thanksgiving Day in the Great White North.    My Canadian readers are enjoying their long holiday weekend, getting their grub on and giving thanks for their many blessings they have received this year. 

Two of the blessings I receive from your side of the border is the continued love of my homegirl Renee, the brilliant editrix of Womanist Musings and her family.

I also have the blessing of you Canadian TransGriot readers.

You let me know how much you appreciate my blog and the times I do cover trans events that happen on the northern side of the 49th parallel.   Thanks to those of you who send me the tips and links so I can provide Canada specific posts for you. .

I don't doubt there are more than a few Canadian trans people who are giving thanks in Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta for the trans human rights victories they won.   I also note on this Thanksgiving Day that C-279, the Trans Rights Bill is making progress through the House despite Conservative opposition

My hope and prayer for my trans Canadian brothers and sisters is that you have more success in your home and native land gaining your human rights, you continue to blaze new trails like Jenna Talackova did and I'm blessed to write about when it occurs.

Happy Thanksgiving, Eh!

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