Thursday, October 25, 2012

Log Cabin Sellouts Endorse Romney-Why Am I Not Surprised?

There has been discussion about whether we, as members of Log Cabin Republicans, are LGBT first or Republican first. Ultimately, we believe the answer is neither. We are Americans first, and as such, must stand for what we believe is right for our country.

Our endorsement of Mitt Romney is not free. We commit, here and now, that we will work with the party as we are able, and challenge the party as it is necessary, to ensure that it lives up to its highest ideals of limited government and individual freedom. The Log Cabin Republicans motto is “inclusion wins.” If LGBT Americans are serious about winning equality for all, rather than merely playing politics, Republicans must be part of the team.

I am not surprised by how low the Log Cabin Sellouts will go to kiss the behinds of the Republican Party. They're Republicans and Rep Barney Frank had already told the truth about them, so I already had low expectations for them that they met with this endorsement of Mitt Romney

I had no illusions they would endorse President Obama, a man who has presided over the most LGBT friendly administration in history, deserves a second term in the Oval Office and is far more qualified for the job than the businessman who ships jobs to China to line his Cayman Islands bank accounts with cash and thinks corporations are people.. 

I'd hoped they would at least show a shred of integrity and loyalty to the rainbow community by not endorsing in this race at all if they couldn't be honest enough with themselves to endorse the person that repealed DADT, passed the Byrd Shepard Hate Crimes Bill, saved the US auto industry, passed the Affordable Care Act and got Osama bin Laden like he promised to do.  .

Far from the lofty rhetoric in their statement, they proved they were Republicans first, have zero loyalty to the LGBT community and will not challenge their party even when the guy they endorsed doubled down on positions diametrically opposite to the things the LGBT rights movement is striving to achieve.

What is right for this country if you really believe the claptrap you say about being Americans first is ensuring the current African-American occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. gets four more years.

You damned skippy as a member of the trans half of the LGBT community who also happens to be a proud African-American I'm concerned about the composition of the Supreme Court, the federal judiciary and voter suppression that you Log Cabin peeps have been cricket chirping silent on.  

As someone who is descended from people who have and continue to experience oppression at the hands of conservatism, I have a different view about the role of government, especially when it has been necessary at times for the government to step in and defend and expand my human rights against the tyranny of the vanillacentric majority. 
You have also by this endorsement reinforced the perception of me and other non-white LGBT people that the Log Cabin Republicans only care about recovering their lost white privilege and their cash flow and don't give a damn about looking out for the interests and the human rights of the entire LGBT community.

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