Tuesday, November 29, 2016

2015 US Trans Survey Report Release Event Coming December 8

I'm eagerly anticipating an event that is going to take place at the National Press Club on December 8 .
The report from the 2015 US Trans Survey will be released on that date, and it is the larges trans survey ever conducted to date with over 28,000 participants  

While trans people have been getting increasing attention in the media, we still need data about our community to educate advocates, the media, policymakers, educators and legislators about our lives, and this USTS  is going to become like the 2011 'Injustice At Every Turn survey an important tool in backing up our policy concerns with data.

It is also being released at a crucial time in our community's history with an administration coming in that will be the polar opposite of the trans friendly Obama Administration.

The event will be livestreamed starting at 12 PM CST and you'll be able to  watch it courtesy of this link. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Moni's On Queer Voices Once Again!

Just a reminder for those of you in the Houston area that I'll once again be headed to the KPFT-FM studios later tonight to be on the Queer Voices radio show.

I'm scheduled to chat about with the Queer Voices on air team about recent developments in TBLGQ World, the 2016 election and our upcoming 2017 Texas legislative session along with whatever else we can fit into that time I'll be on air.

I'm scheduled to be on starting at 8:35 PM CST, and for those of who can't pick up KPFT-FM on your radio dial at 90.1 FM or who don't live in the Houston area you can check out their livestream of it.

Should be a fun and interesting conversation with Jack, Bryan and Jenifer tonight and looking forward to it.

Target Stands With Us- Stand With Them This Holiday Season

As Dr. King once said,  the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of convenience and comfort, but where he sands in times of conflict and controversy

Corporations and their leaders can also be judged by that same standard, and so far Target is passing with flying colors in standing with the trans community.

Since the unjust HB 2 passed in North Carolina and Republican controlled legislatures started proposing bills to oppress trans people, Target has been standing firm on its policy for employees and shoppers that you use the restroom in its stores based on your gender presentation.

When questioned about it in a CNBC Squawk Box interview in the face of threats from the American Fascist Family Association of a boycott, Target CEO Brian Cornell stood with our community

The AFA boycott they launched back in April has failed, but the professional TBLGQ community haters have made renewed calls to boycott Target and other companies during this holiday season.  

We trans peeps need to be there in support of a company that supports us.   So whenever possible, spend your holiday T-bills with a company that respects your humanity.   Show corporate America that supporting trans people is good for their fiscal bottom line

Target stands with the trans community.  Let's stand with them this holiday season.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Shut Up Fool Awards- Post Turkey Day 2016 Edition

Image result for black friday shopping 2016
It's the day after Thanksgiving, and if you're reading this, I take it you're not battling the traffic trying to get to the malls or retail outlets for the post holiday sales.

Or you're simply waiting to do your shopping online from the comfort of your couch.

Anyway, it's the day after Turkey Day and hope you didn't have a side helping of drama and shade while eating your holiday meal.

It's time to carve up some more jive turkeys and call out this week's group of fools

Honorable mention number one is every media pundit trying to legitimize the so called 'alt-right'.   They are white supremacists.  Get it right and stop using Orwellian language to sanitize these hateful idiots .

Honorable mention number two is June Pridmore, who obviously wasn't paying attention after two women who made racist comments about the current First Family lost their jobs.   She lost her Regions Bank VP gig after doing so.    I can't help but notice all these white women trying to call the FLOTUS 'ugly' wouldn't exactly make it to the top 15 semifinalists of any beauty pageant.

Well, maybe now that she's on the job market, she can apply for one in the upcoming Trump Administration she loves so much.

Honorable mention number three is Congressman Sean Duffy (R-WI) who seems to have a vanillacentric blind spot that leads him to believe that white supremacists and civil rights protestors are the same.

Naw dude,  White supremacists are the same as your party and the conservative movement.

Honorable mention number four is Kellyane Conway, for being Karl Rove in drag as Trump's spokesmodel.

Honorable mention number five is Donald Trump for laughingly calling for healing in his Thanksgiving message after he spent over a year demonizing non-white Americans

Naw fool, you get as much respect from me as you gave President Obama.   None.

And there isn't no building trust when you have insulted much of the electorate who didn't want your unqualified azz in the anywhere near the Oval Office.

Honorable mention number six is any person who says we should give Trump a chance after he has nominated white supremacists and anti-TBLGQ peeps for cabinet positions.

Honorable mention number seven is Tila Tequila  AKA Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen, whose azz was doing Nazi salutes with the white boys goose stepping in celebration in DC of Trump's 'win'.

About time Twitter shut down her racist account.

Tina, guess you forgot that your azz is Asian, you were born in Singapore and you will be reminded quite quickly that you ain't white. ,   She's also one of the peeps that lived in Houston we don't claim

Your 15 minutes was up a long time ago.

Image resultThis week's Shut Up Fool winner is Bernie Sanders for first, say that the Democrats need to move away from identity politics when his Democratic primary challenge was powered by it and far left white people, and after demonizing Hillary Clinton for not supporting a $15 minimum wage, now says he''s work with Trump to get it to $10

These are major examples why Sanders didn't get any support in the Democratic primary from non-white Democrats because he doesn't have a clue about the issues that affect people of color, or that all politics in the United States has been identity politics since the founding of this nation.

Bernie Sanders, shut up fool..

One Month To Christmas Day 2016

Image result for Trans women at Christmas parade in the Philippines
We are one month away from Christmas Day 2016, and we already received a lump of coal in our Christmas stockings in terms of that unqualified dufus being elected president.

Here in Texas, my lousy lieutenant governor is ignoring other pressing state problems such as the public school finance situation by pushing anti trans hatred with HB 82, a clone of North Carolina's failed Hate Bill 2 as the Rev Dr William J Barber II calls it.

Tea Klux Klan senator Konni Burton (R-Fort Worth) just four days before TDOR, filed the unjust SB 242, which would not only force teachers and school administrators to out TBLGQ kids to their parents, but bar school districts from passing rules to ignore it.

Sigh. once again we have Texas Republicans making sure we can't go more than a week without the Lone Star State being a national embarrassment by excelling in oppressing people.

Normally I would ask as part of my holiday season Christmas wishes for the trans community to not be hated on for the holidays, but seems like the Republican Party and the transphobes got the jump on me this year.

And with Trump's (yuck) election, the transphobic haters have become even more emboldened to let their transphobic bigotry fly, even in TBLGQ World.

See Milo Yiannopoulos as a prime example of that rainbow flag waving transphobic hate.

Image result for Transgender christmas day
So what does an out trans person do during the holidays?  This one damned sure isn't going back into the closet as the haters wish for us to do.   She is standing her ground, being more in your face visible and ready to fight for her human rights .

Yes, I realize the holidays can suck, and this 2016 holiday season has the potential to be a depressing one.   Hell, I've gone through being being depressed for the holidays at points in my life and have an understanding of what it feels like.

Depression is temporary.   Life is precious.   Back in 2007, I was depressed to the point where it took me writing my way out of it to get back to my every day self.   But the point I'm making is that I'm here to talk about it.

I understand that if you aren't connected to your family, combined with anti-trans hatred being aimed at you on an almost daily basis, can make the holidays excruciatingly more depressing to the point that some of you are contemplating extreme measures like taking your own life.

Image result for Trans people protesting

Your best revenge against what is happening right now is living for a better day, not taking your own life.   That only pleases the TERF's, the professional transphobes and the conservative movement if you take your own life.  It also robs our community of not only getting a chance to know and bond with your fabulous self, it robs us of the unique talents you possess that will contribute to making our trans community better..  

You living your life as an unapologetic trans person is a powerful revolutionary act.  The reason the haters despise you is because you have done the one thing they can't bring themselves to do, which is live as their true selves.   By doing that, you have become a powerful human being who is part of an international community of people, and the haters are deathly afraid of that power you possess inside of you.  But in order to realize and develop that power, you have to be alive to do so.

Now if only you could recognize what I just told you and believe it
As a trans person, you are also part of the diverse mosaic of human life.  Your life matters not only to me  but to everyone in our community.   It is worth fighting for.

If you're having some issues this holiday season. find a supportive friend, blood or chosen family member to talk to.   Trans Lifeline is also available if you don't have someone to chat with about what's bothering you at 877-565-8860 in the US or 877-330-6366 in Canada.

We have one month until Christmas Day 2016.   Let's get through it together, shall we? .

Thursday, November 24, 2016

TDOR 2016 Snapshots

DOR 2016 is one for the history books, and as this 18th anniversary observance of it across the globe happened,    I wasn't at home for the ones in Houston because as you know, I was tapped to be on the opposite end of I-10 as the keynote for the Tuscon TDOR on the University of Arizona campus.

On this November 20 date here and around the world, in addition to the event that happened during Trans Awareness Week and Month in the runup to TDOR itself, there were speeches given. and panel discussions held.

Media interviews were granted by us in which we delivered the crystal clear message that our lives and humanity matters, and we along with our allies read the names of over 300 trans people around the world who lost their lives to anti-trans violence.

Far too many of those lives once again were trans people of color and in the US, African-American trans people under age 40.

We lit candles for those souls we lost, mourned them, comforted each other, and walked out of those venues more determined than ever to ensure that these people didn't die in vain and that we the living would ensure that trans rights would prevail here and around the world.

Here's just a few snapshots of TDOR 2016 ceremonies and events around the world.  I'll add more as I receive them.

Karen Kendra Holmes speaking at a TDOR event hosted by Stetson University

Jevon martin at the White House Transgender Community Briefing on November 17

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Image result for thanksgiving 2016
It's a bittersweet Thanksgiving for many of us in Trans World today.

While we've made some amazing progress this year, the adverse results of the 2016 presidential election will put much of that progress at rsk starting on January 20 with an incoming (yuck) Republican administration  

But today, not going to focus on that looming political drama, will have time to do that later.  I'm going to just focus on counting my blessings.

I am blessed to have good health, loyal friends, and my family blood and chosen in my life.  I have had the blessings in 2016 of traveling to every corner of the country except the Pacific Northwest and the southeast US.

I have been blessed with multiple awards and making history in getting one of them.  I have in 2016  stood inside the White House (for the fifth time), on the campus of Harvard University, outside of the site of San Francisco's Compton's Cafeteria, and on the historic Chautauqua Institution amphitheater stage with Janet Mock.

I got to attend Creating Change for the third consecutive year, the Black Trans Advocacy Conference at their new hotel, the Philly Trans Health Conference and Netroots Nation for the first time since 2012 and another Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit as its keynote speaker.  I even got the opportunity on Election Night to talk politics on live television on a TV station I grew up watching in ABC13.

One of the blessings I received in 2016 is getting to meet and talk to our trans youth in Houston and around the country along with their amazing parents.

The blessing I want for our community here in the United States and around the world is to have our humanity and human rights recognized, respected and protected .

Don't know yet what 2017 has in store for me besides some trips to Austin staring in January, but hope I finally get to meet more of the transpeople on my bucket list like Lauren Foster and Caroline Cossey for starters, get to speak at a few more events on college campuses, keynote some conferences, and finally get to put my GLAAD media training and Pundit Cup Championship punditry skills to good use on behalf of this community on a regular basis.

And oh yeah, did I mention the amazing people in my life that I call my friends?

Happy Thanksgiving people!   May your holiday meal be tasty, the people you share it with be full of grace and good cheer, and you have safe travels to and from your holiday destinations.

And for those of you who will not be breaking bread with your families, may you do so with chosen family, friends and people who love you..

TransGriot 2016 NFL Picks -Week 12

Image result for nfl thanksgiving 2016 games graphic
It's Thanksgiving Day!  I'm  posting my NFL picks a little earlier than normal because we have an early morning game in Detroit in addition to turkey and all the other mouth watering food and sides that will grace your dinner table,

Two of those three NFL games on tap involve the two teams that have Turkey Day traditions in the Detroit Lions as I mentioned and that NFL franchise in Arlington.    In recent years the NFL has broadcasts an evening game that involves two additional NFL teams either done by NBC or the NFL Network, and this year it's the Pittsburgh Steelers visiting the Indianapolis Colts in that Turkey Day evening matchup.

I flipped the pontification script on Mike in Week 11, and won it thanks to the Panthers and Colts pulling out their games.  If the Texans had held on, I'd be back up to a six game lead, but five game spread works.

Let's get to Week 12   Everyone has had their bye weeks, so from now on well be picking 16 weekly games for the rest of the season.   Teams I'm selecting to win will be in bold print with the home team in CAPS.  

Mike's Week 12 selections will be available via this link.

NFL Week 11 Results
                               2016 NFL Season Results
TransGriot   10-4                                       TransGriot    103-57-2
Mike              9-5                                       Mike               98-62-2
Eli                 --                                           Eli                    ---

Thanksgiving Games
Vikings over LIONS
COWBOYS over Washington
Steelers over COLTS

Sunday Early Games
RAVENS over Bengals
TEXANS over Chargers
SAINTS over Rams
FALCONS over Cardinals
DOLPHINS over 49ers
BILLS over Jaguars
BEARS over Titans
Giants over BROWNS

Sunday Afternoon Games

Seahawks over BUCCANEERS
Patriots over JETS
RAIDERS over Panthers

Sunday Night Game
Chiefs over BRONCOS

Monday Night Game
EAGLES over Packers

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

C-16 Trans Rights Bill Passes House of Commons, Heads To Senate

Image result for canada flag map
Some wonderful news for our Canadian trans cousins that happened in the runup to TDOR.

On November 18, Bill C-16, also known as the Trans Rights Bill, passed the House of Commons on a Third Reading voice vote after a last ditch attempt by some Conservatives to attach an amendment to it force the bill back into committee.

C-16 passed with overwhelming multiparty support from the Liberals, the NDP and the Greens. Despite some Conservative MP's hating on C-16, it did receive support from many Conservative MP's, many of them who voted against previous versions of the trans rights bill.

MP Randall Garrison (NDP-Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke) is the Critic for LGBTQ Issues and has led since 2011 the NDP effort to pass trans rights legislation.  MP Bill Siksay has led the NDP charge to pass trans rights legislation since 2005.

One of those Conservatives who has evolved concerning the trans rights bill was MP Michelle Rempel (C-Calgary).  She expressed that sentiment in her Third Reading House floor debate comments which have been praised across party lines in the Great White North.

Image result for michelle rempel“In the last three years, I have watched this community face bigotry, more discrimination, and becoming a flashpoint for fights that we should no longer be having in Canada, she said.

“I especially want to thank the trans activists who have lived through this discrimination. They deserve our thanks, and they also deserve an apology for when we have failed them in the past.”

Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould had this to say after C-16 passed
“Today, I am very proud that Bill C-16 has passed the House of Commons. This Bill would amend the Canadian Human Rights Act to add gender identity and gender expression to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination. 
Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould said she would push the Senate to pass Bill C-16, which&n... It also proposes to amend the Criminal Code to add gender identity or expression to the definition of "identifiable group" for the purpose of the hate propaganda offences and to the list of aggravating circumstances for hate-crime sentencing.
All Canadians should feel safe to be themselves. Our strength as a nation lies in our diversity and our inclusiveness. It is our responsibility to recognize and reduce the vulnerability of trans and other gender-diverse persons to discrimination, hate propaganda, and hate crimes, and to affirm their equal status in Canadian society.
I am pleased that so many Members of Parliament supported this important piece of legislation and I look forward to working with the Senate as it continues through Parliament.”

MP Garrison had this to say in the wake of C-16's passage.

Seeking to address gaps in Canada's human rights protections, I am proud to have worked with transgender and gender variant activists over the past five years. Today, Bill C-16 was passed by the House of Commons. This is the third time that the HoC has affirmed equal rights for all Canadians.

This legislation is now headed to the Senate, one more time. Hopefully, this time, the unelected Senate will act quickly, respect the will of the House, and fill this gap in Canada's human rights protections.

Now comes the hard part of getting it through the Canadian Senate, when two previous trans rights bills have died after passage in the House of Commons..

C-16 had its First Reading in the Canadian Senate on November 22. and now moves to the Second Reading and debate phase in the Canadian legislative process..

Trans Cycling Trailblazer Jillian Bearden Wins 2016 El Tour de Tucson

El Tour de Tucson
One of the people I met during my recent trip to Tucson was cyclist Jillian Bearden, who was in town for the El Tour de Tucson bike race and has founded the Transnational Women's Cycling Team, the world's first transgender cycling group that will make its debut in 2017

The El Tour de Tucson was conducted on Saturday, and I was happy to discover that Jillian made a little trans sporting history.  While riding for SAGA (Southern Arizona Gender Alliance) in her first El Tour de Tucson, she won the women's division 106 mile race in a time of 4:36.07.

And as you probably guessed, there were some haters spouting the same transphobic and sexist BS we hear any time a trans woman competes and wins in a sporting event.

Image result for Jillian Bearden
The 36 year old Colorado Springs native is sponsored by the Colorado based Naked Women's Racing and has been racing competitively for 10 years.   Bearden has also been one of the people pushing for inclusion and change in the sport of cycling, and has been working with the International Olympic Committee, USA Cycling and other international cycling groups to make it happen.

"Last January, the IOC released a document that said you can compete if you fall under these criteria. With that being said, more policies are coming out, so there's more work to be done to have acceptance worldwide and not just nationally."

But as you probably guessed, she was thrilled to have won the El Tour, one of the largest participatory sporting events in southern Arizona in her first attempt.  She also recognized the significance of this moment for the trans community.

Image result for el tour de tucson 2016 poster
"It's absolutely huge," Bearden said.  "We're at a moment in time - especially now - where not only do we have to come out but we have to be positive.  We have to come together in solidarity and move the country in a direction that is accepting of all."

Congratulations Jillian!  This was an amazing accomplishment and another example of transpeople doing what they love and making history as they simply handle their business.  It's also another example of us accomplishing great things if we're simply given an opportunity to do so.

Will we see Jillian at a future Tour de France or at the 2020 Olympics?   Sure hope so.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Conservative Movement Is One Of Oppression

Image result for Angela Rye
I keep telling y'all how much I love CNN's Angela Rye for telling it like it T-I-S is and calling people out for BS.

Earlier today on CNN she put Trump supporter Steve Higbie on blast for trying to float those tired 'Party of :Lincoln' and party of Martin Luther King' lies

I'll go a step further than Angela was able to do in that segment and say that the entire conservative movement is one of oppression.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanks Tucson For A Wonderful TDOR 2016 Weekend!

TDOR 2016 is now one for the history books, and enjoyed my weekend here in Baja Arizona as they call the Tucson-Pima County area.

I hope they enjoyed the speech as much as i was told today they enjoyed my TransGriot TDOR 2016 blog post. 

I enjoyed while i was here on this end of I-10 meeting and talking to people in the Tucson area TBLGQ community, SAGA, GENDERowdy, various trans parents and on the University of Arizona campus, and deeply appreciate y'all rolling out the red carpet for me.

I even ran into people this weekend that used to live in Houston who now call Tucson home.

Megathanks for the gift of the knitted trans flag color scarf.  Will definitely come in handy in the cold weather cities I get to visit and the next time we get a cold front that rolls through Houston.   I even enjoyed the pool table on the first floor at the ALoft Hotel that i called home for the weekend..

Now comes the words that the folks in Houston are happy for me to write.  It's time to head back home to the Lone Star State and my end of I-10 via Denver.

See y'all in a few hours, Houston.  

Tucson, thanks once again for an amazing visit and a well done TDOR , and I hope it doesn't take me another four years before I get the opportunity to return to southern Arizona.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Moni's TDOR 2016 Thoughts

We will lose more transgender people to violence. The Remembering Our Dead list will get longer. The anti-transgender rhetoric coming from their acolytes will get nastier and more hateful. They will try to spin and twist Bible verses to favor their immoral positions. But in the end the result will still be the same and the neo-fascists will lose. --TransGriot  June 14, 2007

Today is the 18th Transgender Day of Remembrance, in which we memorialize the people we lost due to anti-trans violence. here in the US and around the world.

This year's TDOR observance is coming upon the heels of a contentious national election in which an unqualified moron who told racist white people what they wanted to hear basically got himself elected to the presidency of this nation.  

That election has consequences for the country, and unfortunately our community and its fragile human rights will be the first in the crosshairs of this undemocratic regime that is Making America Hate Again and ramping up anti-trans animus for political gain.

Unfortunately, that anti-trans animus has resulted in the untimely loss of trans lives, with the vast majority of them being trans people of color.

Jazz Alford, 30 years old
Amos Beede, 38 years old
Keyonna Blakeney, 22 years old
Brandi Bledsoe, 32 years old
Veronica Banks Cano, 30s
Kayden Clarke, 24 years old
Goddess Diamond, 20 years old
Deeniquia Dodds, 22 years old
Shante Isaac, 34 years old
Kedarie/Kandicee Johnson, 16 years old
Monica Loera, 43 years old
Skye Mockabee, 26 years old
Noony Norwood, 30 years old
T. T. Saffore, 20s
Jasmine Sierra, 52 years old
Demarkis Stansberry, 30 years old
Mercedes Successful, 32 years old
Rae'lynn Thomas, 28 years old
Erykah Tijerina, 36 years old
Tyreece "Reecey" Walker, 32 years old
Dee Whigham, 25 years old
Quartney Davia Dawsonn-Yochum, 32 years old
Maya Young, 24 years old

Say their names tonight and from now on.  

The majority of the American trans people whose names we will say and light a candle for tonight as part of our regrettable contribution to the international list of trans souls lost are Black and Latina.  

When will their Black Lives Matter, Black community?   When will these Latina lives matter to you, Latinx community?  

When will trans lives matter to this nation, period?

Once this day is over, it's nation time trans Americans and allies..  The  transphobic bigots are compiling unjust  legislation to oppress us that we must fight with every fiber of our beings.  We are going to have to come together as never before and fight the evil that wants to eviscerate our existence.  

We unfortunately have some vanillacentric privileged people in our own ranks who fell for the Trump okey doke and conveniently forgot that theirs and the community's humanity was on the ballot November 8.   They  gleefully voted for the guy with an openly transphobic vice president thinking that their lost white privilege and their wallets were more important than the human rights of the entire trans community, and their white skin would protect them from harm.  

They are about to find out it won't.   They failed us, and more importantly, failed our trans kids, who were depending on their trans elders to handle their electoral business and keep this unqualified man out of the Oval Office.

Today we mourn the people we lost.   Tomorrow we prepare to do what we always do and fight for our very humanity.   And yes, we will win.  Yeah I know I said that in 2007, but I believe it, and I'm going to speak it into existence today.   We have the moral high ground, our haters don't no matter how much Biblical scripture the radicalized faith based haters try to throw.

But this time, we won't be fighting for our humanity and our human rights alone. We will have human rights organizations and allies working intersectionally by our side and at least until noon EST on January 20,  the power of the Obama Administration.

Transgender rights are human rights. and we will have legislators on Capitol Hill and across the country willing to do the right thing and stand up for us.   We will have trans parents standing with us and their kids.  We also have history to peruse that gives us insight on how to fight the hateful evil that has once again befallen this country and we are squarely in the crosshairs of.

Our vision of our community and a fair and just America is worth fighting for.

As the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr once said, we must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.   The progress that we have made gives me hope that we will get through this.

Bishop Yvette Flunder's Post-Election Message

I had the honor and pleasure of finally meeting a few months ago the amazing Bishop Yvette Flunder when she came to Houston to speak at the PODCC.

She is an unapologetic part of the radically inclusive wing of Christianity that needs to be the rule and not the exception in our world instead of the radicalized hatemongering Pharisees and Sadducees that claim they are.

Love this message that was on her Facebook page that she asked to be shared.

Done, Bishop.


As I am receiving clarity about the recent political events in our nation, I am ready to fight for the soul of Christianity...not against other faiths, that I also respect and revere, but to take back what was been hijacked from Christianity by those who call themselves 'conservatives' . Jesus was not a conservative...by any means! Everything he taught flew in the face of the conservative religion of His time.

I am clear that a strong, fearful and controlli
ng Christian conservative vote showed up in the recent election galvanized around the issues of abortion and marriage equality.This was the battle cry, but abortion rates were already declining.  "The overall rate of unintended pregnancies dropped 18 percent between 2008 and 2011—its lowest in 30 years,"according to the Guttmacher Institute, March 2, 2016.

Why? Contraceptive education, much of which was provided by Planned Parenthood. Babies that are not conceived will not be aborted!  Heterosexual marriage is on the increase according to Pew Research. 'The new data show that 4.32 million adults (ages 18 or older) were newlywed in 2012, a 3% percent increase over the 4.21 million adults newly married in 2011 and the numbers are climbing (The data does not include same-sex couples.) 

So what is the real issue? Too much public boldness for those who were at one time at least closeted about women's rights, LGBT rights and racial equality...the race issue was exacerbated by a Black President. These fears when added to the 'lie' that the 'coloreds' were taking jobs away justified the one real issue I want to lift up...the conservative Christian church got in bed with evil, under the guise of doing God's work and it's soul is in jeopardy.

Without a message of welcome, inclusion, resisting empire, love and peace, what is the purpose of the Church? God does not have to dance with the devil, to benefit the Church. None of the politicians were/are perfect, but how can "God's Champion" have to pay 25 million dollars because he is guilty of defrauding people? 

There are two distinct Christianity's in our atmosphere...I choose to be the disciple of the Radically Inclusive Jesus of Nazareth.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

If You're A Trans Trump Voter, You Are A Sellout

6/7/15 – Tommy Sotomayor The Black Woman Hatin Sellout Explains His Self Hatred!
It's now been a week since the disastrous election of that reprehensible oompa loompa who I will give the same respect as POTUS as he gave President Obama, absolutely none.

One of the things I've been amused and saddened to see is how fast white fauxgressives are trying to riverdance away from the fact their third party votes in swing states helped grease the skids for Trump's upset win.   I've also noticed  in the last few days a few trans Trump traitors have come out and stated they voted for him knowing that the humanity and the human rights of our community was on the ballot.

It's even been more amusing and at times gobsmacking to realize the level of Grade A stupidity that went into their decisions on why they voted for Trump.

I've heard the remixed excuses and smears such as 'Hillary was worse than Trump'.  'Trump was just saying that stuff to get elected, he won't be that bad'.  "He's a businessman who will bring back our manufacturing jobs'

Once again, like you and your ancestors have been for the last 150 years, you've been hoodwinked and bamboozled into voting against your own interests by the 1% you allegedly hate, but proved you don't more than your foaming at the mouth hate for non-white Americans.  

The 1% peeps and the Republican Party are laughing at you from their quiet rooms about how easily they got you to fall once again for that tried and true tactic as they gleefully figure out what luxury yachts and toys they will buy with the massive deficit creating tax cut they are about to get.  

So trans sellouts, not only did you fall hard for that ancient okey doke I and a whole lot of people warned you not to do, you arrogantly thought your whiteness and white privilege would protect you from the backlash the Trump campaign hate stirred up..

Nope, it won't, and the Trump brownshirts are making it clear  across the country that you're on their hate menu..

You're in the same boat human rights wise with me and other non-white trans folks, and our human rights are the first ones on the list to be eviscerated by the incoming Trump Administration.

His rumored picks for positions in his administration make it abundantly clear how badly you played yourselves..

Image result for delicate precious white nerves
I really don't give a rat's anus at this moment in history about your precious delicate nerves.  I'm calling crap out.  You don't like me calling you sellouts to our community, too bad, because that's exactly what you are and what you did to this community when you voted for Trump.

But what I'm really mad at you trans fauxgressives about is not that message you sent with your vote that you're down with the KKK and the Trump hate message of oppressing non-white Americans.

What I'm upset about is how this will affect our trans kids who are already under right wing attack now and the only thing that was beating it back was the Obama Administration .

It's ironic the Black POTUS you disrespected cares more for your humanity and human rights than the incoming white one and his VP will.

Image result for make america hate again

Oh well, but you voted to Make America Hate Again.   By doing so, you not only enabled hatred and oppression of non-white Americans, but you opened the door for the oppression of trans people

That makes you a trans sellout.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Shut Up Fool Awards -Trans Awareness Week Edition

Image result for Trans awareness week 2016
It's Trans Awareness Week and I'm enroute to Tuscon as you read this to speak at their TDOR that will happen on the University of Arizona campus on Sunday.

I'm still chuckling about the fact I will be flying on this first leg to San Diego, which means I'll be passing over Tucson before I get to San Diego to fly back in the direction of Tucson.

The reason for this latest trip is to speak at the SAGA sponsored TDOR that will take place on the University of Arizona campus on Sunday evening from 5:30-8:30 PM  on the Uof A campus.

Image result for omarosaAnd yes since this is Friday, it's time for this week's edition of the Shut Up Fool Awards

Let me just get to this week's fool since I'm traveling, and it's Omarosa Manigault

Omarosa parted her lips to say in an ESSENCE.com interview that she got involved with the Trump campaign in order to help the Black communty.  She whined about the fact she lost friends because of that decision.

Naw you sellout, you were only helping yourself, not our community.  It's even more odious to our community because you worked in the Clinton White House.

When you align yourself with a Klan endorsed bigot who said hateful and racist things about our community during his campaign, and has a long ugly racist history before he ran for POTUS, you shouldn't be surprised when woke people cut your sellout azz out of their lives.

Omarosa Manigault, have several sections of seats at Quicken Loans Arena and shut up fool

The Air Marshal Takes Flight To Tucson

Image result for tucson airport
I didn't get an invite to go to what will probably be the last trans themed event at the White House for at least the next four years yesterday, but probably just as well I didn't because I would have had to leave DC after it and immediately fly back to Houston so I could catch my flight to Tucson and speak at their TDOR on Sunday.

Assuming my Southwest bird leaves on time, I face the irony on this leg of flying at 35,000 over Tucson to get to San Diego for my connecting flight back to Tucson.   I'm also chuckling at the irony that 1-10, one of the interstate highways that runs through Houston and much of Texas, also runs through Tucson.

My first trip to Tuscon since 2012 is thanks to the Southern Arizona Gender Alliance, which has been in existence since 1998.  They are one of the groups that sponsors their local TDOR event that happens on the University of Arizona campus and I'll be speaking at on Sunday. .

Image result for alexander john goodrum
It's also special to me because the late Alexander John Goodrum was a major leader here in the Tucson area until his untimely death in September 2002.    .

Looking forward to seeing everyone in the Tuscon and southern Arizona community

Houston TDOR Event At City Hall Sunday

I'll be 1000 miles down I-10 west in Tucson for their TDOR weekend, but will be thinking about my Houston homies as they gather at City Hall on November 20

It's a TDOR event at City Hall entitled 'A Night Of Reflection', and will start at 6:00 PM CST.

It's sponsored by Trans Women of Color United For Chance (TWCUC)  and hope that it gets the attendance from our community and allies it deserves.

Houston City Hall is located downtown at 901 Bagby Street, and once again hope people will shw up and support our community at this event.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

First They Came For The Muslims...

Related image
Many of us in non-white America were shocked, angered and dismayed by the election of a grossly unqualified man who was endorsed by white supremacists, has one as his advisor, and stoked racist hatred and fear during his reprehensible campaign that has continued past the November 8 election

It's eerie the similarities between Germany 1933 and America 2016, and while reading the words of Pastor Martin Niemoller and reflecting on them, ,I came up with this remix of his words from the perspective of a Trump voter who doesn't realize as of yet how badly they screwed themselves this nation and possibly the planet.
First they came for the Muslims, and I said nothing because deep down the Republicans were doing what I wanted and voted for them to do.

Then they came for the immigrants, and I cheered because I don't like the immigrants that are taking jobs from me.

Then they came for the transgender people, and I was happy because I believe they are confused, need help and are rebelling against God.
Then they came for the n*****s and Mexicans, and I was happy because I think they've gotten too many special rights and I wanted them to be put back in their place.
They came for the liberals, and I cheered because they are unpatriotic and what's wrong with America.
They came for the atheists and nonbelievers, and I cheered because there is no place for them in our Christian nation.
Then they came for me, and I was shocked because I'm not one of those groups of people who deserved to suffer. I voted to Make America Great Again for working class white people..
But I fell for the lies, and now there's no one left to help me because I turned a blind eye to and cheered the oppression of fellow Americans. .

TransGriot 2016 NFL Picks - Week 11

Image result for NFL international game Mexico
We are getting closer to the end of the 2016 regular season, but my attention is turning south of the border to the cavernous Azteca Stadium in Mexico City and the final NFL International Series game of the season being played there between my fave NFL ballers and the Oakland Raiders

This will be the first regular season NFL game played in Mexico since 2005 and the first Monday Night Football Game ever outside of the USA.  I'm looking forward to watching this historic Monday night football game from a stadium that has traditionally been a 7000 foot altitude house of horrors for the US men's soccer team.

Image result for Estadio Azteca
Looking forward to what is going to be an interesting game as we face Derek Carr (David Carr's little brother who we should have drafted and has proven to be the better Carr family QB) and the resurgent Raiders. The Texans will officially be the road team, and let's see if they can get their first road win of the season against a quality team.

Speaking of wins, Mike won Week 10 after I went 8-6 last week.   I still hold the overall lead in this 2016 prognostication contest by four games, but still have to handle my business.

Time to get busy with this week's NFL picks.  Another fourteen games to pick and the teams on their bye week watching everyone else play are the Broncos, Chargers , Falcons and Jets

My picks in bold print.  Home teams in all CAPS.  Mike's Week 11 picks can be viewed here.

2016 NFL Week 10 Results                     2016 NFL Season Results                  
TransGriot  8-6                                          TransGriot   93-53-2
Mike          10-4                                          Mike           89-57-2
Eli               --                                             Eli                --
Thursday Night Game
PANTHERS over Saints

Sunday Early Games
Steelers over BROWNS
COWBOYS over Ravens
LIONS over Jaguars
COLTS over Titans
BENGALS over Bills
CHIEFS over Buccaneers
GIANTS over Bears
Cardinals over VIKINGS

Sunday Afternoon Games
Dolphins over RAMS
Patriots over 49ERS
SEAHAWKS over Eagles

Sunday Night Game
Packers over WASHINGTON

Monday Night Game
Texans over RAIDERS