Monday, October 31, 2011

Herman Cain's Halloween Costume

This just in.  I have found out through my sources what costume Herman Cain is going to wear for Halloween.
It's appropriate because it not only matches his jacked up political stances, but his personality as well.

Here's a photo of what Mr. Cain will be dressed as at a Halloween party near you.

Some Of The 7 Billion Earthlings Are Trans

Nations around the planet celebrated the arrival of the symbolic 7 billionth child being born after midnight today.   China and India account for a third of that population growth with over a billion people each and the United States being third with 313 million.

It was just twelve years ago in 1999 that we reached the six billion milestone. It took us Earthlings until 1800 to reach 1 billion in population, 1930 to reach 2 billion and 1960 to reach 3 billion.  With the increasing scientific advances in modern medicine it's taking us less time to reach these population milestones and we reached 4 billion in 1974, and 5 billion in 1987.  The UN projects by 2050 the Earth's population will rise to 9.3 billion.

As we discuss all the complex issues inherent in that population growth, I also want to toss in another for people to ponder in the fact that some of the now 7 billion people on this planet are transgender.

Transpeople inhabit every nation on this earth because we're part of the diverse mosaic of human life and we aren't going away.  So it's past time cis people cease and desist with the irrational hatred of us.

We have much to offer the nations and communities in which we inhabit if just given a chance to unleash our talents.  We are intelligent, talented people who simply want to live our lives with a minimum of drama and have our human rights respected and protected in the legal systems of the nations we inhabit.

That's a principled thing that we are asking for and it won't cost you politicians one euro, dollar, shilling, yen, yuan, franc, peso, pound, pula, ruble, ringgit, riyal or rupee to implement.

We want to live, love and marry the persons of our choice without government interference in that choice or people jacking with it for their own selfish political or financial gain.   We're spiritual people who are tired of specious religious dogma being used to demonize us, being used as justification to discriminate against transpeople in our various nations and stir up hatred of us to the point that unhinged individuals feel it's okay to kill us.

We want the opportunity to contribute to the uplifting and building of our peoples, our nations and society at large. .  

Yes, some of the 7 billion Earthlings on this planet are transgender.  We are your fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, co-workers and friends.  We are fellow human beings who have the same hopes, dreams, aspirations and desire to live quality lives just like cis people do.

Deal with it.   Deal also with the mind blowing for you facts that some of those symbolic seven billionth babies being born today will be transgender.   We transpeople saluting these trans children's births today in our various nations want them to be able to grow up in a world that is much better and compassionate towards transgender people than the one we are currently dealing with right now. 

We want nothing less for these trans children and us to have our human rights respected and protected whatever continent we reside on.  We will also continue to remind you that some of the seven billion people who now reside on planet Earth and the ones that will do so in the future will be transgender people.

Sisterhood Of The Traveling White Pantsuits, Stop Hatin' On The POTUS

One of the things that hasn't relented since 2008 is the heightened level of sour grapes still being wielded by white women who were diehard Hillary Clinton supporters and did much hatin' on then Senator Barack Obama when he beat her for the Democratic nomination.

And yeah, the Sisterhood of the Traveling White Pantsuits is still hatin' even though President Obama has despite all the forces arrayed against him been successful in his first term as our leader.

But you wouldn't be able to tell that by some of the scribblings coming from white women.

Whether it's firedoglake's Jane Hamsher trying to muster support for a 2012 primary challenge of the POTUS, the lukewarm support he's gotten from progressive white women, the cricket chirping silence from the feminist blogosphere and white women when First Lady Michelle Obama is attacked by the conservafool movement or blog commentary from white women remixing those bigoted 2008 talking points of Harriet Christian, it's clear the Sisterhood of the Traveling White Pantsuits are still drinking the Vanilla Ice flavored hateraid from the 2008 Democratic primary from 55 gallon drums.
Oh, you don't recall those bigoted Harriet Christian comments?  Let the TransGriot refresh your memory. 

The African American community damned sure does remember those comments and aren't going to forget them anytime soon despite the fact that the YouTube viral video of her saying them got deleted.

But the written word is a wonderful thang, and here's what Harriet said at the time that got scribbled down for posterity by reporters.  .  

"I'm from New York City -- Hillary state. The best nominee that's possible, and the Democrats are throwing the election away, and for what? An inadequate black male who would not have been running had it not been a white woman who was running for president?" 

"I'm not gonna shut my mouth anymore. I can be called white, but you can't be called black. That's not my America. It's equality for all of us, and it's about time we all stood up for it,"
"I was a second-class citizen before - now I'm nothing."
"They think we won't turn and vote for McCain. Well, I've got news for all of you: McCain will be the next president of the United States."

Her pearl clutching behind was loud and wrong on her self proclaimed 'second class citizen' status and the November 4, 2008 election results.

Sen Obama's historic landslide win was irrefutable testimony of that along with the nearly 2 million people who crowded the Mall on that sunny January 20, 2009 day to watch his inauguration.  

But methinks elements of you continue to echo the sentiments of Ms.Christian and are still angry that President Obama and his family are living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and not their preferred candidate who is the current Secretary of State.

As the president said, elections have consequences.  

The 2008 election is over and Sen. Hillary Clinton lost.  Sen..Obama secured the Democratic nomination for POTUS and had his name etched in our history books because he waged a better organized and better funded campaign.   He eventually became the 44th president of the United States of America as a result.  

It was unfortunate that the last people standing for the 2008 Democratic nomination both ran in that year historic candidacies on behalf of groups that have held centuries long dreams of having one of their own sit in the Oval Office in women and African-Americans.

Somebody was going to be bitterly disappointed when it was over and it's just this time, it worked out for African-Americans. Once we saw that Sen. Obama had a legitimate shot to make our people's long awaited dream of an African-American president come true, we were all in as a community and busted our asses to make it happen just like we're all in to get him a second term.   

There will be a female POTUS, and that may happen in our lifetimes because of Geena Davis' portrayal of President Mackenzie.Allen on ABC's Commander In Chief and Secretary of State Clinton's historic run opened some minds to visualizing a female president.

That female POTUS may even be a woman of color or trans to boot.  But seriously, y'all need to stop hatin' on the progressive African-American one we have that's doing the thankless job right now of cleaning up Junior's mess with no help from Congress.

Sisterhood of the Traveling White Pantsuits, it's past time for y'all to exhale, deal with your finite disappointment and rekindle that infinite hope that it will happen.

It's also time to get focused on winning this 2012 election for Team liberal -progressive and keeping the White House in our column.