Thursday, October 04, 2012

Denver Presidential Debate Wrapup

"The trends look good for President Obama and the Democrats, but we still have a nerve racking 35 days to go, three debates and ballots that need to be cast and counted on November 6 before victory can be declared.  

Much is at stake when the two candidates face off in 90 minutes that will determine how the rest of this election shakes out."   TransGriot October 3, 2012

That's what I wrote before last night's debate.   Yeah, the conservafools are all giddy because Mittens had the strong debate performance he needed and according to the polls that the Republicans now suddenly don't have a question about their accuracy (big surprise) now have declared their guy the winner of this first presidential debate.

Jim Lehrer's pathetic debate moderation only put an exclamation point on what we non-white Americans were concerned about in terms of the lack of diversity in the moderator lineup when it was first announced by the Debate Commission. 

Lehrer let Romney run all over him like the Houston Texans Bulls on Parade defense did Jake Locker last Sunday.

While President Obama was ticking off the facts, Romney was lying his azz off and not getting called on it.  But at the same time he looked like he wanted to be there and the POTUS seemed like he didn't .   Maybe it was because it was President Obama's wedding anniversary, I don't know.   President Obama did look flat to me and as my GLAAD media training instructor Joel Silberman would have said about this performance last night, Romney did a better job of faking it until you make it.

But one thing Romney wont be able to fake over the next two debates and the next 34 days is his sudden conversion from Mr. Severe Conservative to Mr. I Feel Your Pain Middle Class Moderate especially in light of the overwhelming body of severely conservafool evidence he's anything but that..

But I was concerned about the fact that the POTUS seemed off his game and more concerned about not looking like the 'Angry Black Man' than calling Mitt Romney on his bull feces, especially in light of the fact Jim Lehrer wasn't.   

So we'll see how this plays out in the polls over the next few days, but this does place more pressure on Joe Biden in the Vice Presidential Debate at Centre College on October 11.  

And if anyone on the liberal-progressive side was concerned about our side being overconfident over the next 34 days, well people, we just got the wake up call to take nothing for granted, bust our asses to get the POTUS and every Democrat elected and keep running hard toward the finish line until November 7.

Hope the president and the Obama 2012 team got that message, too. 

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