Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Critical First Presidential Debate Tonight In Denver

The highly anticipated first debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney happens at 8 PM CDT tonight at the Magness Arena on the University of Denver campus in Denver, CO.

While President Obama's campaign is pleased and cautiously optimistic about where they are at this juncture in the race, the Romney campaign finds itself in a desperate situation with 35 days to go. 

Romney is trailing nationally according to the polls in all nine critical battleground states and most ominously in Ohio and Florida thanks to the inept way they have handled their campaign (thank God) since they clinched the GOP nomination.. 

The GOP attempts to suppress non-white voters and others that made up President Obama's winning 2008 coalition have failed or are being rolled back in the courts.  With every investigative news report revealing the extent of the Jim Crow 2.0 efforts, the targets of those voter suppression efforts are pissed off, fired up and ready to vote out the GOP batturd wing at every level of government..

And these videos of Mitt and his running mate disparaging large percentages of working class voters only poured gasoline on the fire.  

VP Joe Biden will handle that in the vice presidential debate on October 11.

And I haven't even touched on how the GOP War On Women is also playing into why the Romney-Ryan not so dynamic duo is losing.

Republicans and the conservative movement are getting nervous with early voting starting to happen in some locales and their bold predictions of taking the Senate and holding their majority in the House looking quite shaky. 

The trends look good for President Obama and the Democrats, but we still have a nerve racking 35 days to go, three debates and ballots that need to be cast and counted on November 6 before victory can be declared.  

Much is at stake when the two candidates face off in 90 minutes that will determine how the rest of this election shakes out.

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