Friday, September 17, 2010

When Are GL Advocacy Orgs Going To Confront Their GOP Oppressors?

One of the things that bothers many African descended TBLG/SGL people is the high level of vitriol leveled at President Obama by predominately white GL people over the stalled GLBT political agenda.

While some of that criticism of the president is justified, there are concerns expressed internally by many of us chocolate flavored GLBT people that some of that criticism contains elements of bigotry, racism and sour grapes over the fact that Hillary Clinton, their preferred HRC supported candidate in the 2008 Democratic primary was beaten by President Obama.

So it leads us chocolate GLBT/SGL peeps when we see the disconnect between what his administration has actually accomplished so far for the community and the vitriol leveled at him to wonder why these white dominated GL orgs like GetEqual aren't leveling the same amount of direct action and heated rhetoric at their GOP oppressors?

I see them conducting sit-ins at Speaker Pelosi's offices in San Francisco and Washington, DC, chaining themselves to the White House gates, or interrupting the president's speeches at fundraisers.

But I and the chocolate TBLG/SGL community wonder out loud when we will see those same predominately white GL peeps blasting their GOP oppressors in gayosphere blogs and doing sit-ins in Sen. Mitch McConnell and John Boehner's offices? When will y'all chain yourselves to the doors of GOP headquarters? When are you going to bumrush their fundraisers or picket their conservaevents?

The point is, the Republicans are your oppressors, not the Democrats. It's the GOP who tried the pass the Federal Marriage Amendment, passed DOMA, and has been openly hostile and proudly opposing the march to GLBT equality for decades.

So why aren't you using the civil disobedience tactics and your voices to condemn and draw attention to the people who are causing the GLBT community the most harm?

Or is the GL reluctance to picket or criticize Republicans on their abysmal GLBT rights record rooted in wanting to be 'just like them'?

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