Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Focus On What's Between My Ears, Not My Legs

One of the things that's an irritant to many of us in the trans community as we continue on our gender journeys is when people fixate on our genital status.

The only person that needs to know what's between our legs is that individual transperson, the person we may be dating at that time or the one we're about to get intimate with. Everybody else don't need to know our genital business.

What's more important to us is that you be more concerned about what's between the ears of the transman or transwoman standing in front of you.

A lot of blood, sweat, tears, cash, contemplation and drama went into the ongoing development of the transperson that's standing tall and living their lives. They want to be seen, thought of and respected as the man or woman they present to the world.

Trying to discover whether they are pre-op, post-op, or non operative or what genitalia configuration is covered by their panties or boxers, then having it spread as juicy gossip doesn't help that transperson in their societal gender assimilation process. It can also put them in danger of being singled out for a hate crime or worse as well.

We have enough problems with our enemies focusing on our genitalia simply to deny us civil rights legislation we sorely need and cause drama on basic stuff such as going to the damned bathroom.

Me and my transbrothers and transsisters would rather you focus on the intelligent, talented, hardworking people across our trans rainbow and in our community.

I know transpeople who are rocket scientists, accomplished classical musicians, college professors, world class athletes, models, writers, students and actors.

If you get to know me and my transpeeps you'll discover we are keenly interested in a wide variety of subjects and you'll find we enjoy intelligent discourse. We are capable of easily discussing anything from the complexities of running a collegiate football spread offense to politics to the latest episode of True Blood.

And from time to time we'll discuss transition issues and what it's like to be us.

Yes, we'd like society to focus more on what's between our ears and what we can and are willing to do to contribute to society, and not what's between our legs.

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