Thursday, September 09, 2010

U of L To Host Statewide Fairness Coalition Fall Summit

Even though I'm now 1000 miles from Louisville and the state of Kentucky, I still am in contact with many of the people and organizations I gave time to, helped and was a part of for the almost 8 years I lived there.

Received this e-mail recently about this upcoming Kentucky specific event while I was moping about not being there for Carla's Lawn Party.

Since I still have a lot of peeps from Da Ville and the Bluegrass state checking in and even dropping comments on this blog from time to time, thought I'd post it.

I attended the spring Statewide Fairness Summit in Frankfort, and now it's time for the fall edition to happen and plot the next steps toward getting a statewide Fairness law.

The Statewide Fairness Coalition Fall Summit 2010 will will take place September 25 from 9:00am EDT - 5:00pm EDT on the University of Louisville campus just south of downtown.

Figures y'all would have it in Da Ville after I leave.

Just as with the spring event, it's FREE Registration with breakfast and lunch provided.

Students are enthusiastically wanted and encouraged to attend. Supporters from across the state are needed to strategize for Statewide Fairness with Coalition members ACLU-KY, Fairness Campaign, Kentucky Commission on Human Rights, Kentucky Fairness Alliance, and Lexington Fairness!

Since this is occurring during U of L's Pride Week celebration, there will be a special student event. So if you're a college student thinking about attending ask for the details about the Friday night special student event as part of U of L's Pride Week.

Travel and lodging assistance is also available for students withing to attend as well.

You can register for the event by e-mailing as expeditiously as possible. If you're a college student, note that in your e-mailed registration as well.

I won't be there, but I'm confident the folks in my other hometown will put on an informative and great event.

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