Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NBJC Head Sharon Lettman-Hicks At ATL State Of Black Gay America Summit

"Black gay people are Black people first. Whether you are gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, questioning ... you are still Black first. So when we speak of 'our' people, we need to think of our entire community and bringing LGBT issues to the Black community. We need to create a Black LGBT agenda to move the bully pulpit forward."

The more I see and hear of current National Black Justice Coalition Executive Director Sharon J. Lettman-Hicks, the more I like her.

This is a cis woman who is echoing many of the things I've said on TransGriot for years concerning the Black community and TBLG/SGL people.

The moral arc of the universe is bending toward justice and in favor of the GLBT community within my African descended family. I'm happy to see that.

But we still have much work to do because we still have knuckleheads that don't get it. I am still Black first before the trans part even becomes an issue, and I didn't give up my Black Like Me card when I transitioned.

I also love the fact that she is taking the NBJC out of the shadows and putting it on a more out there path to be the advocacy org that African descended BTLG/SGL people sorely need at this juncture.

Check out her speech to the State of Black Gay America Summit that transpired last weekend in the ATL.

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