Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Like Satan's Flag

For those of you who wonder why I persist in calling the Teabaggers the Tea Klux Klan, check out this link from TeaParty.org with the 'God's Flag' caption.

More like it's Satan's flag.

It's the flag of traitors who wanted to overthrow the United States so they could continue to enslave my ancestors. It's the flag of pointed hood wearing terrorists who couldn't accept the fact they lost the 'War To Perpetuate Slavery' they started.

It's the flag of violent terroristic resistance to my people's attempts to pull themselves up by their bootstraps in the wake of emancipation and Reconstruction.

It's the flag of people who opposed the Civil Rights movement and of nullification.

It's the flag of white folks who hate and resent the fact that we have an African-American president who won a landslide election and his family living in the White House my people built with their unpaid labor.

Heritage not hate, my azz. It's a flag that represents a heritage of hate.

It's also the flag of those who wallow in a toxic stew of prejudice, ignorance, anger and fear that their version of America is going the way of the dinosaur.

God's flag? Please. The Civil War is over and you Southern-fried conservafools thankfully lost. Get over it.

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