Friday, September 10, 2010

Shut Up Fool! Awards- Burn Baby Burn Edition

Moni's heading out of Houston for the weekend, but you know I wouldn't leave town without letting you know who won our coveted award this week.

Burning thangs it the theme this week. on one hand we have a conservafool Florida pastor who is, was, or may be burning the Quran tomorrow and it has got a whole lot of peeps upset, especially in the Islamic world.

I'm not down with that burning, but one I am down with is one that is supposed to take place September 12 of that symbol of white supremacist hate, the Confederate flag.

September 12 is Burn A Confederate Flag Day, and it's past time to see those go up in smoke.

Now let's move on to the business of choosing of SUF award winner.

Too many to list this week, but Terry Jones, the pastor of the hate church in Gainesville is near the top of our finalists.

But this week's fool is another local one, Tomball City Councilman Derek Townsend, Sr.

Earlier this week in the northern Houston 'burb he placed two anti immigrant Juan Crow proposals on the Tuesday city council calendar in front of a packed city council chamber filled with Tea Klux Klan proponents and opponents of the measures, then had the nerve to say his proposals were not about racism, but about standing up for the US Constitution.'

To quote Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina, "You Lie!"

The cool thing that happened was the adults on City Council shot down this hot mess of hatred.

Derek Townsend, Sr. Shut up fool!

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