Saturday, September 18, 2010

Upcoming Philly TDOR Panel Discussion

I was invited to be part of the panel for last year's inaugural discussion, but regretfully couldn't attend due to a TDOR scheduling commitment elsewhere.

A gentle reminder that if you want me speaking at your TDOR events, better move fast because speaking slots are filling up.

This year's panel discussion will take place on Thursday, November 18 from :00pm - 9:00pm EST. It will happen at Safeguards, 1700 Market Street, 18th Floor in Philadelphia, PA.

The theme for this year's discussion will be- Generation to Generation - Bridging the Gap Toward Transcendence - SPEAK ABOUT IT!

Premise and Topic:
Identity and the circular motion of change between generations. How to bridge the divide in our community toward growth beyond terms. In alignment with the famous quote by Audre Lorde: "There are no new ideas".

For additional information about this upcoming 2010 TDOR event you can contact Dionne Stallworth via e-mail at

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