Monday, September 13, 2010

Thanks Northampton!

Once again I wanted to thank all the wonderful people that showered so much love and attention on me as I spent a wonderful weekend as the Grand Marshal for the Northampton Pride March and being its keynote speaker.

Had a tough act to follow in Bet Power, but think I did okay.

Looking forward to the next time I'm blessed to hang out and spend some quality time with all you peeps in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts.

The tough times in your community won't last. You are tough, resilient people who will outlast the forces that are arrayed against you even if the challenges facing your community seem daunting at times.

Remember what Bet said in his speech. If y'all start with loving and respecting each other, you'll be okay.

Never forget who your real enemy is.

Y'all keep fighting the good fight for truth, justice and the civil rights of trans people there, in Massachusetts and the New England region and beyond.

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