Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Grand Marshal Speaks

As many of you TransGriot readers are aware of, at this moment I'm in Northampton, MA exercising my duties as the Grand Marshal for the Northampton Trans Pride March and Rally.

I'm not only honored to be following in Miss Major's and Gunnar Scott's footsteps as the previous Grand Marshals for this event, I'm getting the opportunity to see and hang out with my friends in the area, meet some new one and say what's up to my loyal New England TransGriot readers.

Best of all I get out of Houston for a few days.

I got to BDL a little after 5:30 PM EDT because of the headwinds we were battling on the flight up from the ATL. I did get to Ericka and Trystan's place in time to watch the kickoff of the Coogs successful C-USA home opener against UTEP.

Eat em' up!

If somebody shoots the video of the parade, I'll post it later.

Once again I want to thank my gracious Northampton Trans Pride hosts for the invitation and another opportunity to spend some time partaking of some Western Massachusetts hospitality.

Things have been kind of up and down personally for me lately, and this trip is just what I needed to turn my personal lemon situation into pink lemonade.

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