Thursday, September 09, 2010

T-Minus 30 Days Until My JJ Class Reunion

Yesterday marked the one month to go point of the countdown to my 30th high school reunion with my Jesse H. Jones classmates. I've surpassed my weight loss goal and actually was stunned to discover when I stepped on the scale yesterday that I'm at 198 pounds.

I haven't been under 200 pounds since I started transition, so I'm happy about that.
What I'm not happy about is my status as a 99er and this economy. I've had to scrip and save to get the money together for this event, but it's worth it.

Despite my own personal drama, I'm still looking forward to seeing some of my classmates, and hope they feel the same way.

As my homegirl Joslyn posted in her FB profile note to me and the 'Class With Class'

Time is so precious especially now. We're not getting any younger. LOL I know there are many of us who are planning to attend our 30th Reunion and some who are on the fence as to whether to go or not. I have to say please jump off the fence and go. Only the Lord knows how much longer we have and it's been 10 or more years since many of us have seen each other. Many of us have changed since high school. Just like a fine wine our class has gotten better with time.

I know I've definitely changed since high school for the better. Looking forward to seeing who else has. I'm also hoping that I see some classmates in attendance that I haven't seen since I was a skinny kid walking JJ's halls in 1980.

And she's right in that time is not only precious and we don't know how much of it we have left at any given time, it moves at warp speed. I still remember how I felt the day school started in August 1977 and walked on JJ's campus as a sophomore.

30 years ago this month I was starting my freshman year in college. Now I'm contemplating going back.

It'll also be cool to note that I won't be in the running for the 'Most Changed Award' this time like I was in 2000.

Hail JJ! See y'all October 8-10

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