Thursday, September 30, 2010

Message From Vicky Kolakowski

TransGriot Note: message from California judicial candidate Victoria Kolakowski.

Dear Supporter,

This Thursday is a crucial deadline - it is the last day to contribute before the end of this quarter's fundraising deadline. It is our last opportunity to show the press and voters that we have the momentum on our side going into the November election.

In June, we celebrated a clear victory. The voters of Alameda County spoke, and more than 93,000 of them - nearly 46% of the total - voted to make me their next Superior Court Judge. I couldn't have done this without you.

However, the victory was not decisive and the electorate in November is twice as large. This means I need twice as many resources to reach voters.

Please donate today to ensure victory in November:

When people hear that less than a third of Alameda County judges are women and that no transgender person has ever been elected judge, they vote for me. When people hear that we need to make our courts more accessible to people who can't afford a lawyer, they vote for me. When people hear our message, they vote for me.

We need to get our message out to voters countywide. Contribute securely online today to ensure we have the resources to reach hundreds of thousands of Alameda County Voters:

Contributing by this Thursday, September 30th is crucial for two reasons. It is our last chance to show the public our grassroots financial support. But just as important is that it is just a week before voters receive their absentee ballots. We need the resources to reach voters immediately!

Let's show everyone that we are ready to go all the way in November!

Thank you again for your support.

 Vicky Kolakowski

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