Thursday, October 04, 2012

Liberals: Chill The F%@K Out

I know y'all wanted the knockout blow for this 2012 presidential election in last night's Denver debate (and so did I), but did y'all really think Romney and company were going to roll over and play dead after all the money and dirty GOP politricks they invested in trying to win this election?  

Did you think that President Obama was going to have an easy time with a person in Mitt Romney who has repeatedly demonstrated that he will lie and say anything to get elected?

If you're being honest with yourselves, nope.

Remember, when we woke up yesterday morning the POTUS was leading in all 9 battleground states, the news was good coming from Nate Silver and they were starting to cast early voting ballots in Ohio yesterday morning. 

Relax. Last night's debate performance isn't going to change the fact that non-white Americans know that a Mitt Romney presidency won't do squat for them and we will be bumrushing the polls as we're doing in Ohio right now to make sure it doesn't happen.

Women, college students and seniors know Mitt in the Oval Office want do shyt for them.  We Black people haven't forgotten Mitt and his party doesn't care for us and we'll be voting accordingly.

We already know what Mitt really thinks about those of us Americans not in his and Ann's tax bracket and the 47% video reminding you peeps of that isn't going anywhere for the next 34 days.  

This is what we're up against in terms of Romney's base.

And liberals, remember, President Obama is still a #POTUSwhileBlack.  He can't allow himself to be seen as the 'Angry Black Man' that Mitt was trying to goad him into becoming last night.  A first debate loss doesn't determine the outcome of the overall presidential election. Ask President Kerry and President Mondale about that.  

So don't go into panic mode. 

There's the vice presidential debate October 11 and a town hall format style one on the Hofstra University campus October 18 that will probably favor the president because those questions will come from the audience with the final one happening on October 22, the day I and other Texans will begin casting early voting ballots.

So to say this in Samuel L. Jackson speak: Liberals; chill the f%@K out and go the frack to sleep.  We have 34 more days before this is over.

You'll need to wake up in a few hours more determined to have the president's back and be more energized than ever to fight for the November 6 win that we know this country needs.

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