Monday, October 01, 2012

It's TBLG History Month!

As a child and godchild of historians, I have always believed it is important to know your history.

It not only fortifies your self-esteem against the inevitable micro and macroaggressive attacks that will be leveled at you and your self esteem by your oppressors, but it also helps you as the marginalized person to know where you've come from, where you've been, know that people like you have played major roles in building this community and fighting for its human rights and help chart the course for the future.

October is LGBT History, month, and what I will do since this month will probably disproportionately be focused on the L:G end of the community, is laser beam focus it on the 'T' end of the community.

I'm going to focus it on the African-American trans end as well since we get even less coverage of our accomplishments and our trans history has been whitewashed out of the predominately vanillacentric trans narrative.  It's important for us and the next generations of African descended transpeople that we not only know our history, but honor our trans elders who helped write it, be cognizant of the fact we are at this moment in time ourselves making history and pass it on.

So to get this edition of TBLG History Month started off properly, here's some links to some previous posts I wrote here that you can peruse to get this month off to a proper transcentric start. 

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