Monday, October 01, 2012

Happy Twentywhatever Birthday Isis!

It's October 1st and I wasn't going to let today slide by without a TransGriot Happy Birthday shout-out to my twentysomething little sis in the Big Apple.  Sorry we missed connecting while I was up there, but I know it'll happen sooner or later.

I remember I wrote in my open letter to you back in 2008:

"Your confidence will grow as you learn who Isis is, get comfortable with your body and figure out what type of woman you want to project to the world. As you work through that ongoing process, you will eventually get to the point in which you feel as strong, sexy, beautiful and confident as the Egyptian queen you chose to name yourself after."

It's four years later and you have fulfilled that prediction I made for you at that time and then some.  You represent #girlslikeus with class, dignity and a regal style and I'm so proud of you for that.  

And yep, I really enjoy those moments when we get the chance to talk.  Need to do more of it when both our busy schedules allow it.

Happy birthday Isis!   May your special day be a wonderful one filled with abundant blessings, and may you have many more!

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