Saturday, September 04, 2010

Dr. Dana Beyer Legislative Race Update

TransGriot is keeping a close eye on our trans candidates this election cycle as they attempt to make trailblazing history on November 2.

Dr. Dana Beyer is one of those candidates, and she's running in the Maryland House of Delegates District 18 race.

Just to give you TransGriot readers an idea of how it is set up, the Maryland House of Delegates has 141 members that are selected from 47 districts throughout the state. Each district elects three members.

Early voting started September 3 in Maryland and in advance of it, Dr. Beyer got some excellent news. She received a major endorsement from the Washington Post in their August 23 analysis of the various Maryland House of Delegates races.

District 18 (Wheaton, Kensington and Chevy Chase)

Two strong challengers are worthy of support: Dana Beyer, a retired physician and former aide to County Council member Duchy Trachtenberg; and Vanessa Atterbeary, an attorney who serves on the Montgomery County Commission for Women. Both are Purple Line supporters who are better attuned to the district's mix of affluent and working-class residents.

That was followed up by an endorsement from her local newspaper, the Gazette:

Dana Beyer, a retired eye surgeon whose crystal-clear views on everything from the state budget to transportation are refreshing compared to experienced politicians who too often regurgitate tired party line statements, deserves the third seat. Beyer favors a zero-based budgeting process, a public health option, federal funding for Metro and incentives to encourage the development and use of energy-saving technology, all positions relevant to her constituency.

Could this time finally be the charm for Dr. Dana? Sure hope so.

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