Tuesday, August 03, 2010

White Gay Community-I Don't Ever Want To Hear That 'Blacks Are To Blame For Prop 8 Loss' Meme EVER Again

One of the myths that will not die about the 2008 California Prop 8 loss that I occasionally see in gayosphere discourse is the 'Blacks Are To Blame For Prop 8 Loss' based on the misinterpretation of jacked up exit poll data in several Los Angeles County precincts.

That meme, combined with gay shock, awe and later anger over the loss, coupled with Dan Savage's and Wayne Besen's big (and wrong) mouths, an LA Times November 7 column printed the Sunday after the election by Jasmyne Cannick that pointed out the flaws in the No on 8 campaign in the African-American community, Los Angeles County narrowly passing Prop 8, highly publicized bigoted comments and racism from white gays that broke out in the wake of that loss combined with their constant attacks on President Obama, and you have a recipe for the animus that is lingering just below the surface of relations between the Black and White gay communities.

This meme has not died despite analysis of poll data from several sources within days of the election and common fracking sense.

That common sense and a little critical thinking should have told them a group comprising 9% of California's population of 35 million, spread across 15 counties couldn't be THE factor for the Prop 8 loss.

In addition, that meme was suspect in light of the fact that Alameda County, one of the counties that 'so called homophobic' ethnic group was concentrated in along with Latino@'s, voted against Prop 8.

Well, another nail in that long debunked meme's coffin comes from a Dave Fleischer headed team of analysts who sifted through the Prop 8 data. Their findings were just published in an article in today's Los Angeles Times.

So what group tipped the balance in terms of the Prop 8 election?

I quote from the Fleischer penned LA Times article:

The shift, it turns out, was greatest among parents with children under 18 living at home — many of them white Democrats.

So, once again, many vanilla flavored peeps got hoodwinked and bamboozled into voting against someone's civil rights.

Now that you know that the real deal is, it's time to rectify the problem and put together a well thought out strategy before you try another statewide referendum in Cal-EEE-fonya or elsewhere.

And the next time I see, read or hear of anyone in the gayosphere uttering or writing that tired meme, I'm going to eviscerate them.

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