Thursday, August 26, 2010

Brittany Novotny Cali Fundraiser Sunday

You know that I've been watching with major interest the potentially historic election taking place north of me in Oklahoma City in which attorney Brittany Novotny is taking on notorious homobigot and Republifool incumbent Oklahoma state Rep. Sally Kern.

While I've been tracking Novotny's progress since September, I've wondered why the gay community hasn't realized the fact they have a golden opportunity to take out one of their notorious enemies and help their trans allies at the same time by supporting Novotny.

In case you need any reminders of what a waste of DNA Sally Kern, check out this link to her August 7 speech hatin' on gays and 'libruls' and the YouTube video, loyal TransGriot readers:

LGBT activist Ben Patrick Johnson and trans activist Ashley Love are teaming up to host a fundraiser for Brittany at the Hollywood Hills home of Mr. Johnson on August 29. It will run from 4-6 PM PDT and at this event you'll have an opportunity to meet the woman who is poised to write a new chapter in trans political history.

You'll also get a chance to help a sister out and pause to drop some bucks for the cause. Of course, for those of you who aren't in OKC, y'all can still donate to her campaign by hitting up Brittany's website at

It'll also be beautiful if Brittany can get some serious cash out of this fundraiser. Per their usual political tactics, the national wingnuts are probably going to throw a blizzard of cash and negative ads late to save Sally's sorry behind and Brittany will need the money to rapidly respond to it.

If you're interested in attending the fundraiser, RSVP to Ashley Love at so they can get a firm headcount of the number of people attending.

People wanted someone to run against Rep. Sally Kern. Brittany accepted the challenge. Now help her win on November 2.

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