Sunday, August 29, 2010

Texans 23-Cowchips 7

I had a very enjoyable evening watching my fave NFL football team take on that NFL franchise north of here.

Those of us who love wearing battle red, liberty white and deep steel blue to games had a marvelous night watching the Houston Texans manhandle the Dallas Cowboys 23-7 in a nationally televised preseason game.

The Cowboy fifth column in Harris County is writing in the Chronicle comment threads and already singing that 'it was only a preseason game' tune.

Oh yeah, do you want some cheese to go with that 'it'll be a different story when we play y'all during the season' whine?

Ho hum. My response to you is simple: 23-7. Read the scoreboard and weep.

As a wise saber wielding friend of mine states at regular intervals in Da Ville, excuses are only tools of incompetence.

And there was plenty of it exhibited by the Arlington Cowchips on both sides of the ball last night.

BTW, the Governor's Cup is staying here.

It doesn't take away the joy of me watching my team taking the opening kickoff and driving the length of the field to set up the opening 24 yard strike from Matt Schaub to Jacoby Jones for the Texans initial touchdown.

Hmm..shades of 2002

It's doesn't take away the fun I and other Houstonians had inside and outside reliant stadium watching the Texans run the ball down Dallas' throat and sack Tony Romo.

We loved watching Andre Johnson run wild and free across the middle, Arian Foster gain 110 yards on just three quarters of work and rookie corner Kareem Jackson pick off a Romo pass in the red zone and return it 61 yards.

But I don't have to tell you Cowboy fans that, you saw the game.

See y'all September 28.

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