Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ho Hum, Ken Mehlman's Gay

We have news that another GOP Pink Elephant has come out of the closet in former Republican chair Ken Mehlman.

Ho hum. Dude, you were pegged as family a long time ago.

There was more than enough whispering and chatter in the GLBT community that gave hints and clues that he was flying the rainbow flag long before Bill Maher called Mehlman out as a pink elephant in his 2006 CNN Larry King interview.

But Mehlman's coming out has not been met with joy and rapture by his fellow travelers because of his role as GW Bush's 2004 campaign manager and later the head of the Republican National Committee from 2005-2007.

A party and a presidential campaign mind you that demonized his fellow GLBT citizens simply for political advantage. Mehlman enabled the major damage done to their lives and civil rights.

So yeah, while there may be a few people like the Log Cabin Republican and GOPProud sellouts immediately embracing him with open arms, there will be more than a few people in GL world giving him cross eyed looks and a lot of grief for a while.

And that's just the white GLBT people.

GLBT people of color definitely have no love for him for a long list of reasons. Does the 'Southern Strategy' the piss poor politicized 2005 Hurricane Katrina response from the Bush misadministration and Latin@ bashing on immigration issues ring a bell, Kenny boy?

I'm glad you've come out of the closet, Ken. But you have a lot to atone for.

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