Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Didn't Know I Was 'Culturally Inappropriate'

The faith based bigots at the Fascist (oops Family) Research Council are rolling out some new language to try to prevent us from gaining our civil right rights coverage.

Did you know we are "culturally inappropriate" according to Peter Sprigg and company?

Observe my 'culturally inappropriate' French manicured extended middle finger and KMBTA.

I'm sick of you right wing anuses fighting my ability to enjoy my constitutionally granted civil rights for specious religious reasons and to fill your financial coffers with right wing bigot bucks.

But like all conservative bigots, you are on the wrong (and immoral) side of history and you will lose.

All we have to do is be patient, protest, pray, continue whacking away at your specious lies, your logic deficient arguments, and blowing holes in your false Scripture twisting arguments.

You neo-Pharisees and Sagicees will reap the bitter harvest of what you are sowing.

BTW faith based haters, the actuary tables are on our side as well as science and increasingly the law. The kids behind us are more 'ejumacated' and open minded than y'all are. Some of them deliciously are your own.

They have grown up with trans relatives and friends. So the more y'all hate, the more out of touch with reality y'all look, and the more our inevitable victory is assured.

It is you and your ilk who are revealed every day as being 'culturally inappropriate'.

Oh yeah, one other thing that has been revealed as well: You need Jesus.

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