Saturday, August 07, 2010

IFGE Trinity Award Winners List

I've talked about the IFGE Trinity Awards in numerous TransGriot posts and winning my own on more than a few occasions.

Some of you may be asking yourselves, 'What's a Trinity Award?'

Since 1991 the Trinity Award has been sponsored by the US based International Foundation For Gender Education (IFGE). The Trinity Award acknowledges heroes and heroines of the transgender community and is given to the recipients at an awards luncheon during the annual IFGE convention.

The eligibility rules for this award are inclusive. Transpeople and our allies are eligible to receive it and can be any living individual or couple.

The goal of IFGE is to look for or highlight little known or unacknowledged people who have done something extraordinary. It is also one of the highest awards the US trans community gives for service to it along with the Virginia Prince Award.

The Trinity recipients are in the words of the criteria statement for the award, people who have preformed extraordinary acts of love and courage for our community.

And some of those Trinity recipients are still making major contributions to the trans community and have gone on to win Virginia Princes.

Now that you have a little background into what the Trinity Award is, here's a current list of the people who have won it.

1991- Mariette Pathy Allen, Stanley Biber, M.D., The Boulton & Park Society*, Yvonne Cook, Sheila Kirk M.D., Ellen Summers

1992- The Be All You Want To Be Convention*, Eve Burchert, Richard F. Docter Ph.D., Wendi Danielle Pierce, Jennifer Richards, Janice Van Cleve

1993- Holly Cross, Jane Ellen Fairfax, Phyllis Randolph Frye, Rev. Canon, Clinton R. Jones, Peggy Rudd, Christina Young

1994- Marsha Botzer, Marilyn Irving, Ginny Knuth, Alison Laing, JoAnn Roberts, Wendy Parker

1995- Laura Caldwell, Dallas Denny, Leslie Feinberg, James Green, Linda Peacock, Sharon Ann Stuart

1996- Sandra Cole, Jane Fee, Joan Sheldon

1997- Linda Buten, Nancy R. Nangeroni, Vern Bullough, RN, Ph.D.

1998- Holly Boswell, Judy Osborne, Sharon & Abby Saypen

1999- JoAnne Law, Maxwell Anderson, Kate Bornstein

2000- Anthony Barreto-Neto, Dawn Wilson, Mary Boenke

2001- Holly Ryan, Julie Ann Johnson, Penni Ashe Matz, Joan Goodnight

2002- Winnie Brant, Marisa Richmond Ph.D., Courtney Sharp, Jason Cromwell

2003- Dorothy Laing, Dr. Barbara Warren, Monica Helms

2004- Julie Johnson, Angela Brightfeather, Brenda Thomas

2005- Vanessa Edwards Foster, Mara Keisling, Kenneth Dollarhide,

2006- Monica Roberts, Miranda Stevens-Miller, Gordene MacKenzie

2007- Donna Rose, Miqqi Gilbert, Alyson Meisleman

2008- Shannon Minter, Denise LeClair, Cheryl Costa

2009- Lisa Mottet, Gunnar Scott, Spencer Bergstedt

2010- Earline Budd, Jennifer Barge, Laura Calvo

Looking forward to finding out who will be in the Trinity Awards Class of 2011.

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