Friday, August 13, 2010

Treat Me With The Same Dignity And Respect You Demand For Yourself

Why is it so hard for some people to treat others with the same dignity and respect they demand for themselves? If you want me to give you the respect and dignity you deserve, then you must do the same.

It's a breathtakingly simple concept, but one far too many people don't put into practice.

Our Religious Reich and 'white' wing opponents scream long and loudly about how you're trampling on their 'religious freedoms', but are the first ones in line to exercise their faith based hatred and try to legislate yours out of existence.

There are our 'frenemies' in the gay and lesbian community who have spent more time since Stonewall bitterly fighting trans people tooth and nail and cutting us out of desperately needed civil rights legislation than they have being fierce advocates for our rights.

But the GL community are the first ones to bitch and complain when they feel that someone is impeding their civil rights progress or isn't working fast enough to overturn odious legislation aimed at them.

In the trans community we have a small segment of people who loudly scream they are being 'oppressed', but in the same breath are willfully misgendering anyone who disagrees with their misguided twisting of radfem doctrine.

Time out on all that BS.

As James Cone stated in his 1969 book Black Theology and Black Power

There are no degrees of human freedom or human dignity. Either a man respects another as a person or he does not.

It's that simple, people. Either you respect someone as a person or you don't. No excuses, no quantifications, no obfuscations, no bull.

We are human beings who are as I like to say, are undeniably part of the diverse mosaic of human life. To those of you don't like or dispute that, tough. You can take that discussion up with the Creator.

But as long as we reside on this planet, I and my trans brothers and sisters are not here on this planet to be your societal punching bags for whatever frustrations you have going on with your own lives.

We ain't going anywhere, and we demand and expect the same dignity and respect concerning our lives that you demand for yourselves.

The sooner y'all get that through y'all obstinately thick heads, the better world we can create together.

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