Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Brittany's Open Letter To Rep. Sally Kern

As many of you TransGriot readers know, I have been eagerly watching the campaigns of our trans candidates this election cycle.

But the one that has really gotten my attention is Brittany Novotny. She's running a hard hitting and smart campaign focusing on the issues in Oklahoma's 84th House District.

She recently posted on her campaign website an open letter to homobigot Republican incumbent Rep. Sally Kern.

Here's an excerpt from it.

This led me to ponder a question. What exactly do you see as your job as a state legislator? Is this just a game to you? Oklahoma is facing real issues that will affect the everyday lives of teachers, police officers, firefighters, construction workers, small business owners, and most important of all, our children.

Instead of spending your weekends and your time in the legislature “taking a stand against liberals,” why aren’t you finding solutions to our budget dilemma that will keep teachers in the classroom, police officers and firefighters on the street, construction workers improving our roads and bridges, and small businesses afloat?

Legislating should not be a political game. Real lives are affected by what goes on in the legislature. But if you’re too busy “taking a stand against liberals” (of which there are maybe 5 in the 101 seats of the state legislature) to find real funding solutions, then apparently you believe that legislating is just a game. As long as you’re taking a brave stand against “liberals,” then people shouldn’t worry about the fact that Putnam City Schools just laid of 40 teachers.

Check out the full letter at Brittany's website and drop her a little cash for her campaign against Sally Kern as well.

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