Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Conservafools: If You Really 'Support Our Troops', Stop Hatin' On Islam

One of the things I'm concerned about is the anti Islam attitudes that have been stoked by conservafools around the country for political purposes.

Of course the neo-Know Nothing conservasheeple have responded by using the zoning hearing process in California, Kentucky and Tennessee to deny their ability to be built, attacking or picketing mosque construction sites, and other disturbing nationwide incidents.

In other New York incidents 21 year old Michael Enright was arraigned on hate crimes charges for slashing cab driver Ahmed H. Sharif August 24 after asking him if he was a Muslim. Another is in jail after barging into a local mosque, shouting anti-Islamic slogans, and urinating on prayer rugs.

Another pipe bomb was detonated outside a mosque in Jacksonville, FL a few months ago.

There's also some fools in a conservachurch in Florida who are planning a 'Burn a Quran Day' on September 11, which they are trying to turn into the conservafool national holiday after Ronald Reagan's birthday.

What the conservafools fail to realize is that the Internet runs both ways and this 'hate on Islam' rhetoric isn't occurring in a vacuum. Devout Muslims around the world have computers too and surf the web. They read what our right wing fools do get rightfully pissed off and want to strike back at Americans.

And who are the Americans the adherents of Islam have the easiest access to attack? Our troops on the ground in Afghanistan and military personnel around the world.

That concerns me since I and other people have family members currently in the military. Those deployed in Afghanistan have a rough enough time there without you right wing idiots inciting and antagonizing the 1 billion people who are Muslims.

Religious freedom cuts both ways. Muslims here in the States have every right under the First Amendment to practice their faith without interference from you Islamophobic fools.

If you claim to support the troops, you'll chill with the Islamophobic rhetoric.

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