Tuesday, August 17, 2010

IFGE Virginia Prince Award Winners

Since I discussed the IFGE Trinity Award in a previous post, might as well talk about IFGE's Virgina Prince Award For Lifetime Achievement

The Virginia Prince's criteria were that the person be a living member of the transgender community, be a leader or pioneer who has been instrumental in the development of the community and has actively served the transgender community
for a minimum of ten years.

IFGE started giving out these awards in 1987.

1987 Virginia Prince
1988 Merissa Sherrill Lynn
1989 Ariadne Kane
1990 Sister Mary Elizabeth
1991 Betty Ann Lind
1992 Naomi Owen
1993 Carol Beecroft
1994 Ellen Summers
1995 Yvonne Cook-Riley
1996 Sheila Kirk, M.D.
1997 Eve Burchert
1998 Jamison Green
1999 Phyllis Frye
2000 Jane Ellen & Mary Frances Fairfax
2001 Jane Fee
2002 Holly Boswell
2003 Alison & Dorothy Laing
2004 Marsha C Botzer
2005 Nancy Nangeroni
2006 Dr. Stephen Whittle
2007 Dallas Denny

You'll note that 2007 is the last year listed for a Virginia Prince awardee. IFGE decided to focus their attention on building the Trinity Awards into a signature community event and stop giving out the Virginia Prince.

That decision is a bittersweet one because while I support IFGE doing what's necessary to increase the spotlight on the Trinity, I hate the fact the Virgina Prince was a casualty of that decision before a trans POC had an opportunity to join that distinguished list of honorees.

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Dallas Denny said...

Wow, I had _no idea_ I got the last Virginia Prince award! I refused it for years, first because IFGE was giving it pretty much exclusively to its own members, and then because I was editing Tapestry. It frustrated Yvonne Cook-Riley no end. She finally said, okay, just tell me when you'll accept it. I finally said yes.