Monday, August 30, 2010

Houston's Transgender History Archive

Since it is H-town's birthday I'm doing a few Houston themed posts today.

Wanted to do a little more bragging about my hometown and give a shout out to our local trans community.

In addition to having four IFGE Trinity Award winning activists who reside inside Houston's expansive city limits (sadly, one of us, Brenda Thomas is now deceased) we also have a IFGE Virginia Prince award winner in Phyllis here as well.

Something else we have here is the Transgender Foundation's transgender history archive. You can visit it from 1 to 5 PM Monday through Friday at its 604 Pacific Street location.

I've had the pleasure of looking at some of the exhibits in it, and I'm going to have to take the time to sort through my papers to see what I can donate to it as well for posterity.

Thought I'd share with you the August 27, 2010 KPFT-FM 90.1 interview with Transgender Foundation board member Daniel Williams. It has an accompanying video with some of the things you'll see in the Transgender History Archive.

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