Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thanks And Help A Sistah Out

I'm getting close to hitting the 1.5 million hit milestone on this blog, and for that I thank you loyal TransGriot readers. I deeply appreciate it.

You say that TransGriot is important to you and that you get your news from it.

But I do have something to ask you.

On the left hand side of this blog I have a donate button. In order to keep this blog add free, I'm going need to have the donations increase.

I get a little more than 2000 hits a day. If I got just 10% of you to chip in as little as $5, I would have the money I need to make some improvements such as have a backup computer, do some repairs on the now TransGriot primary computer and pay for my Internet service in advance.

Of course, if you feel like chipping in more, that's all good as well. If you can only afford to chip in $1, then that works for me as well.

If I can't get folks to start doing a little bit more to help support the blog, you probably will be seeing ads in the near future. While its come out of my pocket for most of the life of this blog, the negative economy has affected me as well.

I got cut back so much on my hours I became a reluctant member of the 99ers. The move also cut into my reserve savings as well and I'm not getting as many freelance writing assignments.

So, that's the sitch I'm in right now. If you want TransGriot around as a viable community resource, I'm going to need some help to keep making that happen through this rough patch I'm in.

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