Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lindsay's Free To Live As A Woman, At Last

One of the things I'm very happy to see as a child of the African Diaspora is transpeople on the Mother Continent telling their stories.

Lindsay of the Lindsay's Life blog is a young Kenyan transwomen talking about her life and her transition. She was recently featured in a August 18 newspaper article by Maryanne Waweru.

“Today, I’m living my life the way I was meant to,” Lindsay* begins. Born male and named Leo*, Lindsay had lived all her life as a man. Then, in September last year, she began her journey to womanhood.

Recalling her feelings of being “trapped” in the wrong body she says, “I remember playing with dolls and other girlie toys. I hated boyish toys. I also remember secretly trying on some of my mother’s clothes, shoes and make up.

I especially loved walking in her high heels. Emotionally, I felt like a girl,” recalls the finance assistant with a local NGO. Perturbed by Leo’s behaviour, his mother gave him a serious tongue-lashing. “I felt sad because I couldn’t understand why she was angry with me, yet I was only behaving naturally,” Lindsay explains.

It's entitled 'Free to Live As a Woman, at Last.'

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