Friday, August 27, 2010

Nikki Araguz Update 15 - The Outcome Will Affect You Non-Texan Transpeeps, Too

In Cristan's latest video update, she lays out why we Texans have been saying to anyone who will listen why y'all peeps outside the Lone Star State's borders need to be paying attention to what's happening here and ensuring that Phyllis' legal team has the resources they need besides prayer to win it.

Yes people, legal cases have repercussions far beyond the borders where they originated. It's why I'm keeping a very close eye on a Hong Kong marriage case currently being litigated. If you think that's BS, a British case called Corbett v. Corbett ended up biting Texas transpeeps in the behind in 1999.

The resulting travesty of Littleton v. Prange ended up whacking J'Noel Gardiner in Kansas a year later.

And in the Hong Kong case I talked about, Monica Carss-Frisk, the barrister hired by the Hong Kong government to defend them, is using trans adverse case law from several countries to bolster her case defending the jacked up status quo.

You know, the last time y'all failed to heed the warnings of Texans, we and the USA ended up with eight jacked up years of a presidency. Don't make the same mistake again.

And now, from the TG Center in Montrose, heeeerrres Cristan.

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