Sunday, August 29, 2010

Guess Where The Best Airports In The Country Are?

Travel and Leisure magazine recently surveyed its readers about 30 US airports on a variety of fronts such as food, shopping, on-time performance, and the efficiency (or potential surliness) of airport employees and ranked them.

The five worst according to Travel and Leisure readers?

5. Boston
4. Washington DC
3. St. Louis
2. Los Angeles
1. New York

The five best?

5. Providence, RI
4. Portland, OR
3. Minneapolis-St. Paul
2. Orlando

And the city with the best airports?


We're number one! We're number one!

I'm not surprised since I worked at IAH for 14 years, saw many of the improvements the Houston Airport Authority invested it hat went into making IAH and HOU more travel friendly and the hard work my old Continental coworkers and the other air carriers put into getting people out on time and as in friendly a manner as possible.

This news makes it even sadder that the Continental-United merger is one step closer to happening.

But congratulations people, you earned it.

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