Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Wendy's On The Cover Of ESSENCE... Cue Transphobic Slurs

The May 2011 cover girl for ESSENCE magazine this month is none other than one Wendy J. Williams, the woman the Black gossip blogs love to hate and misgender.

Like I've said in previous posts on this subject, some of you Black folks need to buy a vowel, pick up a science book and get a clue that transpeople exist in all colors and sizes and aren't going anywhere.

Note for the ignorantly clueless:  Some of my transsisters are petite size 8 pump wearing fashion divas, so don't get it twisted..

We are all blends of genetic material and characteristics from mommy and daddy.   A little less testosterone in the womb and some of you so called 'men' attacking Wendy would be rocking her dresses and pumps.

You also need to get a clue that it's not cool to do what whiteness has done to the images of Black women for centuries and participate in the denigrating of the mothers of humanity.    It's even more repugnant to me as a proud African descended transwomen to see Black people (or alleged online Black people) deliberately misgendering Black women they don't like. 

But some of you are too stupid or insecure about your own gender identity and sexual orientation issues to get that point

Cue transphobic BS from Bossip in 5...4...3...2...1...

I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies) 4/7/11, 09:29:AM
Dont cross out her real name of Wendell if anything cross out Wendy…

ebonyblonde 4/7/11, 09:39:AM
Wait, all jokes aside, is she a tranny?? Because that would explain alot.

Momo 4/7/11, 10:04:AM
LMAO at wendell!! Laawd I love wendy but Bossip….y’all really hate black/mixed ppl to the fullest

123 4/7/11, 10:19:AM
If our black women are embracing this behooved Clydesdale of a man as a role model, then we truly are lost. Wendell needs to quit showing them Goodyear Eagles he calls feet all over the net…

johnny_wishbone 4/7/11, 07:53:PM
its a man baby

HOT G.R.I.T.S 4/8/11, 02:44:AM
Keep on living up to your sterling online reputation as a cesspool of transphobia.   Well played, Bossip.

If you're the Femininity Police, let me see your fracking badges.

Y'all can hate on Wendy and hurl transphobic slurs at her all you want, she's got more money in her bank account than you pathetic losers hiding behind your computer terminals misgendering her.  

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